IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 15 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • EP on Food waste: an EU problem in numbers +++ 
  • Video of a plenary debate - Resource efficiency: reducing food waste, improving food safety - Monday, 15 May 2017 - 19:26 - Strasbourg +++ 
  • GUE/NGL: EU must have binding targets to reduce food waste +++ 


  • German Environment Agency wants better protection of drinking water against "mobile" contaminants +++ 


  • First official beach clean-ups by EU staff ahead of Our Ocean conference, call to all administrations and industry leaders


  • A Step Forward for the Future of Sustainable Rubber - World Wildlife Fund
  • EP Opinion - EU action for sustainability - PE 601.004v02-00 - Committee on Culture and Education

# NATURA 2000

  • EU announces 21 May as 'European Natura 2000 day'


  • Elections during Rotterdam Convention COP-8


  • Ongoing forest destruction has put Asia-Pacific at risk of missing global development targets – UN agency


  • DG ENV
    • REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT under Article 12(3) of Directive 2001/42/EC on the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment
    • ANNEX to the Commission Directive amending Directive 2008/56/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the indicative lists of elements to be taken into account for the preparation of marine strategies


  • Latest news - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Amendments 1 - 74 - International ocean governance: an agenda for the future of our oceans in the context of the 2030 SDGs - PE 604.617v02-00 - Committee on Fisheries
  • Amendments 1 - 92 - EU action for sustainability - PE 604.551v01-00 - Committee on Development
  • EU Commission Answer - The consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags - E-001408/2017
  • EU Commission: Answer - Oxo-degradable plastic carrier bags - E-001273/2017
  • EU Commission Answer - Dangers of the extinction of bees - E-001056/2017
  • EU Commission Answer - Biosecurity - E-001471/2017
  • EU Commission Answer - Pesticides - E-000686/2017
  • EU Commission Answer - French Mining Code inconsistent with EU rules - E-001010/2017


  • Working Party on International Environment Issues (UNECE - CLRTAP)
  • St 8960 2017 Init Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste - Preparation for the trilogue
  • St 9158 2017 Add 1 An Action Plan for nature, people and economy - draft Council conclusions = comments from delegations
  • St 8975 2017 Add 1 Rev 1 Draft Council Decision authorising the Commission to submit, on behalf of the Union, a proposal for an amendment of the Appendices to the Convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals with a view to the twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties - Adoption = Statements
  • St 9109 2017 Init List of working papers (WK) distributed in the Working Party on Technical Harmonisation (Dangerous Substances - Chemicals) in the first quarter of 2017
  • St 9137 2017 Init List of working papers (WK) distributed in the Working Party on Working Party on Technical Harmonisation (Attachés) in the first quarter of 2017


  • Review of the existing maximum residue levels for bromadiolone according to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005
  • Modification of the existing maximum residue levels for tau-fluvalinate in citrus fruits


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