INSIGHT EU: CLIMATE Telegram 30 Oct 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Carbon dioxide levels surge to new high in 2016, UN weather agency reports +++ 
  • Cefic: Chemical industry has significant potential to contribute to a low carbon world +++ 
  • Australia: Climate Change Authority Annual Report 2016-17 


  • Latest documents by the UNFCCC: 
    • FCCC/CP/2017/1/Add.1 - Provisional agenda and annotations. Note by the Executive Secretary. Addendum. Supplementary provisional agenda.
    • Fccc/Kp/Cmp/2017/Inf.1 - Action taken on reporting and review of information submitted by Parties under the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol
    • Fccc/Sbi/2017/Inf.14 - Status of contributions as at 16 October 2017. Note by the secretariat.
    • Fccc/Sbsta/2017/Inf.7 - Technical review of greenhouse gas inventories and other information reported by Parties included in Annex I, as defined in Article 1, paragraph 7, of the Kyoto Protocol. Annual report by the secretariat.
    • Fccc/Sbsta/2017/Inf.8 - Technical review of greenhouse gas inventories of Parties included in Annex I to the Convention. Annual report by the secretariat


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