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IEU MONITORING: EU Agenda Weekly Telegram 28 Apr 2018

Our IEU AGENDA this week*:  E  U    C  O  M  M  I  S  S  I  O N:  EU Commission Upcoming Events:  5-6 May 2018: Citizens' Panel on the Future of Europe +++  EU Commission Calendar +++  30 April 2018 +++  1 May 2018 +++  2 May 2018 +++  3 May 2018 +++  4 May 2018 +++  5 May 2018 +++  6 May 2018 +++  Outlook May 2018 +++  E  U    C  O  M  I  T  O  L  O  G  Y:  Agenda of the 96th session of the Climate Change Committee Agenda for the meeting of 3 May 2018 of the PAFF Committee of Biological Safety of the Food Chain Agenda -188th Meeting of the Tariff and Statistical Nomenclature Section of the Customs Code Committee (CN Sector) Agenda of the TCMV of 3 May 2018 -Technical Committee - Motor Vehicles Agenda for the meeting on 3 MAy 2018 of the PAFF Committee on Animal Health and Welfare Addendum - Consolidated Agenda to the meeting on 3 May 2018 of the PAFF Committee on Animal Health and Welfare Draft Agenda for the 22nd meeting of the Horizon 2020 P

IEU MONITORING: Funding Innovation Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  MFF:  EP Think-tank: Briefing - Post-2020 MFF and own resources: Ahead of the Commission's proposal +++  EU Commission Answer - The budget of the EU's Health Programme within the MFF post-2020 - P-001734/2018 +++  ESIF:  EU in my Region campaign kicks off: thousands of EU-funded projects in the spotlight +++  DG CNECT:  WiFi4EU - Proof of agreement of mayor/head of municipality +++  2017 National Reports on digitisation, online accessibility and digital preservation +++  EASME 15 of Europe’s most innovative water industry focused innovators showcased at Asia Water 2018 EARTO International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory Summit on 15-17 October 2018 in Braga EU COMMISSION REGISTER DG RTD COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the award of grant(s) under Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) DG REGIO Letter, Article 139 CPR – Examination and acceptance of accounts

IEU MONITORING: Growth & Jobs Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  SINGLE MARKET:  EU Commissioner Navracsics presents work of the JRC on dual quality foods to the European Parliament +++  EU Commission Answer - Penalties for companies selling dual-quality food products - E-001283/2018 +++  INDICATORS:  Fourth quarter of 2017 - Household real income per capita up in the euro area and in the EU28 - Real consumption per capita stable in euro area and up in EU28 +++  EU COMMISSION REGISTER REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL on the exercise of the power to adopt delegated acts conferred on the Commission pursuant to Directive 2013/55/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 November 2013 amending Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and Regulation (EU) No 1024/2012 on administrative cooperation through the Internal Market information System ('the IMI Regulation') REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIA

IEU MONITORING: Euro & Finance Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  ESM:  European Commission and European Stability Mechanism lay down principles of cooperation +++  EU Commission Answer - European Monetary Fund - E-000586/2018 +++  ECOFIN:  Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the first informal ECOFIN press conference in Sofia +++  EU finance ministers discuss economic convergence and Capital Markets Union during informal meeting in Sofia +++  EUROGROUP:  Main results of the Eurogroup, 27/04/2018 +++  EU Commissioner Moscovici's introductory remarks at the Eurogroup press conference +++  Remarks by M. Centeno following the Eurogroup meeting of 27 April 2018 +++  State contingent debt as insurance for euro-area sovereigns - Bruegel +++  . ECB Latest speeches and presentations by the ECB Statement: ECB and BoE convene joint technical working group on Brexit-related risks Decisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB (in addition to decisions setting interest rates) Yves

IEU MONITORING: Trade & Commerce Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  JAPAN:  DG Trade: EU-Japan investment negotiations: chief negotiators meet to discuss next steps +++  EEAS: EU and Japan conclude negotiations for Strategic Partnership Agreement +++  NORTH & SOUTH KOREA:  EEAS: Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the outcome of the inter-Korean Summit +++  "A gleam of hope", say S&Ds on historic meeting between North and South Korean leaders +++  USA:  US, EU safeguard actions under discussion at WTO committee meeting +++  Save-the-date: "America first - Europe second, or last? Zum Stand der transatlantischen Beziehungen und zur Zukunft der Außenpolitik der Europäischen Union" +++  Europa-SPD: "Zäsur in den transatlantischen Beziehungen" - US-Präsident droht weiterhin mit Abschottungszöllen +++  Are the upcoming United States mid-term elections the Democrats’ to lose? EP Think-tank  MEXICO Latest documents regarding

IEU MONITORING: Legal & Corporate Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  BREXIT:  EU Commission ROADMAP: Regulation complementing EU type-approval legislation with regard to the UK withdrawal from the EU (Brexit preparedness) +++  David Davis questioned on the progress of Brexit negotiations - UK Parliament +++  Committee discusses post-Brexit UK-EU relations with MEPs - UK Parliament +++  Brexit: sanctions policy report debated by Lords . UK Parliament +++  EPC Policy Dialgue: Immigration to the UK post-Brexit: Taking Back Control? +++   Außenwirtschaftspolitisches Gespräch BREXIT mit EU-Kommissar Günther Oettinger +++  COMPETITION POLICY:  Significant Market Power guidelines updated to safeguard competition in the telecoms market - EU Commission EU Commission Answer - Statement by Commissioner Margrethe Vestager for The Irish Independent - P-001237/2018 STATE AID State aid: EU Commission approves investment plan for Italian motorways MERGERS Mergers: EU Commission approves the creation of a

IEU MONITORING: Environment Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  PESTICIDES:  Protecting bees: EU set to completely ban outdoor use of pesticides harmful to bees +++  EVP/CDU: EU und Mitgliedstaaten verbieten bienenschädliche Wirkstoffe - Wichtige Entscheidung zum Schutz der Natur +++  The ban on bee-killing pesticides is a victory for citizens and for biodiversity - S&D +++  Europa-SPD: "Etappensieg im Kampf gegen das Bienensterben" - Ministerrat stimmt für Verbot von Neonicotinoiden +++  Die Grünen: Neonikotinoide - auch nach dem Verbot ist das Roulette der Artenvielfalt nicht beendet +++  Statement von Bundesumweltministerin Schulze zu Neonikotinoiden +++  CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion: EU-Verbot von Neonikotinoiden wichtiger Schritt für Insektenschutz - Aktionsprogramm Insektenschutz auf den Weg bringen +++  Bundesrat: Länder fordern, den Einsatz von Glyphosat so schnell wie möglich zu beenden BIOCIDES Biocidal Products Committee concludes on four active substances in disinfecta

IEU MONITORING: Climate Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  UNFCCC:  Climate Change Poses “Incredible Risk” to Cities – UN’s Top Climate Official +++  S&D Conference: Climate & Environmental Refugees - Towards a possible International definition +++  Vor Klimaverhandlungen in Bonn: Germanwatch fordert klare Fortschritte bei Regelbuch, bei der Zielerhöhung und der Unterstützung für Hauptbetroffene des Klimawandels +++  TRANSPORT EMISSIONS:  EP Think-tank Study - Post 2020 CO2 Emission Targets for Cars and Vans - The Right Level of Ambition? +++  CLIMATE FINANCE:  Swedish Government: SEK 34 billion to global climate and environmental efforts  EU COMMISSION REGISTER DG CLIMA COMMISSION OPINION on the auction calendars for aviation allowances to be auctioned in 2018 by the common auction platform, by the auction platform appointed by Germany, and by the auction platform auctioning for Poland COMMISSION OPINION on the auction calendars for aviation allowances to be auctioned in 2

IEU MONITORING: Energy Telegram 27 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  ENERGY UNION:  IEA holds high-level roundtable meeting on producer economies +++  EU Commission Study: Cost benefit analysis of STEP, as first phase of MIDCAT +++  ENERGY REGULATION:  Register for ACER’s Annual Conference: “An Energy Union for all Europeans” +++  ACER publishes a new edition of the REMIT Quarterly +++  Invitation to the 4th joint ENTSOG/ACER workshop on Gas Balancing +++  CEER working with partners (EBRD and European Commission) to spread good regulation – Eastern Partnership area +++  CEER 2018 Annual Conference on “CEER’s 3D Strategy: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation & Dynamic Regulation” +++  Open consultations by ENTSO-E:  03/05 Synchronous Area Operational Agreement Policy 1 Load Frequency Control and Reserves +++  04/05 ENTSO-E Connection Network Codes Implementation Guidance Documents_HVDC related topics +++  17/05 Nordic TSOs’ request for amendments in accordance with Article 9(13) of the Commission

IEU MONITORING: Funding Innovation Telegram 26 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  ECA:  New cost options for rural development better, but should be more widely used by Member States, say EU Auditors +++  EFSI:  EU Commission Answer - Boosting public investment in Europe - E-007175/2017 +++  Juncker Plan supports wind farm project in Aragón, Spain +++  Vice-President Katainen in the United States to discuss artificial intelligence and innovation +++ EIC:  EU Commission calls out to innovators to develop early warning system for epidemics - EIC pilot  ESIF La politique de Cohésion investit dans un réseau ferroviaire moderne en Hongrie . EU SCIENCE HUB Smart Specialisation in the EU and Latin America: regional challenges, transcontinental opportunities . COST Albania becomes a full COST Member . ERASMUS+ European Youth Together: Q&A session on 27/04/2018 MFF EU-Haushalt: Deutsche, französische und polnische Rektoren fordern deutlich mehr Investitionen in das Wissensdreieck . E

IEU MONITORING: Growth & Jobs Telegram 26 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  SPACE INDUSTRY:  Space: new Copernicus satellite can track ocean waste and wildfires +++  ST 8275 2018 INIT Council Decision authorising the opening of negotiations on an agreement between the EU and Ukraine on the terms and conditions for the provision of Satellite-based Augmentation Services in Ukraine based on the European Satellite Navigation programme EGNOS - Transmission to the European Parliament +++  INCLUSIVE GROWTH:  EU Commissioner Thyssen opens 3rd Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth +++  SINGLE MARKE:  EP Amendments 1 - 199 - Dual quality of products in the Single Market - PE 620.776v01-00 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection +++  E-PROCUREMENT EP Think-tank Briefing - Systems and e-Procurement—Improving Access and Transparency of Public Procurement - 16-04-2018 STARTUPS EU Commission Answer - Startup Europe Week - E-001563/2018 POSTING OF WORKERS Highlights - Posting of workers -

IEU MONITORING: Trade & Commerce Telegram 26 Apr 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  ASEM:  Bulgaria hosted the 13th Asia-Europe Finance Ministers’ meeting +++  TRADE DEFENCE:  European Commission puts in place an import surveillance system for aluminium +++  EU Commission Answer - Unfair competition from China in the photovoltaic industry and US anti-dumping measures - E-001441/2018 +++  TRADE POLICY:  EU Trade Commissioner Malmström meeting Finnish civil society to discuss trade +++  NORTH & SOUTH KOREA:  EU Commission Answer - Revision of the EU-South Korea FTA in the context of the seventh meeting of the EU-South Korea bilateral trade committee - E-000361/2018 +++  EU Commission Answer - Free Trade Agreement with the Republic of Korea - TSD progress - E-000117/2018 ++  USA CDU/CSU im Bundestag: Transatlantischer Schulterschluss unabdingbar - Bundeskanzlerin stimmt europäische Positionen mit Washington ab BDI zur USA-Reise der Kanzlerin: Belastungsprobe durch Strafzölle Polish President at US-P


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