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IEU MONITORING: Funding Innovation Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # EIB:  EIB: Council approves extra €3.7 billion to address migration issues  # ESIF:  Food industry 4.0: sustainable and safe solutions for a sustainable and safe food chain +++  Join the IUC city-to-city cooperation programme +++  L'UE investit pour une meilleure protection contre les inondations en Roumanie +++  EU Commission: Answer - Implementation of the 'Environmental protection' OP for 2007-2013 - E-000027/2018 +++  EU Commission Answer - Implementation of the 'Regional competitiveness' OP for 2007-2013 - E-000028/2018  # EIT Innovators mobilise for EIT Information Day in Brussels Collaboration Opportunities and Synergies between RIS3 and EIT-RIS Latest publications by EIT EIT Climate-KIC aims for truly pan-European reach Piwik PRO joins EIT Digital Accelerator EIT RawMaterials: ALIM project will support commercialisation of innovative battery solutions EIT Health Accelerator Calls: Apply now for

IEU MONITORING: Growth & Jobs Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # SINGLE MARKET:  Geo-blocking: EU Council adopts regulation to remove barriers to e-commerce +++  EU Commission: Answer - Safety of products on the EU single market: intervention by the Commission to boost trust - E-007859/2017 +++  Report - Contracts for the online and other distance sales of goods - A8-0043/2018 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection  # SME:  UEAPME: Digitalisierung ist entscheidend für Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von KMU  # PUBLIC PROCUREMENT:  The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) welcomes the Public Procurement Package and reiterates its recommendations for quality-based public procurement  # SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS:  Consideration of amendments on Coordination of social security systems - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs # EMPLOYMENT ECA Special Report 06/2018: Free Movement of Workers – the fundamental freedom ensured but better targeting of EU funds would aid worker mobili

IEU MONITORING: Trade & Commerce Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # INFORMAL TRADE COUNCIL:  Bulgarian EU Presidency statement after informal meeting of EU Ministers responsible for trade of 27 February 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria +++  Bundeswirtschaftsministerium zum Informellen Handelsministerrat in Sofia  # MOROCCO:  CJEU: The Fisheries Agreement concluded between the EU and Morocco is valid in so far as it is not applicable to Western Sahara and to its adjacent waters +++  SPD: EuGH bestätigt EU-Marokko-Abkommen - Urteil trägt nicht zur Konfliktlösung bei -  Ulrike Rodust & Norbert NEUSER  # WESTERN BALKANS:  Discours du Président Jean-Claude Juncker au Parlement du Monténégro  +++  Remarques du Président Jean-Claude Juncker à la conférence de presse conjointe avec Duško Marković, Premier ministre du Monténégro # TURKEY DIHK erwartet leichte Erholung im Handel mit der Türkei # CHINA DIHK: Neue Seidenstraße: Großes Potenzial in schwierigem Umfeld # ASEAN ASEAN and the IMF: Working T

IEU MONITORING: Euro & Finance Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # FINTECH:  EU Commission VP Dombrovskis speech at the Afore Consulting's 2nd Annual Fintech and Digitalisation Conference  # CRYPTO-CURRENCIES:  Bundesfinanzministerium: Umsatzsteuerliche Behandlung von Bitcoin und anderen sog. virtuellen Währungen; EuGH-Urteil vom 22. Oktober 2015, C-264/14, Hedqvist  # EUROPEAN SEMESTER:  EP Opinion - European Semester for economic policy coordination: Employment and Social Aspects in the Annual Growth Survey 2018 - PE 616.539v02-00 - Committee on Culture and Education  # ECB:  MEPs back Luis De Guindos for ECB Vice-President, but want rules overhauled +++  GUE/NGL: Political horse-trading to deliver ECB job for de Guindos despite conflicts of interest +++  ECB: Deconstructing monetary policy surprises: the role of information shocks +++  ECB: Priors for the long run  # PAYMENT SERVICES ECB: Yves Mersch: Innovation and digitalisation in payment services # BANKING UNION ECB: Pr

IEU MONITORING: Legal & Corporate Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # GAC:  Main results of the General Affairs Council, 27/02/2018 +++  Erklärung von Staatsminister Roth im Rat für Allgemeine Angelegenheiten in Brüssel im Namen Deutschlands und Frankreichs, 27/2/2018  # BREXIT:  Main results of the General Affairs Council (Brexit / Art. 50), 27/02/2018 +++  Bulgarian EU Presidency: EU27 ministers discussed the state of play of the Brexit negotiations and started preparations for the European Council (Article 50) +++  Remarques par Michel Barnier au point presse à l'issue du Conseil affaires générales (Article 50) +++  EU Commission Answer - UK contributions to the EU budget - E-007655/2017 +++  EU Commission Answer - The impact of Brexit on trade in food products - E-007712/2017 +++  EU Commission Answer - State of play of negotiations with the United Kingdom and the rights of European workers - E-007354/2017 EP Think-tank: At a Glance - Brexit - Smart Border 2.0 Avoiding a hard border on the i

IEU MONITORING: Environment Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  #  PLASTICS STRATEGY:  EU Commissioner Vella`s speech at the EURACTIV Forum Plastics Strategy: Changes and Opportunities of recycling, 27 February 2018 +++  EU Commission Answer - Plastic pollution in nature - E-007854/2017  #  CIRCULAR ECONOMY:  Circular economy: MEPs back plans to boost recycling and cut landfilling +++  Waste Legislative Package - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety +++  SPD: Umweltausschuss macht Weg für neues EU-Abfallrecht frei   - "Recycling muss zum Standard werden" - Jo Leinen +++  ALDE: EU waste legislation: Ambitious targets were binned by EU Governments, but this legislation is still a step forward say Liberal and Democrat MEPs +++  Ecodesign & Energy labelling for a circular economy - ECOS (European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation)  #  ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT EU Commission consultation: Environmental impact of machine tools and welding equipmen

IEU MONITORING: Climate Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # EU ETS:  EU Emissions Trading System reform: EU Council approves new rules for the period 2021 to 2030 +++  German Environment Agency: Innovation fund of the EU emissions trading system - Potential for decarbonisation more crucial than market readiness +++  WKÖ: Rat segnet Reform des EU-Emissionshandelssystems ab 2020 ab – einige wichtige Forderungen durchgesetzt  # NEGATIVE EMISSIONS:  Invitation to EASAC-EPRS event on Negative Emission Technologies at the European Parliament  # DIESEL EMISSIONS:  Bundesverwaltungsgericht zu Luftreinhalteplänen von Düsseldorf und Stuttgart: Diesel-Verkehrsverbote ausnahmsweise möglich Europa-SPD zum Urteil des Bundesverwaltungsgerichts Leipzig zu Fahrverboten: Luftverschmutzung endlich wirksam bekämpfen! - ISMAIL ERTUG UND TIEMO WÖLKEN EVP/CDU: Fahrverbote dürfen nur das letzte Mittel sein - Land, Bund und Europa dürfen Kommunen nicht im Stich lassen CDU/CSU im Bundestag (I): Keine pauschalen

IEU MONITORING: Energy Telegram 27 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # ENERGY UNION:  EU Commission Vice-President Šefčovič in Austria for second Energy Union Tour +++  Exchange of views (EoV) with Mr Maroš Šefčovič - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety +++  EP Report - Internal market for electricity (recast) - A8-0042/2018 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy +++  EP Report - Common rules for the internal market in electricity (recast) - A8-0044/2018 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy +++  EP Report - Risk-preparedness in the electricity sector - A8-0039/2018 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy +++  Updated: Med-TSO and ENTSO-E map: more than 400,000 km of interconnected power networks in the Euro-Mediterranean +++  Energy Market Integration and Transition in South-East Europe - Workshop hosted by Eurelectric  # ENERGY REGULATION Electricity and Gas Associations team up on flexibility in Energy Transition Report - European Union Agency for the Cooper

IEU MONITORING: Funding Innovation Telegram 26 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # DG REGIO:  DG Regio: European Quality of Government Index 2017 +++  AER: Regionalisation in Greece: are regions weak? #RoR2017  # TEN-T:  TEN-T European Coordinators Bodewig and Secchi present progress report on innovative financing to European Parliament  # CEF Connecting Europe Facility Telecom: EUR 30 million available now to boost digital services across Europe # SEW Startup Europe Week (SEW) 2018 to launch over 300 events for entrepreneurs across more than 50 countries # FET FET Flagships show the way to the future EU research and innovation missions # EASME The Horizon 2020 SCREEN project enables European regions to move to a circular economy 12 top innovators compete for the best pitch at 4YFN-MWC Barcelona # EIB EP Opinion - Annual report on the control of the financial activities of the EIB for 2016 - PE 615.456v02-00 - Committee on International Trade # DG CNECT Have your say now on digital infrast

IEU MONITORING: Growth & Jobs Telegram 26 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # START-UPS:  Startup Europe Week 2018 to launch over 300 events for entrepreneurs across more than 50 countries  # EUROCHAMRBRES:  Kammerpräsident Leitl stößt Relaunch der Europäischen Wirtschaftskammer EUROCHAMBRES an  # INDUSTRY:  RE-FINDING INDUSTRY - Report from the High-Level Strategy Group on Industrial Technologies - EU Commission +++  EP ITRE Committee: Oral question - Industrial policy - O-2018-000018 +++  AmCham EU: European Parliament Industry Committee votes for a more inclusive Defence Industrial Development Programme  # SINGLE MARKET EuroparlTV Video - Consumer protection should be the same online and offline # EMPLOYMENT St 6427 2018 Init Draft Council Conclusions on the 2018 Annual Growth Survey and Joint Employment Report Employment and social aspects in the Annual Growth Survey 2018: EP committee vote EU Commission: New toolkit helps public employment services strengthen national career and lifelong lear

IEU MONITORING: Trade & Commerce Telegram 26 Feb 2018

Our telegram headlines today*:  # INDONESIA:  DG Trade: EU completes fourth round of trade negotiations with Indonesia  # FAC:  Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council, 26/02/2018 +++  Syria: EU adds two new ministers to sanctions list 26/02/2018, 13:51 +++  Moldova: Council adopts conclusions 26/02/2018, 11:22 +++  Human rights: EU adopts conclusions on EU priorities at United Nations human rights fora in 2018 26/02/2018, 10:27 +++  Cambodia: Council adopts conclusions 26/02/2018, 10:22 +++  Maldives: Council adopts conclusions 26/02/2018, 10:20 +++  Myanmar/Burma: Council adopts conclusions 26/02/2018, 10:17 +++  Climate Diplomacy: Council adopts conclusions 26/02/2018, 10:00 +++  North Korea: EU aligns sanctions with latest UN Security Council resolution 26/02/2018, 09:35 +++  EEAS: Remarks by HR/VP Mogherini upon arrival to the Foreign Affairs Council  # MOLDOVA:  EU Council adopts conclusions on Moldova St 6280 2018 Init RELATIONS WITH THE REPUBLIC


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