Updated survey: How to regulate Artificial Intelligence in Europe?

I have updated the introduction and some questions of my questionnaire at EUSurvey preparing for a larger academic public affairs paper on regulating #AI and #robots in #Europe and #Germany.

I would like to learn more about how you are perceiving this topic. Do we share common definitions? Whom do you see as the most important actors? Which issues there are on the agenda already, and which alternatives are being prepared?

I would highly appreciate reading your responses at

Of course, you may also feel free to contact me directly at

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Kindest regards

Joachim O. Weidemann

IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 3 July 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • EEA: Air pollution in Europe: Countries struggle to meet emission limits due to emissions from agriculture and transport +++ 
  • EEA: National Emission Ceilings (NEC) Directive emission inventory data +++ 


  • EFSA has launched a public consultation on its draft Bisphenol A (BPA) hazard assessment protocol. More information can be found here.


  • Biocidal Products Committee adopts 11 opinions


  • Amendments 1 - 73 - Application of Directive 2004/35/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage (the ‘ELD’) - PE 606.200v01-00 - Committee on Legal Affairs
  • Petitions on environmental protection - Debate: 11.07.2017 - Committee on Petitions
  • Amendments 001-002 - EU action for sustainability - A8-0239/2017(001-002)
  • Amendments 009-011 - EU action for sustainability - A8-0239/2017(009-011)
  • Amendments 013-017 - EU action for sustainability - A8-0239/2017(013-017)


  • CM 3493 2017 INIT Working Party on International Environment Issues - Desertification
  • ST 10752 2017 INIT Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL laying down rules on the making available on the market of CE marked fertilising products and amending Regulations (EC) No 1069/2009 and (EC) No 1107/2009
  • ST 10884 2017 INIT EU priorities for the third meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-3) (Nairobi, 4-6 December 2017) - draft Council conclusions = Comments from delegations
  • ST 10651 2017 REV 1 EU priorities for the third meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-3) (Nairobi, 4-6 December 2017) - draft Council conclusions
  • ST 8752 2017 ADD 1 COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT Impact Assessment on a Commission Initiative on Access to Justice in Environmental Matters
  • ST 10591 2017 INIT Working Party of Chief Plant Health Officers (COPHS) on 14-15 June 2017


  • Second Meeting of the WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network
  • Outcome of the consultation with Member States, the applicant and EFSA on the pesticide risk assessment for picloram in light of confirmatory data
  • Pesticides: new default values proposed for dermal absorption


  • Public Consultations-Lead compounds-Shot


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