IEU Funding Innovation Telegram 21 June 2018

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • State aid and EU funding: are they compatible? - public hearing +++ 
  • Structural reform support programme 2017-2020: EP committee vote +++ 


  • 2018 EU Prize for Women Innovators: Commission to award four outstanding entrepreneurs +++ 
  • Research Headlines - Speeding up the search for tuberculosis vaccines +++ 


  • Latest publications by EIT
    • EIT Health MSc in Innovation and Health Care celebrates its first graduating class
    • EIT issues call for tender for provision of medical services
    • EIT RawMaterials: Call for Applications for RawMatCop 2018-2020 Programme


  • Latest calls by “Europe for Citizens”
    • Call for proposals: Networks of Towns 2018 - Round 2
    • Call for proposals: Town Twinning 2018 - Round 2


  • Latest publications by the Participant Portal
    • Scientific Advice Mechanism - Commission's Chief Scientific Advisors publish opinion on EU authorisation processes of Plant Protection Products
    • Rural Renaissance
    • H2020-JTI-IMI2-2018-14-two-stage
    • Effects
    • Electronic Design Technologies for Defence Applications
    • Strategic Technology Foresight


  • JASPERS technical assistance has supported over EUR 100 billion of investment since its launch in 2006


  • Latest publications by Eureka
    • Eurostars Webinar - Helping SMEs to innovate - Canada
    • Eurostars webinar for applicants - Helping SMEs to innovate
    • Smarter High-Rise Planning
    • Science Forum South Africa 2018 - SFSA2018
    • Supporting Innovation - "Sharing experience in view of Horizon Europe"


  • Latest publications by ELTIS
    • REFORM Good Practices: a source of inspiration for cities and regions
    • The Romanian Government allocates funds to renew public transport fleet across the country
    • Madrid and Buenos Aires municipalities jointly promote urban regeneration and mobility
    • European leaders reaffirm ambition to improve air quality in European cities
    • New public funds to improve cycling mobility in Turin
    • Apply for the CIVITAS Awards 2018 - Europe's top sustainable urban mobility prizes


    • Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 as regards the resources for economic, social and territorial cohesion and correcting that Regulation as regards the resources for the investment for growth and jobs goal
    • DÉCISION D’EXÉCUTION DE LA COMMISSION modifiant la décision d'exécution C(2014) 9743 portant approbation de certains éléments du programme opérationnel intitulé «Programme opérationnel FEDER 2014-2020 La Réunion» en vue d’un soutien du Fonds européen de développement régional au titre de l’objectif «Investissement pour la croissance et l’emploi» pour la région Ile de La Réunion en France et portant approbation de la modification de certains éléments de l'accord de partenariat avec la France CCI 2014FR16RFOP007 CCI 2014FR16M8PA001
    • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION amending Implementing Decision C(2015) 3297 approving certain elements of the operational programme "Transport" for support from the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund under the Investment for growth and jobs goal in the Czech Republic CCI 2014CZ16M1OP001
    • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION approving the financial contribution to the major project "Upgrade of Water and Wastewater Management for Protection of Water Sources in Poznan and the Surrounding Area – Phase VI" selected as part of the operational programme "Infrastructure and Environment for 2014-2020" in Poland CCI 2017PL16CFMP020
    • Draft General Budget of the European Union for the financial year 2019 - General Introduction - General statement of revenue - Statement of revenue and expenditure by section


  • Report - Draft Amending Budget n° 2 to the General Budget 2018 entering the surplus of the financial year 2017 - A8-0209/2018 - Committee on Budgets


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