Updated survey: How to regulate Artificial Intelligence in Europe?

I have updated the introduction and some questions of my questionnaire at EUSurvey preparing for a larger academic public affairs paper on regulating #AI and #robots in #Europe and #Germany.

I would like to learn more about how you are perceiving this topic. Do we share common definitions? Whom do you see as the most important actors? Which issues there are on the agenda already, and which alternatives are being prepared?

I would highly appreciate reading your responses at

Of course, you may also feel free to contact me directly at

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Kindest regards

Joachim O. Weidemann

IEU Agenda Weekly Telegram 27 May 2019

Our telegram headlines today*: 

Our IEU AGENDA this week: 

  • EU Commission Upcoming Events +++ 
    • 6 June 2019: The launch of the European Drug Report 2019 +++ 
    • 28 - 29 June 2019: G20 Summit, Osaka +++ 
  • EU Commission Calendar +++ 
    • 27 May 2019 +++ 
    • 28 May 2019 +++ 
    • 29 May 2019 +++ 
    • 30 May 2019 +++ 
    • 1 June 2019
    • 2 June 2019
    • 3 June 2019
    • 4 June 2019
    • 5 June 2019
    • 6 June 2019
    • 7 June 2019
    • 8 June 2019
    • 9 June 2019
  • Outlook June 2019


  • Meetings of EU Commission expert groups
  • (CEG/DEB/15) - 15th meeting of the Customs Expert Group - Customs Debt and Guarantees
  • Expert group on Fisheries control - ERS (Electronic recording and reporting system) and data management Working group
  • Sixth meeting of the "Industry 2030" High-Level Industrial Roundtable
  • Passenger ship safety expert sub-group
  • Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Vocational Training
  • expert Group for Technical Advice on Organic Production - Subgroup Aquaculture
  • Drinking Water expert group 9th meeting
  • 10th Recovery Expert Group meeting
  • Expert Group on Organic Production
  • 26th meeting of the EAG
  • 5th meeting of the HLEG for SRIA on Innovating Cities
  • Third meeting of the SEPs Expert group
  • AI HLEG Meeting
  • Economic Tariff Questions Group
  • 3rd meeting of the expert group on graduate tracking
  • 1st meeting TG Seabed
  • 21th Expert Group on the Human Dimenssion of the Single European Sky
  • 2019-06-12 Expert Group for Agricultural Markets, in particular concerning aspects falling under the single CMO Regulation - Subgroup Sugar
  • 97th Stakeholders Advisory Group on Aviation Security
  • 3rd meeting of Invasive Alien Species Expert Group
  • Expert group Meat Market Observatory
  • Meeting of the Group of Experts on Pyrotechnic Articles
  • 13th Meeting EU CSW PG 130-13, 17-19 June 2019, Antwerpen, BE
  • Platform for European Associations of VET Providers
  • Second meeting of the expert group on Safer Internet for Children
  • WG DIKE 20th meeting
  • Business-to-Government Expert Group - 4th Meeting
  • (CEG/NOM/027) 27th meeting of the Customs Expert Group, Tariff and Statistical Nomenclh meeting of the Customs Expert Group, Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature Section, HS/WCO Coordination Sector
  • Meeting 14
  • UCC CDS Project Group 8th meeting
  • 2019-06-27-Expert Group for Horizontal Questions concerning the CAP
  • 2nd meeting 01-02 July 2019
  • FSUG meeting
  • EIA/SEA expert Group meeting 26-27 September
  • 27th meeting of the Co-ordination Group for Biodiversity and Nature 26-27 September 2019
  • 34th Meeting of the DNA on Regulation (EU) N° 649/2012 of the EP and of the Council concerning the export and import of hazardous chemicals
  • 9th meeting on 22 October 2019
  • Commission expert group on social economy and social enterprises
  • FSUG meeting


  • 2019-05-27-agenda of the Product quality policy Committee
  • COCOM19-06 Agenda meeting 4 June 2019
  • Agenda for meeting of 4 June 2019 of the Standing Committee on Veterinary Medicinal Products.
  • COCOM19-06 Agenda meeting 4 June 2019
  • 2019-06-04 Agenda of the Meeting of the COMMITTEE ON ORGANIC PRODUCTION
  • Agenda for the meeting on 5 June 2019 of the Appeal Committee (GMFF)
  • Draft agenda - CPC Committee - 6 June 2019
  • Draft agenda - CPC Committee meeting - 6 June 2019
  • Agenda of the 101st Aviation Security Committee (AVSEC 101)
  • Agenda SIS-VIS Committee and SIS-SIRENE Committee of 13 June 2019
  • Agenda for the 15th meeting of the IED Article 75 Committee of 17 June 2019
  • Draft agenda for the 24th Civil Protection Committee meeting
  • Agneda of the E-PRTR ARTICLE 19 COMMITTEE MEETING of 21 June 2019
  • Agenda of the TCMV of 4 July 2019


  • EU Parliament - The Week ahead
  • EU Parliament - Agenda by day
    • 28 May 2019
    • 29 May 2019


  • EU Council - Main topics and events
    • 27 May 2019: Foreign Affairs Council (Trade)
    • 27-28 May 2019: Competitiveness Council
    • 28 May 2019: Informal dinner of heads of state or government
    • 6-7 June 2019: Justice and Home Affairs Council
    • 6-7 June 2019: Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council
    • Weekly schedule of EU Council President Donald Tusk

Coreper, Committees and Working Parties

  • 27 May 2019
  • 28 May 2019
  • 29 May 2019


  • Romania, Finland & Croatia: The next EU Trio Programme
  • Calendar of the Romanian EU Presidency


  • 27th EU Biomass conference and exhibition (EUBCE)
  • Eurostat working group on crime and criminal justice statistics to meet
  • 15th International conference on health and primary care
  • European Border and Coast Guard Day
  • 172nd European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) seminar
  • What role for community lifelong learning centres?
  • Workshop on strategy to support substitution of chemicals on concern
  • 2nd meeting of the substitution and innovation network
  • Binding UN treaty on business and human rights
  • Blockchain: technology for the social economy 4.0
  • Single digital gateway hackathon – Barcelona edition
  • Meeting of ECDC focal points in the global Centres for disease control
  • Artificial intelligence: an opportunity for the EU cyber-crisis management
  • Exchange of experiences with migration and child rights experts
  • Beyond GDP: measuring people’s well-being and societies’ progress
  • Horizon Europe workshop
  • Better communication for cohesion policy
  • Public stakeholder workshop on the postal sector
  • Safety promotion network 2019
  • EU-OSHA 25th anniversary
  • Enhancing EU-Japan research cooperation on the frontiers of knowledge
  • 32nd Madrid Forum
  • 5th European nuclear safety conference
  • Citizens' dialogue in Helsinki with Vice-President Jyrki Katainen
  • eHealth high-level conference
  • International forum on intellectual property enforcement 2019 – Resolving governance gaps to country intellectual property rights infringements
  • Civil Society Days 2019: Sustainable democracy in Europe
  • 10th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region (EUSBR)
  • 6th European conference on standardisation, testing and certification in the field of occupational safety and health
  • 2019 EASA-FAA international aviation safety conference
  • The 12th SET Plan conference 2019 "Making the energy transition happen locally"
  • Flexible working in the digital age: Is everyone a winner?
  • One year of GDPR application: taking stock in the EU and beyond
  • Annual Privacy Forum 2019
  • Meeting of the European electricity regulatory forum (Florence Forum)
  • EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2019
  • 5th EASA third country operators workshop for Member States
  • Europol intellectual property crime conference
  • Enlargement Day 2019
  • 8th evaluation conference of the EU cohesion policy: Investing in our shared future
  • AU-EU agricultural ministerial conference – Agriculture, our future : promoting sustainable regional agricultural value chains
  • 2019 Symposium of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC)
  • Stakeholder dialogue: progress and outcomes of the technical expert group’s work on sustainable finance
  • ENISA workshop on interdependencies between operators of essential services and digital service providers
  • Competing continents: The pursuit of excellence in electronic communications
  • GNSS raw measurements taskforce workshop
  • Bringing the long-term unemployed back into work
  • Webinar: Experiences in bridging the gap between investors and project developers
  • 8th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube region (EUSDR)
  • General aviation and low-level weather seminar
  • 36th European photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition (EU PVSEC 2019)
  • Intellectual property Horizon 5.0 conference
  • European Week of Regions and Cities
  • 7th Europol-Interpol cybercrime conference
  • Lisbon Addictions 2019
  • 2nd European conference on Xylella fastidiosa
  • EU DataViz 2019
  • Clean Air Forum
  • Clear writing for Europe


  • Complete EU Court Diary until 20 June 2019

CJEU Background (EN)

  • Judicial holiday from 27 to 31 May 2019 - but judgment to be pronounced
  • 27 May 2019: Judgments in Joined Cases C-508/18 OG (Public Prosecutor’s office of Lübeck) and C-82/19 PPU PI (Public Prosecutor’s office of Zwickau) and in Case C-509/18 PF (Prosecutor General of Lithuania) (European Arrest Warrants)
  • 4 June 2019: Opinion in Joint Cases C-609/17 TSN and C-610/17 AKT v Satamaoperaattorit ry. (Annual leave for workers)
  • 4 June 2019: Hearing in Case C-482/18 Google Ireland Limited v National Tax and Customs Authority, Central Tax and Customs Department for Major Taxpayers, Hungary (Freedom to provide services – tax provisions)
  • 4 June 2019: Opinion in Case C-18/18 Glawischnig-Piesczek v Facebook Ireland Limited (Freedom to provide services)
  • 5 June 2019: Judgment in Case C-142/18 Skype Communication v IBPT (Electronic communications services)
  • 5 June 2019: Hearing in Case C-544/18 HM Revenue & Customs v HD (Freedom of Establishment)
  • 6 June 2019: Opinion in Case C-233/18 Haqbin v Federal agency for the reception of asylum seekers (Fedasil) (Border checks – asylum policy)

EuGH-Hintergrundmaterialien (DE)

  • Woche vom 27. bis 31. Mai 2019 ist sitzungsfreie Zeit - aber Urteilsverkündigung
  • 27. Mai 2019: Urteile des Gerichtshofs (Große Kammer) in den Rechtssachen C-508/18 OG, C-509/18 PF und C-82/19 PPU PI - Europäischer Haftbefehl – Ausstellung durch Staatsanwaltschaft?
  • 4. Juni 2019: Schlussanträge des Generalanwalts am Gerichtshof in der Rechtssache C-18/18 Glawischnig-Piesczek - Löschung beleidigender Äußerungen auf Facebook
  • 12. Juni 2019: Mündliche Verhandlung vor dem Gericht in der Rechtssache T-337/17 Air France-KLM / Kommission - Luftfracht-Kartell
  • 13. Juni 2019: Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C-22/18 TopFit und Biffi - Staatsangehörigkeitserfordernis für Deutsche Leichtathletik-Meisterschaften
  • 13. Juni 2019: Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C-193/18 Google - Pflichten von Webmail-Anbietern
  • 13. Juni 2019: Schlussanträge des Generalanwalts am Gerichtshof in der Rechtssache C-363/18 Organisation juive européenne und Vignoble Psagot - Waren aus den von Israel seit Juni 1967 besetzten Gebieten
  • 13. Juni 2019: Schlussanträge der Generalanwältin am Gerichtshof in den verbundenen Rechtssachen C-355/18 Rust-Hackner, C‑356/18 Gmoser, C-357/18 Plackner und C-479/18 UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen u. a. - Rücktritt von Lebensversicherungsvertrag wegen fehlerhafter Belehrung
  • 13. Juni 2019: Mündliche Verhandlung vor dem Gericht in der Rechtssache T-338/17 Air France / Kommission - Luftfrachtkartell


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