INSIGHT EU: ENERGY Telegram 17 Nov 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Common rules for the Internal market for electricity (recast) - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety 


  • EU Commissioner for Transport visits ACER +++ 
  • Webinar to present the ENTSOs Winter Outlook 2017/2018 +++ 
  • ENTSO-E: Friday Roundup, 17 November 2017 +++ 
  • ENTSO-E: Upcoming Events +++ 
    • 20/11 Dunkirk - Jicable HVDC'17 +++ 
    • 24/11 Cyprus - ETIP-SNET Regional Workshop South-Eastern Region +++ 
    • 01/12 Brussels - Project TERRE open stakeholder meeting +++ 
    • 01/12 Webinar - Webinar to present the ENTSOs Winter Outlook 2017/2018 +++ 
    • 05/12 The Plaza Hotel, Brussels - ENTSO-E Annual Conference: Connecting the dots of the energy transition +++ 
    • 08/12 Latvia - ETIP-SNET Regional Workshop Northern Region +++ 
    • 11/12 CEER, Brussels - Market EU Stakeholder Committee +++ 
    • 14/12 Martin's Brussels EU Hotel - Grid Connection EU Stakeholder Committee +++ 
    • 15/12 Brussels - System Operations EU Stakeholder Committee 
  • ENTSO-E: Public Consultations
    • 20/10 - 21/11 - Core CCR - Regional Design of LTTRs including the CZ/SK and AT-DE/LU bidding zone borders
    • 01/12 - All TSOs' proposal for the key organisational requirements, roles and responsibilities in relation to data exchange
    • 03/12 - Scheduled Exchanges Calculation Methodology (ID)
    • 03/12 - Scheduled Exchanges Calculation Methodology (DA)
    • 06/12 CGMM-v3 (Common Grid Model Methodology pursuant to Regulation 2017/1485)
    • 14/12 SEE CCR TSOs’ proposal of common capacity calculation methodology for the day-ahead and intraday market timeframe
    • 20/12 All TSOs' proposal for amendment to include upcoming interconnections in the decision on capacity calculation regions


  • Decommissioning nuclear reactors is a long-term and costly process - U.S. EIA


  • Largest CNG station in Russia and Europe put into service - Gazprom
  • Gazprom Group’s Comprehensive Target Program for Integrated Information Environment approved


    • COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) …/… establishing a network code on electricity emergency and restoration
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the waiver of the recovery of the debt against Benjamin GAL-OR
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the European Union financial contribution to the Energy Community for 2018
    • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on recognition of the "RTRS EU RED" voluntary scheme for demonstrating compliance with the sustainability criteria under Directives 98/70/EC and 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
    • COMMISSION DECISION establishing the Commission Proposal to the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community on amending Annex IV of the Energy Community Treaty in the context of accession of Georgia to the Energy Community
    • COMMISSION DECISION establishing the Commission Proposal to the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community on the implementation in the Energy Community of Regulation (EU) 2016/1952 of 26 October 2016 on European statistics on natural gas and electricity prices and repealing Directive 2008/92/EC
    • Impact Assessment – Opinion of the Board: NC ER IA - positive opinion


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