IEU MONITORING: Euro & Finance Telegram 6 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis in Italy to discuss the future of the Economic and Monetary Union +++ 


  • IMF: Working Paper No. 18/78 : Finland’s Public Sector Balance Sheet : A Novel Approach to Analysis of Public Finance +++ 


  • Euro area households and non-financial corporations: 4th Quarter 2017 - ECB +++ 
  • Euro area quarterly balance of payments and international investment position (fourth quarter of 2017) - ECB
  • Euro area real-time density forecasting with financial or labor market frictions - ECB
  • Monetary policy and cross-border interbank market fragmentation: lessons from the crisis - ECB
  • Benoît Cœuré: Interview with CNBC
  • Benoît Cœuré: The consequences of protectionism
  • ECB asks European Court of Justice to clarify Latvian case


  • Agenda of the European Banking Federation


  • Latest Q&A by the EBA


  • Monthly update of the symmetric adjustment of the equity capital charge for Solvency II – end-March 2018
  • EIOPA publishes monthly technical information for Solvency II relevant Risk Free Interest Rate Term Structures – end-March 2018


  • IMF Working Paper No. 18/79 : The Stabilizing Role of Net Foreign Asset Returns
  • IMF: Working Paper No. 18/77 : When Do We Repair the Roof? Insights from Responses to Fiscal Crisis Early Warning Signals
  • IMF Working Paper No. 18/76 : Understanding the Macro-Financial Effects of Household Debt: A Global Perspective
  • IMF Working Paper No. 18/75 : Globalization and the New Normal
  • IMF: Working Paper No. 18/74 : A Primer on Managing Sovereign Debt-Portfolio Risks
  • IMF Working Paper No. 18/73 : On the Impact of Structural Reforms on Output and Employment : Evidence from a Cross-country Firm-level Analysis
  • IMF Working Paper No. 18/72 : Policy Conflicts and Inflation Targeting: The Role of Credit Markets


  • Do interest rates play a major role in monetary policy transmission in China? - BIS


  • Household saving rate up to 12.2% in the euro area - Eurostat
  • Business investment rate up to 22.8% in the euro area - Eurostat


    • COMMISSION DECISION not to propose an implementing act to reject the proposed national measure notified on 13 February 2018 by France under Article 458(4) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council


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