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IEU Agenda Weekly Telegram 30 November 2020

Our IEU AGENDA this week*:  EU COMMISSION:  EU Commission Calendar +++  30 November 2020 +++  1 December 2020 +++  2 December 2020 +++  3 December 2020 +++  4 December 2020 +++  6 December 2020 +++  Outlook December 2020 +++  EU COMMISSION - EXPERT GROUPS EU Commission expert groups modified within the selected month of November 2020 E03612 - Expert Group on Organic Production E03632 - Commission Expert Group “Executive Board of the EOSC” E01106 - Best practices in Road Safety X02584 - Copernicus User Forum E00895 - Expert group on consumer and marketing law E03652 - Forum for the Exchange of Information on Enforcement of the EU legislation on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles E03718 - Commission Expert Group on EU Space Programme E00978 - Structures des systèmes de la fiscalité E02653 - Marine Equipment Expert Group E02730 - Expert Group for Agricultural Markets, in particular concerning aspects falling under the single CMO Regulation E02730 - Expert Group

IEU Environment Telegram 27 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  CIRCULAR ECONOMY:  ITRE committee: the week ahead +++  INDUSTRIAL SAFETY:  UNECE: Countries to decide on strengthening safety of industrial and mine tailings facilities under UNECE Industrial Accidents Convention +++  ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE:  UNECE environmental performance reviews extended beyond 2022 to help countries foster environmental governance and sustainable development +++  COVID-19 SPECIAL EU Commission: Answer to a written question - Tracking of COVID-19 cases - E-004370/2020(ASW) WATER LEGISLATION Highlights - Implementation of the EU water legislation - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety EEA Water exploitation index Relative change in main global economic and environmental indicators Average river nitrate and phosphate concentration for 2015-2017 by river basin Average river ammonium concentration and BOD for 2015-2017 by river basin Water exploitation index plus for Europe (summer months – 2015) River bas

IEU Climate Telegram 27 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  EU GREEN DEAL:  Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans’s lecture “The European Green Deal, a stepping stone toward a sustainable future” at Tsinghua University +++  EU CLIMATE PACT:  Launch event of the European Climate Pact +++  EU ETS:  EU ETS Timing of the distribution of free allowances in 2021 +++  2021 calendar for transfers of allowances between the EU and Swiss emission trading registries +++  EEA: EU ETS Auctioning Amounts and Revenues for the 3rd Trading Period (2013-2019) +++  IPCC IPCC opens second draft of Working Group II Sixth Assessment Report for government and expert review DEFORESTATION EP Briefing - Webinar proceedings: An EU legal framework to halt and reverse deforestation - 27-11-2020 GREEN FINANCE EP Oral question - EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change - O-000075/2020 EU COUNCIL REGISTRY ST 13298 2020 INIT Draft Joint Declaration for a Dialogue on Environment, Climate Action and Sustainable Development between th

IEU Energy Telegram 27 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  HYDROGEN:  ITRE committee: the week ahead +++  EESC: Renewable hydrogen can be a pillar for Europe's green future +++  ENERGY PRICES:  Energy prices, costs and subsidies in the EU: committee debate - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy +++  ENERGY REGULATION:  The CEER-BEUC 2030 Vision and the European Commission’s New Consumer Agenda and Citizens’ Energy Forum +++  Latest documents published by CEER +++  OPEC Latest publications by OPEC Statement on attack on Saudi Arabian products distribution station in Jeddah JMMC reaffirms commitment to full conformity OPEC holds 4th High-Level Meeting of the OPEC-India Dialogue OPEC, GECF hold first high-level meeting Seventh High-Level Meeting of the OPEC-Russia Energy Dialogue The OPEC Family stands in solidarity with Austria after terror attacks in Vienna 14th High-Level Meeting of the EU-OPEC Energy Dialogue High-level experts meet for 7th Joint IEA-IEF-OPEC Workshop on the Interactions betwe

IEU Environment Telegram 26 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  COVID-19 SPECIAL:  New pharmaceutical strategy must guarantee EU citizens equal access to medicines +++  INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY:  Dennis Radtke (EPP/CDU): We must transform industry, but we must not drive it out of Europe! +++  MARITIME ENVIRONMENT:  ECA: Schutz der Meeresumwelt durch die EU hat keine tiefgreifende Wirkung +++  WWF: Europäischer Rechnungshof attestiert EU unzureichenden Meeresschutz - Bestehende Gesetzgebung muss umgesetzt werden +++  THE ROTTERDAM CONVENTION Report of the Rotterdam Convention’s Chemical Review Committee’s recent meeting (CRC-16) is now online in 6 UN languages PLASTICS EU Commission: Answer to a written question - Adoption of the European plastic tax - P-005480/2020(ASW) Schulze: „Es geht auch ohne die Plastiktüte“ - Bundestag beschließt Verbot von Kunststoff-Tragetaschen EU PARLIAMENT REGISTRY Text adopted - Active substances, including chlorotoluron - P9_TA-PROV(2020)0325 - Thursday, 26 November 2020 - Brussels -

IEU Climate Telegram 26 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  CLIMATE TARGETS:  T&E: EU risks missing 2030 climate target and shifting burden onto the poor, green NGOs warn von der Leyen +++  EU ETS:  EU-27 Effort Sharing, ETS, LULUCF and aviation emission trends and Member States’ MMR projections in the EU +++  Greenhouse gas emission targets, trends, and Member States MMR projections in the EU, 1990-2050 +++  GREEN FINANCE:  Bruegel: Green certificates: a better version of green bonds +++  EU PARLIAMENT REGISTRY AMENDMENTS 1 - 50 - Draft opinion Towards a WTO-compatible EU carbon border adjustment mechanism - PE660.345v01-00 EU COMMISSION REGISTRY DG CLIMA COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION (EU) …/… on greenhouse gas emissions covered by Decision No 406/2009/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council for the year 2018 for each Member State COMMISSION DECISION on the Amendment No 1 to the Second Amended and Restated Delegation agreement between the European Union and the European Investment Bank in

IEU Energy Telegram 26 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  HYDROGEN:  Speech by EU Commissioner Simson at the European Hydrogen Forum +++  BMU und BMWi unterstützen nachhaltige Wasserstoff-Produktion in Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern +++  ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE:  EU Commission: Call for applications for candidate projects of common interest (PCIs) in electricity and gas +++  SMART ENERGY:  Eurelectric: Power sector seeks to reap benefits and tackle risks from AI +++  ENERGY REGULATION ACER decides methodology for electricity bidding zone review and will evaluate alternative configurations ACER to decide on the definition of capacity calculation regions Single Intraday Coupling: 30- and 15-minute products available on several borders as of 10 December 2020 Release of Naftogaz’s gas key for continuation of gas market reforms in Ukraine RENEWABLES BDEW legt Vorschläge für das Repowering ausgeförderter Windenergieanlagen vor State aid authority of Kosovo* renders first decision regarding incompliant State

IEU Environment Telegram 25 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*: COVID-19 SPECIAL Affordable, accessible and safe medicines for all: the Commission presents a Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe A Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe: Questions and Answers Remarks by EU Commission Vice-President Schinas at the press conference on the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe Peter Liese (EVP/CDU): Pharmastrategie der Europäischen Kommission ist wichtiger Schritt zu mehr Unabhängigkeit von China und zur Bekämpfung künftiger Pandemien S&Ds: The Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe proposed by the Commission is another step towards access to safe, effective and affordable medicines „Innovationen fördern und schützen“ - Tiemo Wölken (S&D/SPD) zur Pharmastrategie und zum Aktionsplan für geistiges Eigentum EU Commission approves contract with Moderna to ensure access to a potential vaccine NEW INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY MEPs set out blueprint for a new Industrial strategy EP Text adopted - A New Industrial Strategy for Europe -

IEU Climate Telegram 25 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  CLIMATE ACTION:  COR: We urge the European Commission to develop a new EU climate adaptation strategy +++  German BMU launches call for project ideas for transboundary climate action in Europe +++  METHANE:  Eurogas: The EU’s Methane Strategy: What Does it Mean for Gas? +++  EU COMMISSION REGISTRY:  DG CLIMA +++  REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL - Kick-starting the journey towards a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 - EU Climate Action Progress Report 2020 *Note  We publish our IEU telegrams delayed by one day. We show the headlines of our monitoring content, only.   To ask for a weekly trial click here . To subscribe to your services real-time - click here .

IEU Energy Telegram 25 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  HYDROGEN:  European Hydrogen Forum: EU moves ahead with the clean hydrogen agenda +++  Bundeswirtschaftsministerium ist Mitglied der European Clean Hydrogen Alliance +++  ENERGY STATE AID:  Presentation by the Commission on energy prices, costs and subsidies in the EU - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy +++  EU Commission approves competitive tender mechanism to compensate for early closure of hard coal-fired power plants in Germany +++  EU-Wettbewerbshüter billigen deutsche Beihilfen für Steinkohleausstieg – Entschädigungen für Braunkohlekraftwerke sind noch zu prüfen +++  Bundesregierung: Eu­ro­päi­sche Kom­mis­si­on ge­neh­migt Stein­koh­le-Aus­stieg +++  VKU zur beihilferechtlichen Genehmigung des Steinkohleausstiegs +++  WWF: Mangelhafter Kohleausstieg - EU-Kommission prüft Entschädigung für Braunkohlekraftwerke - WWF fordert Transparenz +++  ENERGY REGULATION:  ENTSOG publishes draft Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2020 a

IEU Environment Telegram 24 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  BIOCIDES:  ECHA: Webinar: IUCLID 6.5 for biocides users +++  COVID-19 SPECIAL:  Statement by EU Commission President von der Leyen on Moderna +++  Peter Liese (EVP/CSU): Pandemie verliert im Frühjahr ihren Schrecken - Zusätzliche Freiheiten für Geimpfte +++  Team Europe steps up delivery to its COVID-19 recovery package up to €38.5 billion for partner countries +++  ECDC opens ESCAIDE 2020 digital conference +++  TRANSPARENCY:  EU Commission: Mandatory EU Transparency Register: provisional agreement on substantial points +++  German EU Presidency: Mandatory Transparency Register: Provisional agreement on substantial points +++  COLLECTIVE REDRESS EU Commission: New rules to strengthen collective redress in the EU clear final hurdle EU Parliament: EU consumers will soon be able to defend their rights collectively Text adopted - Representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers ***II - P9_TA-PROV(2020)0316 - Tuesday

IEU Climate Telegram 24 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  METHANE:  EU Commission: Global oil and gas companies commit to new CCAC framework to monitor, report, and reduce methane emissions +++  Oil and gas industry commits to new framework to monitor, report and reduce methane emissions +++  Speech by EU Commissioner Simson at the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) 2.0 Virtual Launch Ceremony +++  Companies Naftogaz, Moldovagaz and GAMA join ambitious methane reporting framework +++  JUST TRANSITION FUND:  EU Parliament Fact Sheets - Just Transition Fund (JTF) +++  CLIMATE FINANCE:  The EU Commission welcomes Japan as a member of the International Platform on Sustainable Finance +++  H2020 energy project signs climate change agreements +++  ST 13242 2020 INIT Council statement on International Climate Finance +++  ST 13242 2020 REV 1 Council statement on International Climate Finance +++  CAP & CARBON The Green Deal and the CAP: study presentation (Nov. 30) - Committee on Agriculture and Rural

IEU Energy Telegram 24 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  BATTERY TECH:  Speech by EU Commission Vice-President Šefčovič at the European Conference on Batteries +++  Šefčovič: Bis 2025 wird Europa genug Batteriezellen für die heimische Autoindustrie herstellen +++  Europäische Vernetzungskonferenz zur Batteriezellfertigung eröffnet +++  SET-PLAN:  Implementing the SET Plan 2020 report +++  ENERGY REGULATION:  Secretariat issues Recommendations on Macedonian draft National Energy and Climate Plan, the first one ever provided by an Energy Community Contracting Party +++  ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) enters operational phase EU COUNCIL REGISTRY CM 4764 2020 REV 1 Informal videoconference of the members of the Working Party on Energy ST 13213 2020 ADD 1 ANNEX to the Recommendation for a Council Desicion issuing directives to the Commission to negotiate the renewal of the Agreement between the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) and the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organis

IEU Dossier Internet Governance - Update 23 November 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  INTERNET GOVERNANCE - 5/2020:  Wer regiert das Web: Internet Governance zwischen EU-Autonomie und US-Dominanz +++  # CJEU:  The Court of Justice confirms that EU law precludes national legislation requiring a provider of electronic communications services to carry out the general and indiscriminate transmission or retention of traffic data and location data for the purpose of combating crime in general or of safeguarding national security - 6/10/2020 +++  EDRi: The data retention regimes of France, United Kingdom and Belgium are illegal says CJEU - 6/10/2020 +++  Patrick Breyer zu Vorratsdatenspeicherungs-Urteilen: Gezielt ermitteln statt total erfassen! +++  # EURODIG:  EuroDIG2021 takes place June - 20/10/2020 +++  EuroDIG: Join the Planning Meeting on October 6 +++  # SPECIAL: EUROPEAN CLOUD ETNO joins GAIA-X Association, calls for EU leadership in the data economy Bitkom zum GAIA-X-Summit BDI zum Gipfeltreffen zur europäischen Cloud Gaia-X: „


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