IEU Smart Cities Weekly Telegram 25 September 2019

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Nantes is European Capital of Innovation 2019 +++ 


  • Joanes Preis" für soziale Stadtraumgestaltung: Jetzt Idee einreichen und am Realisierungswettbewerb teilnehmen! +++ 
  • AGORA Dialogue “Dilemmas of Public Space" +++ 


  • The European Commission puts climate neutral and smart cities on the agenda at the Nordic Edge Expo +++ 
  • “From Dream to Reality” Leading Smart City Projects at EU Regions Week 2019 +++ 


  • EU Commission's report shows good performance of EU interoperability programme for public administrations, businesses and citizens
  • EP Briefing - EU guidelines on ethics in artificial intelligence: Context and implementation - 19-09-2019
  • Supporting the 2020 Census to Promote High-Quality Data for Decision-Making
  • Latest publications of the EU Commission on Digital Governance
    • Connected for a healthy future
    • Digital Excellence Forum @ ICT Proposers' Day 2019 : Digital Europe programme at the heart of the dialogues
    • NO AI, NO FUTURE, or Why the EU is in need of the Smart Europe Partnership for AI and ML, Robotics and Automation, Smart Cities and Green Communities
    • Changing Horizon 2020 for Horizon Europe, or Why Europe is in need of i-Government
    • Digital for culture - Brochure
    • Building a data economy - Brochure
    • Promoting Europe's interests and protecting European values in the global digital transformation - Brochure
    • Women in Digital - Brochure
    • Digital inclusion and web accessibility - Brochure
    • Next Generation Internet - Brochure
    • My Europe. My language. With language technologies made in the EU - Brochure
    • Digital Skills for all Europeans - Brochure
    • Internet of Things - Brochure
    • Digital Europe for a more competitive, autonomous and sustainable Europe - Brochure
    • Building a safer and better digital space for children in the EU - Brochure
    • How do online platforms shape our lives and businesses? - Brochure
    • Cloud Computing - Brochure
    • Building strong cybersecurity - Brochure
    • 5G for Europe’s Digital Transformation - brochure
    • European Blockchain Strategy - Brochure
    • Digital Single Market Brochures
    • Building trusted digital identity - Brochure
    • Key Digital Technologies - brochure
    • Audiovisual Media Services Directive - Brochure
    • Copyright in the Digital Single Market - Brochure
    • Audit Report published - 2019-6730
    • Tackling online disinformation - Brochure
    • Creative Europe MEDIA - Brochure
    • We are connect - Brochure
    • Trustworthy AI - Brochure
    • Study on Modelling the EU Economy as an Ecosystem of Contracts (Methodology Study) – No JUST/2019/RCON/PR/JU03/0077
    • #EUTakeTheInitiative | Next stop: Slovenia!
  • Two calls to exploit the potential of AI and digital technologies in manufacturing


  • Künstliche Intelligenz im Energiesystem kann zur Versorgungssicherheit beitragen und Cyberattacken frühzeitig identifizieren


  • The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets
  • Runaway driverless cars will increase congestion and accelerate climate breakdown - T&E


  • 100-Millionen-Euro-Fonds für Klimaschutz in Städten durch Zusammenschluss von Städten und nationalen Regierungen
  • Circular Plastics Alliance - What's in for regions and cities?
  • Cities urge all national governments to join them and act on climate
  • Deputy Secretary-General Stresses Duty to Build Climate-Resilient Cities, at ‘Seizing the Urban Opportunity’ Event
  • EIB President Werner Hoyer announces new climate ambitions and presents transformative initiative for urban climate finance at the UN General Assembly
  • CAN Europe: Cities and National Governments Partner on EUR 100M City Climate Finance Gap Fund
  • UN: Cities: a ’cause of and solution to’ climate change
  • Low-Carbon Cities Are a $24 Trillion Opportunity - WRI - World Resource Institute


  • Jobs and robots: Europe’s Debate Over the Destiny of the Welfare State


  • Bitkom: Digitalisierung sichert deutschen Handelsunternehmen die Zukunft


  • Altmaier: Smart Living ist für uns ein wichtiger Zukunftsmarkt


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