IEU Euro & Finance Telegram 28 October 2019

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Farewell remarks by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, at the farewell event in his honour +++ 
  • Portugal: Carlos da Silva Costa: Farewell speech in honor of President Mario Draghi +++ 
  • La France: Cérémonie de fin de mandat du Président de la Banque centrale européenne, Mario Draghi +++ 
  • Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU): Mario Draghi dankt ab: Amtszeit geprägt von fragwürdigem geldpolitischer Kurs! +++ 


  • Latest decisions taken by the ECB +++ 
  • ECB/2019/30 Guideline of the ECB of 4 October 2019 amending Guideline ECB/2012/27 on a Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross settlement Express Transfer system (TARGET2) +++ 
  • CON/2019/35 Opinion on a Council recommendation on the appointment of a member of the Executive Board of the ECB +++ 
  • ECB/2019/31 Decision (EU) 2019/1743 of the ECB of 15 October 2019 on the remuneration of holdings of excess reserves and of certain deposits (recast) +++ 
  • ECB/2019/29 Regulation (EU) 2019/1677 of the ECB of 27 September 2019 amending Regulation (EU) No 1333/2014 concerning statistics on the money markets +++ 
  • Fixed rate versus adjustable rate mortgages: evidence from euro area banks
  • The new challenges raised by investment arbitration for the EU legal order
  • The ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF) - Fourth quarter of 2019
  • ECB: Monetary policy decisions
  • Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB (in addition to decisions setting interest rates)
  • ECB and People’s Bank of China extend bilateral currency swap arrangement
  • ECB: Monetary developments in the euro area: September 2019
  • ECB: Luis de Guindos: Interview with El País


  • Next European Commission: Financial reforms programme


  • The UK Financial Services Beyond Brexit Summit: Economic Secretary's speech


  • ESM and EFSF approve waiver of Greece’s mandatory repayment obligation


  • Lecture by former MEP Burkhard Balz, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bundesbank: Competitive Currencies – The Role of the Euro in the International Currency System


  • Germanwatch: Bundesregierung muss Weg zu nachhaltigem Finanzmarkt wirkungsvoll unterstützen


  • SMSG Opinion on ESMA's Report on performance and cost of retail investment products
  • SMSG Advice on ESMA's Consultation on Prospectus disclosure requirements


  • Latest publications by the BIS
  • Post-Basel III: time for evaluation
  • BIS international banking statistics at end-June 2019
  • Call for papers: workshop on "Digital currencies, central banks and the blockchain: policy implications"
  • Yaron Amir: Setting goals and embracing innovation to meet the challenges of a changing environment
  • Sam Woods: Credit union meets robot
  • Denis Beau: What European financial sovereignty in a digital world
  • Margarita Delgado: The Banking Union - a key building block of the EU project
  • Carlos da Silva Costa: Farewell speech in honor of President Mario Draghi


  • IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva Names Michele Shannon as Director of the Office of Budget and Planning


  • St 13002 2019 Init COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (Economic and Financial Affairs)
  • St 13002 2019 Add 1 COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (Economic and Financial Affairs)
  • Cm 4537 2019 Init Meeting of the Financial Services Committee
  • St 13360 2019 Init Draft REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (first reading) - Adoption of the legislative act


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