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IEU Dossier Autonomous & Connected Driving - Update 29 June 2020

Our dossier headlines today*:  AUTONOMOUS & CONNECTED DRIVING - II / 2020:  Die EU-Kommission will kooperierende, autonome und vernetzte Fahrzeuge und deren Verkehrsinfrastruktur fördern - doch der Rechtsrahmen ist komplex +++  # UNECE:  UN Regulations on Cybersecurity and Software Updates to pave the way for mass roll out of connected vehicles - 25/6/2020 +++  UN Regulation on Automated Lane Keeping Systems is milestone for safe introduction of automated vehicles in traffic - 25/6/2020 +++  # EU COMMISSION:  Discours du commissaire Thierry Breton - Inauguration de la Table Ronde de l'Automobile Espagne - 29/6/2020 +++  Intelligent transport: EU Commission urges 10 MEMBER STATES to correctly apply EU rules on the provision of EU-wide multimodal travel information services - 14/5/2020 +++  Sustainable transport: Commission calls on ITALY, PORTUGAL and the UNITED KINGDOM to report on the implementation of their national policy frameworks on alternative fu

IEU Dossier Industry 4.0, Robotics & AI - Update 29 June 2020

Our dossier headlines today*:  # INDUSTRY 4.0, ROBOTICS & AI - 5 / 2020:  Themen wie Datenzugang und Künstliche Intelligenz treiben die Debatte über Industrie 4.0 und Robotik an +++  # OECD:  OECD to host Secretariat of new Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence - 15/6/2020 +++  # EU COMMISSION:  EP Text adopted - Setting up a special committee on artificial intelligence in a digital age, and defining its responsibilities, numerical strength and term of office - P9_TA-PROV(2020)0162 - Thursday, Provisional edition - 18/6/2020 +++  EU Commission: Answer to a written question - Guaranteeing economic and social rights in the age of artificial intelligence - 18/5/2020 +++  EU Commission:  Answer to a written question - Artificial Intelligence - 14/5/2020 +++  # EU PARLIAMENT Study - Artificial intelligence: How does it work, why does it matter, and what can we do about it? - 28/6/2020 Briefing - Artificial Intelligence:Opportunities and Challenges f

IEU Smart Cities Weekly Telegram 29 June 2020

Our Smart Cities telegram headlines today*:  REGIONAL POLICY:  Main results of the video conference of ministers responsible for cohesion policy +++  ST 8760 2020 INIT Cohesion policy legislative package 2021-2027 - Overall state of play of negotiations = Presidency Report +++  ST 8760 2020 ADD 1 Cohesion Policy Package 2021-2027 - Common Provisions Regulation = Presidency Report +++  ST 8760 2020 ADD 2 Cohesion policy legislative package 2021-2027 - European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund Regulation = Presidency Report +++  ST 8760 2020 ADD 3 Cohesion policy legislative package 2021-2027 - European Social Fund Plus Regulation = Presidency Report +++  ST 8760 2020 ADD 4 Cohesion policy legislative package 2021-2027 - Interreg Regulation = Presidency Report +++  GLOBAL CITIES EU Commissioner Ferreira participates in online launch of the joint European Commission and OECD “Cities in the World” Report URBACT Covid-19: a springboard for more food sol

IEU Environment Telegram 29 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  CHEMICALS:  MEPs call on EU Commission to step up action against dangerous chemicals +++  GREEN RECOVERY:  DRAFT REPORT on a new strategy for European SMEs - PE653.858v01-00 +++  BIODIVERSITY:  Schulze: “Prevention and control of pandemics requires commitment to nature conservation and species protection” - Discussion with international guests explores biodiversity loss and wildlife trade as causes of pandemics +++  COVID-19 SPECIAL EU Commission expands Temporary Framework to further support micro, small and start-up companies and incentivise private investments Coronavirus Global Response: Saturday's summit raised €6.15 billion for universal access to coronavirus vaccines EFSA BRIEFS Safety and efficacy of Axtra® XAP 104 TPT (endo‐1,4‐xylanase, protease and alpha‐amylase) as a feed additive for chickens for fattening, laying hens and minor poultry species Safety and efficacy of Lactobacillus buchneri DSM 29026 as a

IEU Climate Telegram 29 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  JUST TRANSITION:  Speeches by Executive VP Timmermans and EU Commissioners Ferreira and Simson at the Just Transition Platform Launch Event +++  GERMAN EU COUNCIL PRESIDENCY:  Von der Leyen: Wir brauchen eine starke deutsche EU-Ratspräsidentschaft +++  CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion: Klimaschutz in Europa gemeinsam voranbringen +++  Germany: Promoting innovation and climate action in agriculture - EIB provides a €200 million loan to KWS SAAT +++  UNFCCC NDC Partnership Forum Identifies Ways to Help Countries Recover Better  TRANSPORT EMISSIONS Average CO2 emissions from new cars and new vans increased again in 2019 EEA: Monitoring of CO2 emissions from vans – Regulation 510/2011 EEA: Monitoring of CO2 emissions from passenger cars – Regulation (EU) 2019/631 *Note  We publish our IEU telegrams delayed by one day. We show the headlines of our monitoring content, only.   To ask for a weekly trial click here . To subscri

IEU Energy Telegram 29 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  ENERGY STORAGE:  MEPs want to boost energy storage in the EU to help spur decarbonisation +++  ENERGY STATE AID:  EU Commission approves prolongation of tax exemption for non food-based biogas and bio propane used for heating or as motor fuel in Sweden +++  Energy Community Secretariat refers Tuzla 7 State aid case to the Ministerial Council +++  ENERGY REGULATION:  ENTSO-E and ENTSOG publish their final Joint Scenarios for TYNDP 2020 and open registration for public webinar +++  ENTSO-E innovation roadmap 2020-2030 out for public consultation +++  Update on the accession roadmap to the RR Platform due to COVID 19 outbreak +++  ACER to decide which products to use in single day-ahead coupling +++  SETIS Horizon 2020 project COMETS - Collective Action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation has launched a survey BATTERY TECH U.S. Department of Energy Issues Request for Information to Strengthen Battery Critic

IEU Agenda Weekly Telegram 29 June 2020

Our IEU Agenda headlines this week*:  EU COMMISSION:  EU Commission Calendar +++  29 June 2020 +++  30 June 2020 +++  1 July 2020 +++  2 July 2020 +++  3 July 2020 +++  Outlook July 2020 +++  EU COMMISSION - EXPERT GROUPS Meetings of EU Commission expert groups 28th Meeting of the Coordination Group for Biodiversity and Nature (CGBN) CPG/031/038 CBG 36 with DG Move ABS Expert Group meeting of 29 June 2020 AI HLEG Meeting (to be conducted via WebEx) 35th Competent Authorities Meeting of REAH and CLP regulations (CARACAL-35) Expert Group for Horizontal Questions concerning the CAP - INTERPRETATION OF THE UTPS DIRECTIVE MANCP network meeting 2020-06-30 Expert Group Sugar Market Ovservatory Meeting of the Unique Device Identification sub-group of the MDCG First meeting of subgroup 8. European Research Council (ERC) 2020-07-01 Expert Group Crops Market Observatory 2nd Meeting of CASG-Information Requirements 2nd Meeting on CASG-Endocrine Disruptors Mee

IEU Environment Telegram 26 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  AIR POLLUTION:  Air pollution: Most EU Member States not on track to reduce air pollution and its related health impacts by 2030 +++  GREEN RECOVERY:  BDI zur EU-Ratspräsidentschaft: „Bundesregierung muss EU-Ratspräsidentschaft konsequent auf wirtschaftliche Erholung Europas ausrichten“ +++  BIODIVERSITY:  BEAT+ Integrated classification of biodiversity condition in Europe’s seas +++  How rewilding could help restore Europe’s biodiversity +++  COVID-19 SPECIAL EU Parliament: Briefing - Coronavirus: An uncertain outlook [What Think Tanks are thinking] - 26-06-2020 List of guidance from ECDC and important publications on COVID-19 Coronavirus Global Response: tune in tomorrow to summit and concert State aid: Commission approves €7.6 billion Italian tax schemes to support companies and self-employed workers affected by coronavirus outbreak EFSA BRIEFS Outcome of the consultation with Member States, the applicant and EFSA o

IEU Climate Telegram 26 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  EU GREEN DEAL:  Green Deal: Coal and other carbon-intensive regions and the Commission launch the European Just Transition Platform +++  Launch of the Just Transition Platform +++  BMUB: Three Presidencies for Climate: Think European–Act Local +++  CARBON PRICING:  Carbon pricing study proceeds to the next stage +++  B2B PLATFORMS:  BDI stellt 78 deutsche B2B-Plattformen vor: Deutsche Unternehmen behaupten sich in der internationalen Spitzengruppe +++  TRANSPORT EMISSIONS Average CO2 emissions from new light-duty vehicles registered in Europe increased in 2019, requiring significant emission reductions to meet the 2020 targets T&E: New car CO2 still rising as carmakers push polluting SUVs one year before deadline T&E: California sets world's first sales target for emissions-free trucks AVIATION EMISSIONS Aviation emissions: EU confirms its participation in the CORSIA voluntary phase from 2021 and chooses mo

IEU Energy Telegram 26 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  ENERGY TRANSITION:  Eurelectric: Targeted policies can neutralise negative social impacts of the energy transition +++  ENERGY REGULATION:  E.DSO handed to Commissioner Simson their Green Plan for role and strategy in EU Recovery +++  RENEWABLES:  Investment Plan supports clean energy projects in Spain and Austria +++  RGI leads broad call for very high-RES scenarios in European Energy Planning +++  WIND ENERGY Investment Plan for Europe: EIB finances Austrian wind farms of Windkraft Simonsfeld ENERGY EFFICIENCY Briefing - New EU rules on labelling of tyres - 26-06-2020 GAZPROM Viktor Zubkov reelected as Chairman and Alexey Miller as Deputy Chairman of Gazprom Board of Directors Interview with Alexey Miller, Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, on outcomes of Shareholders Meeting Gazprom’s annual General Shareholders Meeting makes decisions on all agenda items Quorum present for all items on Shareholders Meet

IEU Environment Telegram 25 June 2020

Our telegram headlines today*:  ECHA:  Candidate List update: Four new hazardous chemicals to be phased out +++  THE ROTTERDAM CONVENTION:  Webinar on "Children and exposure to hazardous pesticides: risk reduction strategies and human rights-based approach" +++  NATURAL EMISSIONS:  National Emission reductions Commitments (NEC) Directive emission inventory data +++  FORESTS OPINION on the European Forest Strategy - The Way Forward - PE646.939v02-00 ROADMAPS Notification of roadmaps published by the European Commission   EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change Authorisation to open negotiations and negotiate an Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Tajikistan Sustainable use of pesticides – revision of the EU rules EU Drugs Agenda and Action Plan Review of the Construction Products Regulation Evaluation of ocean energy development and support policies Prolongation of the Regulation on de minimis State aid to undertaking


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