IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 8 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • Got a question about registration? Enrol to the REACH 2018 Spring School +++ 


  • EU Commission: Public Consultation on the Detergents Regulation, in the context of its ex-post evaluation +++ 


  • Fertilising products: consideration of amendments - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection +++ 


  • German draft: Ordinance introducing a Substitute Building Materials Ordinance, redrafting the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance and amending the Landfill Ordinance and the Commercial Waste Ordinance (Substitute Building Materials and Soil Protection Umbrella Ordinance)


  • DG Growth: Business Planet: Finland fights plastic bag pollution with 'green' bags


  • The NOISE Observation & Information Service for Europe


  • DG ENV
    • COMMISSION DECISION on the notification by Finland of a modified transitional national plan referred to in Article 32(6) of Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on industrial emissions (Only the Finnish and Swedish texts are authentic)


  • Latest news - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety


  • COUNCIL DECISION appointing twelve members of the Management Board of the European Chemicals Agency
  • Initiation of a dumping investigation concerning imports of "sodium percarbonades" originating in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of Sweden


  • Plastic food contact materials: clearer guidance for applicants
  • Curcumin and normal functioning of joints: evaluation of a health claim pursuant to Article 13(5) of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006
  • Administrative Guidance for the preparation of applications for the safety assessment of substances to be used in plastic Food Contact Materials
  • Statement on the safety of EstroG-100™ as a novel food pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 258/97
  • Annual post-market environmental monitoring (PMEM) report on the cultivation of genetically modified maize MON 810 in 2015 from Monsanto Europe S.A.
  • Statement on the validity of the conclusions of a mouse carcinogenicity study on sucralose (E 955) performed by the Ramazzini Institute
  • Outcome of the pesticides peer review meeting on general recurring issues in physical and chemical properties and analytical methods
  • Outcome of the consultation with Member States, the applicant and EFSA on the pesticide risk assessment for iprovalicarb in light of confirmatory data


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