IEU Smart Cities Weekly Telegram 3 July 2018

Our weekly Smart Cities telegram headlines*: 


  • EP Text adopted - Role of cities in the institutional framework of the Union - P8_TA-PROV(2018)0273 - Tuesday, 3 July 2018 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition
  • EP Think-tank: Briefing - Harnessing the potential of the Urban Agenda for the EU - 27-06-2018
  • First edition of the Urban Academy on Integration!
  • Call for interest: hosting and co-organising the 4th CITIES FORUM 2019
  • Participation at FORM PA 2018 event (EN/IT)
  • ALDE on Urban policy: the EU does not need a new representative institution


  • New cities welcome at the 2018 URBACT City Festival!
  • 11 Unusual places reviving thanks to URBACT and the 2nd Chance Network


  • Latest wall posters published by EIP-SCC
  • Urban Air Mobility Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Tools for decision-making, management & benchmarking Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities and Communities (EV4SCC) Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Positive Energy Blocks Knowledge Wall Poster
  • From Planning and Implementation to Scaling up of Smart Cities Knowledge Wall Poster
  • New Mobility Services Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Urban Platform Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Humble Lamppost Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Deep Retrofitting Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Citizen Centric Approach to Data Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Citizen City Knowledge Wall Poster
  • Business Models for Smart City Solutions Knowledge Wall Poster
  • New Mobility Services Initiative
  • Climate change offers opportunities for the liveable street
  • Citizen Centric business: reducing administrative burdens, improving lives - EIP-SCC
  • EIP-SCC: Ambition of the SCC01 Lighthouses
  • EIP-SCC: Success stories Carlien Roodink - JIIP-TEUC consortium
  • EIP-SCC: Funding and financing Smart City Solutions


  • Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 in Barcelona - SCIS


  • Better data can grant cities more ownership - Energy Cities
  • Gdansk gets first hand smart city knowledge in Rotterdam - Ruggedised


  • The European Investment Bank publishes new report on high performance computing
  • EP Text adopted - European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking * - P8_TA-PROV(2018)0271 - Tuesday, 3 July 2018 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition


  • Groningen (NL) hosts 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Ensuring aviation safety and safe use of drones: EU Council signs off on EASA reform
  • REFORM project publishes set of 26 Good Practice examples
  • Success stories in freight planning from Stockholm
  • Apply for the CIVITAS Awards 2018 - Europe's top sustainable urban mobility prizes - ELTIS
  • REMOURBAN webinar on “Defining a 360° strategy for e-mobility in the city”


  • Multinationals to join EP100 to lead the way on energy-smart buildings
  • mySMARTLife sets Examples for Innovative Energy Usage
  • Datenschutz und -sicherheit bei Digitalisierung der Energiewirtschaft - dena


  • Report of the fourth meeting of the Working Group on Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Digitaleurope: DiPP workshop on ‘The Big Switch: is Manufacturing 4.0 taking us to Society 5.0?’ -
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality over Wireless Networks Gaining Momentum in Industrial Sector - ABI Research


  • C40: Guangzhou Award Recognizes Excellence in Urban Innovation


  • Khaleej Times: Abu Dhabi tops smart city rankings in Middle East


  • Cambodia prepares the ground for smart cities - Khmer Times

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