IEU Funding Innovation Telegram 3 August 2018

Our telegram headlines today*: 
  • EU Summer Break: Weekly IEU Monitoring Summaries in August +++ 


  • ERC 2019 Work Programme +++ 


  • ST 11534 2018 INIT Evaluation of the functioning of the European Fund for Strategic Investments +++ 


  • EP Draft opinion - Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing Horizon Europe – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, laying down its rules for participation and dissemination - PE 625.393v01-00 - Committee on Culture and Education +++ 


  • Hungary: Cohesion policy invests in better road connection to Debrecen


  • EU Commission Answer - Review of the Connecting Europe Facility - E-003126/2018


  • Mini-brains offer hope in search for new drugs for brain disorders
  • ERGA elects new Chairperson for 2019
  • HPC used to model the earth’s biosphere


  • Research Headlines - Remote-sensing at the service of cultural heritage
  • Research Headlines - Support for development of the Internet of Things
  • Events - 2019 INFO-DAY - Ensuring Excellent Research by Investing in Researchers' Talents, Skills & Career Development - 29 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium
  • Events - European Health Challenges: The role of imaging technology in addressing key biomedical questions of the future - 25 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium


  • EU Commission Answer - Equal opportunities through Erasmus+ - E-003092/2018


  • EU Commission Answer - Natura 2000 - E-003292/2018


  • EIB: Audit Committee Annual Reports for the year 2017


  • DG RTD
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the signing of an Implementing Arrangement between the European Commission and Japan Science and Technology Agency
    • DÉCISION D’EXÉCUTION DE LA COMMISSION modifiant la décision d’exécution C(2014) 9777 portant approbation de certains éléments du programme opérationnel intitulé «Programme opérationnel interrégional FEDER 2014-2020 Massif des Alpes» en vue d’un soutien du Fonds européen de développement régional au titre de l’objectif «Investissement pour la croissance et l’emploi» pour les régions administratives constituant le territoire du Massif des Alpes en France CCI 2014FR16RFOP001
    • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION approving the financial contribution to the major project "Construction of M35 motorway section from Main Road No. 4 to Berettyóújfalu and Main Road No. 481", selected as part of the operational programme "Integrated Transport" in Hungary CCI 2017HU16CFMP007
    • DURCHFÜHRUNGSBESCHLUSS DER KOMMISSION vom XXX zur Änderung des Durchführungsbeschlusses C(2014) 8739 zur Genehmigung bestimmter Elemente des operationellen Programms „OP Sachsen EFRE 2014-2020“ für eine Unterstützung aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Ziels „Investitionen in Wachstum und Beschäftigung“ für die Region Sachsen in Deutschland CCI 2014DE16RF012
    • DURCHFÜHRUNGSBESCHLUSS DER KOMMISSION zur Änderung des Durchführungsbeschlusses (C(2014) 10020 zur Genehmigung bestimmter Elemente des operationellen Programms „OP Berlin EFRE 2014-2020“ für eine Unterstützung aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Ziels „Investitionen in Wachstum und Beschäftigung“ für das Land Berlin in Deutschland CCI 2014DE16RFOP003
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the Internal Rules on the implementation of the general budget of the European Union (European Commission section) for the attention of the Commission departments
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the internal procedure provisions for the recovery of amounts receivable arising from direct management and the recovery of fines, lump sums and penalty payments under the Treaties
  • DG EAC
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the recovery of a total amount of EUR 40,846.66 plus interest due by BIOSENSORES, S.L. (only the Spanish text is authentic)

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