IEU Smart Cities Weekly Telegram 10 January 2019

Our telegram headlines this week*: 


  • JPI Urban Europe Policy Conference: Urban Transitioning - A Joint Adventure +++ 
  • Urban Agenda – Upcoming Events +++ 
    • Tue 22 Jan 2019: The Sharing Economy and Housing Affordability: What Impact, What Solutions? +++ 
    • Thu-Fri 24-25 Jan: EUROCITIES knowledge Society forum meeting 24-25/01 - Barcelona +++ 
    • Thu21Feb2019: From Principle to Action: How to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights at local level +++ 
    • Wed-Fri 13-15 Mar: EUROCITIES Mobility Forum 2019, Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Thu 28 Mar 2019: Beyound Data, 28/03 (Eidhoven)
    • Wed-Fri 27-29 Mar: EUROCITIES Knowledge Society forum meeting, 27-29/03 - Eidhoven
    • Wed-Fri 03-05 Apr: EUROCITIES Environment forum on Mitigation, 3-5/04 - Genoa (Italy)
    • Fri-Sat 17-18 May: European Maritime Day 2019, 16 &17 May 2019, Lisbon
    • Wed-Fri 22-24 May: Urban Future Global Conference
    • Mon-Tue 17-18 Jun: Public Procurement: Global Revolution IX
    • Wed-Thu 04-05 Sep: ICSD 2019 : 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development, 4 - 5 September 2019 Rome, Italy
  • Stellar Line-Up for Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019


  • URBACT's last call for Action Planning networks now open!
  • URBACT call for Action Planning networks is now online
  • How mobility becomes an integrated part of our city development


  • Nordic Edge Expo & Conference 2019
  • New Horizon2020 Lighthouse Projects: +CityXChange and MAKING-CITY
  • SCIS Policy Paper: Why May Replication (Not) Be Happening?
  • The First of Many Videos - SCIS Video Competition
  • Remourban: Innovative Procurement
  • SharingCities: Active Involvement of Citizens for eEnergy Saving
  • GrowSmarter: Local Energy Generation: Towards Smart Local Energy Communities


  • Smart Specialisation: monitoring and evaluation State of the play and next steps


  • EIB: Paris -- a brighter city of light


  • Design Thinking for Better Government Services - The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School
  • The Ash Center Data-Smart City Solutions: Who Are America's City Chief Data Officers?
  • The Ash Center Innovators Insights - The Path to "Agile" Policymaking
  • The Ash Center Data-Smart City Solutions: Geospatial Tools for Urban Problems


  • EP Amendments 1 - 330 - A comprehensive European industrial policy on artificial intelligence and robotics - PE 631.926v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
  • New BlackBerry service aims to support the development of Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • The State of Digital Communications - Ideas, facts and figures on the sector


  • Apply to join CIVITAS peer-exchange activities on sustainable urban mobility by 21 January 2019
  • ELTIS: 262 million euros available for EU transport projects
  • ELTIS: Barcelona will host the new EU centre on urban mobility
  • ELTIS: Second edition of the European Startup Prize for Mobility is underway
  • Europe's SUMP community gathers to discuss reshaping SUMP Guidelines
  • European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM) 2019
  • Join a CIVITAS study visit to Cologne in Spring 2019
  • Apply now to participate in CIVITAS peer exchange activities in 2019


  • Speech by Commissioner Vella at the 2019 Green Capital Opening Ceremony in Oslo


  • Data-Smart City Solutions: Implementing a Data-Driven Approach to Tackling Homelessness


  • What is a Smart City? – American City & County
  • Real-Time Data Helps Philadelphia Improve Green Design
  • California Launches New Online Repository to Share Open-Source Code


  • Philippines Smart Cities Readiness Workshop - Smart Cities Council


  • EU Chamber Delegation Attends 2018 China-EU Conference on Sustainable Urbanisation


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