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IEU Environment Telegram 23 July 2020

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • EU Commission President von der Leyen in the European Parliament: “We now have a massive and unprecedented financial firepower” +++ 
  • Speech by President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the conclusions of the Special European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020 +++ 
  • Von der Leyen on European Council conclusions: NextGenerationEU is a signal of solidarity and willingness to reform +++ 
  • EP Text adopted - Conclusions of the extraordinary European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020 - P9_TA-PROV(2020)0206 - Thursday, 23 July 2020 - Brussels - Provisional edition +++ 
  • EP Briefing - Outcome of the Special European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020 - 23-07-2020 +++ 
  • EP Briefing - Next Generation EU - Where are assigned revenue? Which impact in 2021? +++ 
  • EP Briefing: Future financing of the Union: MFF, Own Resources and Next Generation EU +++ 
  • EU long-term budget deal must be improved for Parliament to accept it +++ 
  • Daniel Caspary (EVP/CDU) zur EP-Plenarsitzung über Wiederaufbauprogramm und Mittelfristigen Finanzrahmen +++ 
  • Peter Liese (EVP/CDU: Europäisches Parlament will Finanzierung des Wiederaufbauplans durch Digitalsteuer, Emissionshandel und andere Eigenmittel der Europäischen Union / Riesige Mehrheit trotz Bedenken aus der liberalen Fraktion
  • Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU): Wir wollen kein Veto einlegen, sondern verbessern! - Europäisches Parlament fordert Änderungen und Fokus auf europäische Zukunftsprojekte
  • Another Europe is possible, based on clear commitments to EU values, says S&D leader Iratxe García
  • "Vorlage verbessern für ein starkes Europa" - Jens Geier (S&D/SPD)
  • Renew Europe hails recovery fund as an historic move, backs cross-party resolution calling for the opening of negotiations to improve the EU's 7-year budget.
  • Sergey Lagodinsky (Die Grünen/EFA):  Wiederaufbaufonds müssen Demokratie und Zivilgesellschaft fördern!
  • GUE-NGL: MEPs prepare to slate summit deal & defend real recovery
  • Martina Michels (GUE/NGL): EP kritisiert scharf den Sieg der nationalen Egoismen - Rat opfert für den Haushalt die Rechtsstaatlichkeit und die Klimaziele


  • State aid: Commission approves €2.6 billion Polish scheme to support companies affected by coronavirus outbreak
  • Investment Plan backs €500 million in loans for SMEs affected by coronavirus crisis in Austria
  • EU Commission approves €148 million Danish scheme to compensate companies for damages still suffered due to coronavirus outbreak
  • Coronavirus: Macro-financial assistance agreement signed with Ukraine to limit fallout of pandemic
  • Press statement by Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis announcing €1.2 billion of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine
  • REACT-EU: EU Council agrees on its partial negotiating position


  • Plan d'action pour l'Atlantique 2.0: Une stratégie maritime repensée pour favoriser une économie bleue durable dans le cadre du Pacte vert européen


  • Green groups want 21 industries on 'polluters list' as EU leaders agree recovery plan - T&E


  • Online briefings on the sixteenth meeting of the Chemical Review Committee (CRC) of the Rotterdam Convention


  • Virtual Global Forum on Environment: Towards cost-effective management systems for industrial and consumer chemicals


  • EFSA: Allergenicity assessment of GM plants: stakeholders to support working group


  • Allergenicity assessment of GM plants: stakeholders to support working group
  • Modification of the existing maximum residue levels for aclonifen in fennel seed and caraway fruit
  • Peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance Streptomyces strain K61
  • Peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance aqueous extract from the germinated seeds of sweet Lupinus albus
  • Safety and efficacy of BioWorma® (Duddingtonia flagrans NCIMB 30336) as a feed additive for all grazing animals


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