INSIGHT EU: CLIMATE Telegram 6 Nov 2017

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# COP23: 

  • Latest COP23 publications by the UNFCCC: 
    • Fccc/2017/Ii/Od/2 Daily programme for Tuesday, 7 November 2017 (COP23) (CMP 13) (CMA1-2) (SBI47) (SBSTA47) (APA1-4). +++ 
    • Fccc/2017/Ii/Od/2 Daily programme for Tuesday, 7 November 2017 (COP23) (CMP 13) (CMA1-2) (SBI47) (SBSTA47) (APA1-4). +++ 
    • COP23.PLOP Provisional list of participants COP 23, CMP 13, CMA 1-2, SBSTA 47, SBI 47, APA 1-4. +++ 
    • Day 1 at COP23: Welcome to Bonn 
  • COP23 Kicks Off with Strong Calls to Hold to Paris Agreement Path
  • UN climate conference aims for greater ambition as 2017 set to be among top three hottest years
  • EU Commission expects solid progress on Paris Agreement implementation at UN climate conference #COP23 in Bonn
  • EU Commission Q&A: UN climate change conference COP23 in Bonn
  • COP 23 climate change conference in Bonn - EP Think-tank
  • EU-Abgeordneter Peter Liese (EVP/CDU): Ambitionierter europäischer Klimaschutz ist wichtiger als nationale Symbolpolitik - Stärkung des Emissionshandels und mutige Schritte bei Einsparung in Gebäuden gefordert
  • SPD/S&D: "Klimaallianz muss Stärke beweisen"
  • La France: Climat - Participation de la France à la COP23
  • Weltklimakonferenz gestartet: Bundesregierung unterstützt Entwicklungsländer bei Klima-Anpassung
  • BEUC: Serious CO2 targets needed for more clean cars to reach consumers, research shows
  • The Climate Group: COP23: A key opportunity to raise climate action ambition
  • Internationale Experten präsentieren vor Beginn der UN-Klimakonferenz Zehn-Punkte-Memorandum zur Bekämpfung des Klimawandels
  • COP23: Experts from the Potsdam Institute in Bonn, at Side Events - starting today
  • Germanwatch: Präsentation Globaler Klima-Risiko-Index 2018
  • DIHK: Schweitzer zum Beginn der Weltklimakonferenz: Deutsche Wirtschaft hofft auf wichtige Impulse


  • Updated information on Exchange and International Credit Use in the EU ETS
  • ST 13716 2017 INIT Council Decision (EU) 2017/… of … on the signing, on behalf of the Union, and provisional application of the Agreement - Adoption Council Decision (EU) 2017/… of … on the conclusion of the Agreement between the European Union and the Swiss Confederation on the linking of their greenhouse gas emissions trading systems - Request for consent of the European Parliament


  • OECD: Carbon pricing for the low-carton transition
  • cep: Globalisierung des Klimaschutzes


  • T&E: New car efficiency virtually unchanged for a fifth year. Car CO2 test results a sham shows ICCT study


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