INSIGHT EU: SMART CITIES Weekly Telegram 11 Sept 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Implementing the New Urban Agenda in the Mediterranean Region: High-Level Roundtable in New York with UN-Habitat +++ 
  • ‘New Urban Agenda,’ reform of UN-Habitat take spotlight at high-level General Assembly talks +++ 
  • Implementing the New Urban Agenda: ICLEI responds to the latest assessments +++ 
  • EU Commission Answer - ROP Calabria 2014/2020 - Cosenza-Rende Urban Agenda Strategy: lack of transparency in selecting works to be financed - E-004584/2017 


  • EIP-SCC: Nordic Edge Expo 2017
  • EIP-SCC: Integrated Infrastructures and Processes
  • EIP-SCC: Business Models, Finance and Procurement
  • EIP-SCC: International Workshop : Combining Digital and Co-Design Approaches for design Innovation in Urban Economics
  • International Workshop : Combining Digital and Co-Design Approaches for design Innovation in Urban Economics - EIP-SCC
  • EIP-SCC: “Smart Field Visit” on 21.09.17 in Tampere, Finland
  • Upcoming events of the EIP-SCC
    • EIP-SCC General Assembly 2017
    • Smart City Day 2017
    • European Week of Regions and Cities 2017
    • Smart Sustainable Cities Financing Forum Liechtenstein
    • IoT Smart Summit
    • Smart City Expo World Congress
    • Broadband Days 2017
    • Nordic Smart Cities 2017
    • Smart Cities Information Systems Conference 2017
    • Nordic Edge Expo 2017
    • Calls for Proposals draw considerable interest
    • Working Groups Meetings
    • Working and Coordination Groups gearing up to promote innovation and encourage market development
    • Applications to Working Groups now open
    • Exploring Smart City opportunities and dynamics across Europe
    • Working Groups applications to be closed on 25 April 2012
    • Deadline for applications prolonged until 4. May!
    • Forming of the Working Groups
    • First Meeting of the Working Groups: 5 June 2012


  • Urbact: Cities and digitalisation: “Adapt or die”


  • WIFI4EU – Promotion of internet connectivity in local communities [Plenary Podcast] - EP - Research Service
  • EU Commission Answer - Wifi4EU - P-004423/2017


  • Watify webinars – what is coming up in September and October 2017?
  • S3PEnergy in the European week of Regions and Cities - EWRC 2017


  • EU Commission Answer - E-democracy and enhancing traditional democracy through ICT - E-002109/2017
  • Single digital gateway [EU Legislation in Progress] - EP Research Service
  • UK Research and analysis: Transport benefits from big data and the 'internet of things' in smart cities
  • Smart Cities Council: Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Expands to Give More Help to More Communities


  • ITU-T Focus Group on Data Processing and Management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities – Second Meeting
  • Smart City Day 2017 - Geneva Internet Platform
  • Speech by Vice-President Ansip at the CERT-EU 2017 conference


  • European Commission Logistics Cloud Final Conference
  • A Q&A With Two Startups - Future Cities Catapult


  • 8 hot Blockchain and FinTech start-ups SME Instrument supports


  • The Urban Water Agenda 2030
  • DFKI: Künstliche Intelligenz für Bewässerungssysteme – Feldtests in Pakistan belegen Einsparung von


  • 1st ETIP Smart Networks for Energy Transition (SNET) Central Region Workshop - 18-19 September 2017, Aachen, Germany
  • Joint EURELECTRIC-Pöyry Event: #ENERGY4.0 - When Internet Meets Energy
  • New Energy Challenge 2017: Startups Focus on Interface Between Energy and Automation - The Energy Collective
  • Driving Innovation in Low-Energy Buildings: Key Lessons from Experience in the UK and Europe - The Energy Collective


  • “EU Research Conference – Funding and Policies for Smart Mobility", 10 October 2017, Turin (Italy) - 10 October 2017, Lingotto Fiere, Via Nizza 294 - Turin
  • EU Council: St 11935 2017 Init Draft Council conclusions on the digitalisation of transport
  • EP Draft opinion - A European strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems - PE 609.467v01-00 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
  • Vice-President Šefčovic at the event “Driving Future Platform: Autonomous Driving and the Question of Digital and Analogue Infrastructure''
  • EU Commission: Final report: In depth cost-effectiveness analysis of the identified measures and features regarding the way forward for EU vehicle safety
  • "Power talks" - Clean & Smart Transport: #itsElectric
  • Transport & Environment: Slow electric car uptake due to lack of choice, availability and marketing spend – report
  • Norwegian Government: Slovakia visit to study Norwegian successes with electric transportation
  • Research and analysis: Connected and autonomous vehicles: Market forecast


  • Bruegel: Remaking Europe: the new manufacturing as an engine for growth


  • Bundeswirtschaftsministerium: Praxiserprobt von Anfang an: SmartLive entwickelt innovative Smart-Home-Lösungen im Living Lab


  • Boosting digital skills for youth employment: a challenge for regions and cities


  • 2018 Readiness Challenge Workshop for Cities at Smart Cities Week - Smart Cities Council
  • 2018 Readiness Challenge Applications Due - Smart Cities Council
  • The Power of Data Visualization in Cities: Los Angeles’ GeoHub - Data-Smart City Solutions
  • New Delaware law paves way for smart-city tech -
  • Smart Cities Dive: Poll: Minneapolis, Dallas residents are happiest with city cleanliness


  • Vietnamese scholars study at ASU to advance Ho Chi Minh City's Smart City efforts - Arizona State University


  • Philips Lighting and American Tower Corporation Partner On Smart Cities Offering


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