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Our telegram headlines today*:  # EU BUDGET:  2018 EU budget: Commission proposes budget with focus on jobs, investments, migration and security +++  Draft EU Budget 2018 – Questions and Answers +++  COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL Consequences for the European Union's Budget 2018 and beyond in case the Mid-Term Revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-20 is not adopted  +++  DRAFT AMENDING BUDGET No 3 TO THE GENERAL BUDGET 2017 Increasing the budgetary resources of the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) to pursue the reduction of youth unemployment across the European Union and updating the staff establishment plans of the decentralised agency ACER and the joint undertaking SESAR2 Proposal for a DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the mobilisation of the Flexibility Instrument to finance immediate budgetary measures to address the on-going challenges of migration, refugee inflows and securit

IEU GROWTH & JOBS Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # EU COMPETITIVENESS COUNCIL:  Main results of both days of the EU Competitiveness Council on 29-30 May 2017 +++  # SINGLE MARKET:  EU-Abgeordneter Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU): „Meisterbrief noch nicht gerettet!“  +++  # INDUSTRY ST 9760 2017 INIT A future EU industrial policy strategy - Council conclusions (adopted on 29/05/2017) EU Council conclusions on a space strategy for Europe EP Vote on Space Strategy for Europe - Committee on Transport and Tourism # ENTREPRENEURSHIP Vice-President Katainen's Speech at the 4th European Family Business Summit, Amsterdam - 30 May 2017 EU Commission Answer - Intergenerational entrepreneurship - E-001278/2017 # APPRENTICESHIPS EU Commission: European Alliance for Apprenticeships takes stock of achievements # EMPLOYMENT Vote on Working conditions and precarious employment - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs Eurocommerce & UNI Europa: Impact of current core trends on the

IEU TRADE & COMMERCE Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # UKRAINE:  Statement by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, on the vote in the Dutch Senate on the ratification of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine +++  Ukrainianian President comments on the decision by the Dutch Senate to ratify the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement +++  # EU TRADE POLICIES:  GUE-NGL: Committee vote to liberalise trade threatens EU jobs and dumping risks +++  # INDIA Merkel: "Strategische Partnerschaft vertieft" - Bundesregierung Gemeinsame Erklärung zu den 4. Deutsch-Indischen Regierungskonsultationen vom 30. Mai 2017 # RUSSIA Vladimir Putin’s article, Russia and India: 70 years together, has been published - Website of the President of Russia # USA DIHK: Schweitzer: Keine Abkehr von den USA - "Zwillinge, aber nicht mehr wie eineiig" # OECD OECD: International co-operation on financial and corporate issues vital for globalisati

IEU EURO & FINANCE Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # CMU:  Capital Markets Union: EU reaches agreement on reviving securitisation market +++  EU Council on Capital markets union: agreement reached on securitisation +++  Capital Markets Union: EU agrees to more support for venture capital and social enterprises +++  # ESMA ESMA updates its MAR Q&As ESMA publishes response to consultation on the operation of the ESAs ESMA updates list of recognised third-country CCPs # EMU EMPL/ECON exchange of views with Commissioners on Country Specific Recommendations - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs # ECB ECB: EU structural financial indicators: End of 2016 (preliminary results) ECB: Financial Stability Review May 2017 ECB: ECB/2017/11 Decision (EU) 2017/760 of the ECB of 24 April 2017 on the total amount of annual supervisory fees for 2017 # BANKING UNION The governance and ownership of significant euro-area banks - Bruegel # BIS Peter Praet: Europe's economic

IEU LEGAL & CORPORATE Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # TAXATION:  EU-Abgeordneter Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU) zu Juncker im Panama Untersuchungsausschuss (DE) +++  Juncker vor Panama-Papers-Untersuchungsausschuss - Zitate der Europa-SPD (DE) +++  EU-Abgeordneter Theurer (ALDE/FDP) zur Anhörung von EU-Kommissionspräsident Juncker im Panama Papers Ausschuss: Verpasste Chance! (DE) +++  The Greens/EFA: Controversial tax transparency vote shifted Die Grünen zu Juncker und Steuerflucht: blind für die Vergangenheit, konkrete Zusagen für die Zukunft (DE) +++  GUE/NGL: Juncker must come clean before ‘Panama Papers’ committee today +++  # BREXIT XM 21009 2017 REV 1 AD HOC WORKING PARTY ON ARTICLE 50 XT 21031 2017 INIT Public information on the UK's withdrawal from the EU - Reply to a letter from the European Ombudsman (SI/3/2017/KR) Négociations sur le BREXIT : la délégation du Sénat à la COSAC débat avec M. Michel Barnier, négociateur de l'union européenne - Sénat (FR) EPC analysis on Brexi

IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # FERTILIZERS:  Laying down rules for CE marked fertilising products - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety +++  # PESTICIDES:  Umweltverbände: EU-Parlamentarier blockieren Pestizidverbot (DE) +++  # OCEANS KfW und BMZ gründen Stiftung zum internationalen Meeresschutz (DE) # EU PARLIAMENT REGISTER Publications - Roll call votes : 2017 - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety - Votes of 30.05.2017 Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety: The next Committee meeting on Thursday 8 June 2017 (09.00 - 12.30) in Brussels # EU COUNCIL REGISTER ST 7352 2017 REV 3 A sustainable European future: The EU response to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - Draft Council conclusions ST 9425 2017 INIT Draft Council Regulation amending Annex III to Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the hazardous property HP 14 'Ecotoxic' -

IEU CLIMATE Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # PARIS AGREEMENT:  Climate targets: EU Commission Decision regarding the follow-up to National Parliaments' Opinions - reply to the Senato della Repubblica, Italy - COM(2016) 707 final (FR) +++  Deutschland und Indien gehen neue Wege bei globalem Klimaschutz (DE) +++  Climate action 'a necessity and an opportunity,' says UN chief, urging world to rally behind Paris accord +++  Adieu Paris: what’s next for climate policy if Trump ditches the Paris Agreement? - Bruegel +++  # EU ETS EU ETS reform trilogue talks postponed on Duncan no-show as Malta calls for replacement - Carbon Pulse # EFFORT SHARING REGULATION Effort sharing - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety S&Ds push forward measures to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030 CAN Europe: MEPs improve proposal for key climate policy # CLIMATE ADAPTATION Events - European Climate Change Adaptation 2017 - Our Climate Ready Future - 5-9 June 201

IEU ENERGY Telegram 30 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # CLEAN ENERGY:  Clean Energy Package: EU Commission Decision regarding the follow-up to National Parliaments' Opinions - reply to the Riksdag (SE) - COM(2016) 860 final +++  Citizens' Energy Forum: clean energy from the consumer perspective +++  EPC BREAKFAST POLICY DIALOGUE: Energy and climate scenarios towards 2050 +++  # ENERGY UNION DG Energy Consultation: Evaluation of the TEN-E regulation EU Commission Answer - Gas pipeline investment in the Baltic Sea - E-009344/2016 Norway contributes to global energy security, while seeking to decarbonise its energy supply  -  IEA EP Studies - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy # ENERGY REGULATION Regulators ACER and CEER recommend faster switching and accurate bills to improve consumer empowerment Regulators ACER & CEER: White Paper on Efficient Wholesale Price Formation supports scarcity pricing ENTSO-E: 12. Deutscher Energiekongress # EUSEW EUSEW Policy Confer

IEU SMART CITIES Telegram 29 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # URBACT:  URBACT, another paradigm for European cities +++  # EIP SCC:  EIP-SCC: Webinar on ‘Participatory Budgeting: a tool for Inclusive Smart Cities’ +++  Humble Lamppost Cities Survey +++  Upcoming events of the EIP - Smart Cities And Communities Market Place +++  Action Cluster Meetings - 20 June 2017 Field Visit to Hikari European Commission proposes new rules for consumer centred clean energy transition What's new in the Market Place EIP SCC Market Place General Assembly Smart City for Culture Forum Villes et Territoires Intelligents. Comment devenir une collectivité smart au service des usagers Smart & Safe City Event - The Hague Smart Regions 2.0 conference in Helsinki La ville intelligente : fantasme ou réalité IoT Tech Expo Europe Growing Smart Energy Cities - Strategies, Instruments and Financing Tools LOGIN Festival Smart cities symposium Prague 2017 Digital Business World Congress Forum for Public Adm


Our telegram headlines today*:  # ESIF:  7th Cohesion Forum +++  Boost for business in France +++  AER: #ShineBright Lower Austria +++  # HORIZON 2020:  Porto4Ageing launches a mobile app for self-assessment of frailty - Horizon 2020 +++  eStandards conference on eHealth standards and interoperability - Horizon 2020 +++  Europe’s companies often need a kick-start for innovation – Prof. Luke Georghiou - Horizon Magazine +++  # DG RTD Every Generation Must Renegotiate the World of Tomorrow - Carlos Moedas Europa, Para onde vamos? Oportunidades e Desafios para Portugal na vertigem da Mudança - op-ed by EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas (PT, no other version available) Research Headlines - In-depth technology for deep-sea discovery Events - Increasing impact from publicly funded research - Lessons from the bioeconomy - 28 June 2017, Brussels, Belgium Events - 'CERCA Conference 2017: Fostering excellence in research for the benefit of society' - 31 May 2017, Bru

IEU TRADE & COMMERCE Telegram 29 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # EU TRADE POLICIES:  EU Trade Commissioner Malmström meets civil society in Brussels +++  Transparent EU Trade and Investment Policy - Speech by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström +++  Working document - Gender Equality in EU Trade Agreements - PE 599.788v01-00 - Committee on International Trade, Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality +++  # EEA & EFTA:  25th meeting of the European Economic Area Consultative Committee (EEA-CC) - European Economic and Social Committee +++  # U.S. RELATIONS EU-US insurance agreement: EU Council agrees to signing CDU/CSU-Bundestagsfraktion: Wir sollten den europäischen Pfeiler im transatlantischen Verhältnis stärken (DE) BDI-Präsident Kempf zieht Bilanz zum G7-Gipfel: USA haben sich ins Abseits manövriert (DE) DIHK: Deutscher Exporterfolg zahlt sich auch für Amerika aus (DE) # INDIA Bertelsmann Foundation: EU-India free trade agreement could result in an annual increase in

IEU GROWTH & JOBS Telegram 29 May 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:  # EU COMPETITIVENESS COUNCIL:  Main results of the 1st day of the Competitiveness Council 29-30 May 2017 +++  # SINGLE MARKET:  European Commission lays the ground work for future action in EU consumer law +++  Services package: EU Council agrees conditions to ease provision of services and mobility of professionals +++  EU Commission welcomes Member States' support to boost services sector +++  RECORDED Competitiveness Council- Statement : Elżbieta BIEŃKOWSKA, Member of the EC in charge of Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Staatssekretär Machnig: „Gutes Ergebnis beim Dienstleistungspaket erzielt – Rechte der Mitgliedstaaten und nationalen Parlamente bleiben gewahrt.“ BEUC: Consumer rights and enforcement of existing rules need to be improved, says Commission European standards - implementation of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012: committee vote - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection A longer life


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