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IEU Environment Telegram 20 September 2018

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Exchange of views on draft report on EU authorisation procedure for pesticides - Special Committee on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides +++ 
  • Documentation: PEST hearing on Comparative analysis of authorisation procedures in OECD countries - 30-08-2018 - Special Committee on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides +++ 
  • EP Draft report - Report on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides - PE 627.625v01-00 - Special Committee on the Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides +++ 
  • EPP on Pesticides: science mustn't be guided by politics +++ 


  • Call for input on the task of ECHA to develop a database on articles containing Candidate List substances under the Waste Framework Directive


  • UK Parliament to dramatically reduce plastic use through new compostable products


  • Die Grünen/EFA zur Europäischen Wasserkonferenz: Wir brauchen einen Gewässerschutz, der seinen Namen verdient


  • Increased prevention efforts needed to curb the growing risk of future wildfires


  • EP Draft report - Establishing a Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE) - PE 627.845v01-00 - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety


  • St 11665 2018 Rev 1 Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL complementing EU type-approval legislation with regard to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union
  • St 11666 2018 Rev 1 Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on type-approval requirements for motor vehicles and their trailers, and systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles, as regards their general safety and the protection of vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users, amending Regulation (EU) 2018/… and repealing Regulations (EC) No 78/2009, (EC)
  • St 12293 2018 Init Summary of discussions - LEWP/COPEN Joint meeting
  • St 12087 2018 Rev 1 Preparation of the 18th meeting of the HELCOM Maritime Group (Hamburg, Germany, 25-27 September 2018) Non-paper from the Commission drafted to facilitate EU co-ordination
  • Cm 4296 2018 Rev 1 Working Party on International Environment Issues (Global environmental aspects of sustainable development)
  • Cm 4341 2018 Init Working Party on the Environment


  • Outcome of the consultation with Member States, the applicant and EFSA on the pesticide risk assessment for sulfoxaflor in light of confirmatory data
  • Modification of the existing maximum residue level for clothianidin in potatoes
  • Science, food, society: EFSA conference 2018 – day 3

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