IEU Smart Cities Weekly Telegram 24 January 2020

Our telegram headlines today*: 

Our IEU MONITORING headlines this week: 


  • Publication of the Assessment Study of the Urban Agenda for the European Union +++ 
  • EU Forum on the protection of public spaces +++ 
  • World Urban Forum side event: Experiences and achievements of the Urban Agenda for the EU +++ 
  • IT-TRANS International Conference and Exhibition, Karlsruhe, DE +++ 
  • Financing Adaption Actions +++ 
  • Transport Research Arena 2020 - Helsinki +++ 
  • Public Transport Fundamentals +++ 
  • ICSD 2020 : 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 9 - 10 September 2020 Rome, Italy +++ 
  • Lighthouse City Tartu: Smart home systems implemented but adjustments needed +++ 
  • New in 2020: “The SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition” – An Online Training Course for Cities and Smart Decision Making +++ 
  • First Network Bulletin in 2020 released +++ 
  • Webinar “The wider impacts of Triangulum” +++ 
  • Replicate: Summary on the City-to-City-Learning Programme +++ 


  • Register now: EIP-SCC Matchmaking Event on 20 February 2020
  • Register now: SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition
  • Project Coordinators Meeting at SCEWC 2019
  • SCC1 Replication Workshop Tampere


  • SCIS Self Reporting Tool Instruction Webinars


  • The Leipzig Charter and URBACT - an explainer
  • 2020, what we’ll be looking out for


  • Influencing innovation across Europe
  • EU-China cooperation for inclusive and sustainable development


  • The outcome of the second assessment round of TAF applications announced
  • 4th Meeting of the working group "H2020 for RIS3" on optimising the use of H2020 in implementing Smart Specialisation


  • Digital Digest Podcast: Digital solutions for smart, greener and more efficient communities
  • Why it’s relevant to use private data for public interest purposes - Vodafone Institute
  • Meeting of the Minds 2020 Annual Summit - Smart Cities Council


  • Briefing - EU cohesiveness and cohesion [What Think Tanks are thinking]
  • Study - Research for REGI - Visibility and Communication of Cohesion Policy in Online Media


  • Can you arrest a decentralized autonomous organization that lives in outer space? - Cloud Security Alliance


  • Iot Tech Expo Europe 2020 - Smart Cities Council


  • France: EIB, with the support of the European Commission, is financing the deployment of 150 000 smart boxes to actively manage electricity demand


  • The SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition: An Online Training Course for Cities, Municipalities and Smart Decision Making
  • European Green Deal: EIB and City of Vienna sign climate partnership
  • Rotterdam partners with more than 100 companies and social organizations to halve CO2 emissions by 2030 - C40
  • CELEX:52020PC0022: Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL establishing the Just Transition Fund COM/2020/22 final
  • AMENDMENTS 1 - 98 - Draft motion for a resolution European year of Greener cities 2021 - PE644.955v01-00
  • New "Smart Regions" episode: Degraded land begins to bloom thanks to smart use of organic waste
  • Towards the 10th World Urban Forum: Culture, innovation and sustainable urbanization - UCLG


  • Register now for the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up final event!
  • Welcome to the latest edition of CIVITAS MOVE!
  • Register now for CIVITAS SUMPs-Up final event on 19 February 2020
  • Cities sharing knowledge to foster sustainable mobility in 2020
  • CIVITAS DESTINATIONS helps launch of urban logistics platform in Limassol
  • GO SUMP Policy briefs
  • Mobility and the Connected City: Prioritizing Public Value in the Changing Mobility Landscape - Data-Smart City Solutions
  • Mobilität in Innenstädten: Flexibler und vernetzter - Deutscher Städtetag


  • Text adopted - Enabling the digital transformation of health and care - P9_TA-PROV(2019)0105 - Wednesday, 18 December 2019 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition
  • Open Curbs: Eine offene Plattform zur effektiven Nutzung des Straßenrands
  • Bundesförderung für 5G-Technologie im IndustrieStadtpark Troisdorf - Fraunhofer FIT


  • Bitkom: Deutsche Wirtschaft läuft der Digitalisierung weiter hinterher
  • Baden-Württemberg: Land fördert intelligente Netzanbindung von Parkhäusern und Tiefgaragen


  • The 2020 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge - Smart Cities Council
  • IoT North America 2020 - Smart Cities Council
  • VIDEO: 'Smart parks' – Las Vegas' green spaces are getting a tech reboot - SmartCitiesWorld


  • China's Smart Home Market, Forecast to 2026 - Policies, Initiatives, and IoT DrivingSmart Homes  - Yahoo Finance
  • Virus outbreak 'could reshape China's smart city vision'  - SmartCitiesWorld


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