IEU Euro & Finance Telegram 21 June 2018

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Main results of the Eurogroup, 22/06/2018 +++ 
  • EU Commissioner Moscovici's introductory remarks at the Eurogroup press conference (FR/EN) +++ 
  • Remarks by M. Centeno following the Eurogroup meeting of 21/22 June 2018 +++ 
  • Eurogroup statement on Greece of 22 June 2018 +++ 
  • Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Greece +++ 
  • Time to turn the page of austerity and build a stable and sustainable future for Greece, says Udo Bullmann +++ 
  • Eurogruppe muss endlich Zusagen an Griechenland einhalten! - Gabi Zimmer, Vorsitzende Linksfraktion GUE/NGL im EP +++ 
  • Eurogroup Statement on the updated Draft Budgetary Plans of Spain for 2018 +++ 
  • Eurogroup statement on the occasion of its 20th anniversary +++ 
  • Euro Area: IMF Staff Concluding Statement of the 2018 Article IV Mission +++ 


  • ESM Board of Governors approves 2017 Annual Report


  • Preparation of the ECOFIN meeting, 22 June 2018


  • Denmark: IMF Executive Board Concludes 2018 Article IV Consultation
  • IMF Country Report No. 18/177 : Denmark : 2018 Article IV Consultation-Press Release and Staff Report
  • IMF Country Report No. 18/178 : Denmark : Selected Issues


  • ECB Speech: Good governance – banks’ timeless asset
  • Peter Praet: Monetary policy in a low interest rate environment
  • Working group on euro risk-free rates launches consultation on potential successors to EONIA
  • Latest publications by the ECB
  • I will survive. Pricing strategies of financially distressed firms
  • Missing the wealthy in the HFCS: micro problems with macro implications
  • Foreign-law bonds: can they reduce sovereign borrowing costs?
  • Are asset price data informative about news shocks? A DSGE perspective
  • Cross-country linkages and spill-overs in early warning models for financial crises
  • Nominal wage rigidity in the EU countries before and after the Great Recession: evidence from the WDN surveys
  • Asset Quality Review Phase 2 Manual, June 2018
  • Latest Guidelines and Opinions by the ECB
  • ECB/2018/17 Guideline (EU) 2018/877 of the ECB of 1 June 2018 amending Guideline ECB/2014/15 on monetary and financial statistics
  • ECB/2018/16 Guideline (EU) 2018/876 of the ECB of 1 June 2018 on the Register of Institutions and Affiliates Data
  • CON/2018/30 Opinion on mortgage amortisation requirements
  • ECB/2018/13 Guideline (EU) 2018/861 of the ECB of 24 April 2018 amending Guideline ECB/2013/23 on government finance statistics


  • ESMA Library document - MiFID II Implementation – Achievements and Current Priorities, Steven Maijoor, FESE convention 2018, Vienna, 21 June


  • Bruegel: European bank mergers: domestic or cross-border?
  • FinanceWatch: Parliament compromises on bank safety - ECON agreement on banking package contains distinct moves to deregulation


  • EBA launches its Staff Papers series


  • EIOPA publishes an expanded set of Solvency II statistics on the European insurance sector


  • Progress in adopting the "Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting"
  • Basel Committee issues progress report on banks' implementation of the Principles for effective risk data aggregation and reporting
  • US monetary policy and fluctuations of international bank lending
  • Has inflation targeting become less credible?
  • Fintech in EMEs: blessing or curse?
  • Henry Ohlsson: With inflation on target - new challenges to take on


  • IMF Working Paper No. 18/141 : Bailing Out the People? When Private Debt Becomes Public


  • Eurostat: A new digital publication - The European economy since 2000 - A statistical portrait


    • Commission opinion in accordance with Article 19 of the Statute of the European Investment Bank


  • EP Opinion - Increase of the financial envelope of the Structural Reform Support Programme and adapt its general objective - PE 622.207v02-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs


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