IEU LEGAL & CORPORATE Telegram 14 March 2017

Our telegram headlines today*:


  • EU Parliament: Stronger rights for shareholders in EU companies
  • Text adopted - Long-term shareholder engagement and corporate governance statement ***I - P8_TA-PROV(2017)0067 - Tuesday, 14 March 2017 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition
  • EU Commission: New rules on Shareholders' rights and transparency - Final European Parliament vote
  • EU Commission Factsheet: Shareholders' rights directive Q&A
  • EU-Abgeordneter Ferber (EVP/CSU) zur Aktionärsrechterichtlinie
  • S&D: Shareholder rights directive: victory for long-term investment over financial players just looking to make a quick buck
  • Die Grünen zur Reform der Aktionärsrechte: Mehr Transparenz für Anleger und Aktionäre


  • Mergers: EU Commission clears acquisition of Fintyre by Bain Capital Investors
  • Mergers: EU Commission clears merger of Munksjo and Ahlstrom
  • Concentrations: La Commission autorise la création d'une entreprise commune entre Deutsche Telekom et Orange


  • EU-Abgeordneter Theurer /ALDE/FDP) zur Aussprache über Steuervermeidung: Steuer-Sonderausschuss: Blockade von Untersuchungsausschuss stoppen!
  • GUE-NGL: Urgent reform of Code of Conduct Group long overdue in fight against tax dumping
  • GUE-NGL: Luxembourg court set to reveal verdict in whistleblowers’ trial tomorrow


  • Workshop documentation: "Offshore activities and money laundering: recent findings and challenges” - 26-01-2017 - Committee of Inquiry to investigate alleged contraventions and maladministration in the application of Union law in relation to money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion


  • The EU is stuck half way to achieving gender equality, MEPs say
  • EP Text adopted - Equality between women and men in the EU in 2014-2015 - P8_TA-PROV(2017)0073 - Tuesday, 14 March 2017 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition
  • EP Text adopted - Equal treatment between men and women in the access to and supply of goods and services - P8_TA-PROV(2017)0074 - Tuesday, 14 March 2017 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition
  • EP Text adopted - EU funds for gender equality - P8_TA-PROV(2017)0075 - Tuesday, 14 March 2017 - Strasbourg - Provisional edition
  • S&Ds call for recognition of gender equality as policy objective across EU budget areas


  • Speech: British High Commissioner to Malta Stuart Gill discusses Brexit
  • Sadiq Khan questioned on exiting the EU - UK Parliament


  • Workshop - Democratic Complementarity: Implementing Treaty Provisions on National Parliaments - 20-03-2017 - Committee on Constitutional Affairs


  • EPC: The 2017 elections across Europe: - facts, expectations and consequences


  • EU Ombudsman opens inquiry into transparency of Council legislative work
  • EU Commission Answer - Legislative footprint in European Commission documents - E-008088/2016
  • Latest entries into the EU Transparency Register:
    • European Airport Coordinators Association 14/03/2017
    • TRUSTICERT 14/03/2017
    • Avicenna Alliance - 14/03/2017
    • Better Europe 14/03/2017
    • Cadetti e Reclute Pompieri ADMI sezione Torino 14/03/2017
    • Oxfam-Solidarité / Oxfam-Solidariteit 14/03/2017
    • Tier & Mensch e.V. 14/03/2017
    • Waterwatch Cooperative U.A. 14/03/2017
    • Confederación de Empresarios de Cuenca 14/03/2017
    • Ahmed Maher RAMADAN 14/03/2017


  • 2017 funding priorities in the Justice area have been published - e-Justice


  • CJEU: Actions by armed forces during periods of armed conflict, within the meaning of international humanitarian law, may constitute ‘terrorist acts’
  • CJEU: An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign does not constitute direct discrimination


  • SG
    • Décision du président de la Commission européenne concernant la mise en place du groupe de commissaires chargé du commerce et de la maîtrise de la mondialisation, remplaçant le groupe de commissaires chargé du p
    • Procès-verbal de la 2202ème réunion de la Commission (Bruxelles, 28 février et 1er mars 2017)
  • SJ
    • DÉCISION DE LA COMMISSION portant approbation de pouvoirs dans des affaires contentieuses devant la Cour de justice et le Tribunal


  • Draft agenda - Monday, 20 March 2017 - Tuesday, 21 March 2017 - PE 601.166v01-00 - Committee on Constitutional Affairs
  • Amendments 1 - 44 - Monitoring the application of EU law 2015 - PE 601.047v01-00 - Committee on Petitions


  • St 14778 2016 Cor 1 Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on amending Directive 2014/59/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the ranking of unsecured debt instruments in insolvency hierarchy


  • CELEX:62016TO0625: Order of the President of the General Court of 10 March 2017.#Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej sp. z o.o. v European Chemicals Agency.#Case T-625/16 R.
  • CELEX:62016TO0095: Order of the General Court (Seventh Chamber) of 11 January 2017.#Savas Aydin v European Union Intellectual Property Office.#Case T-95/16.
  • CELEX:62016TO0855: Order of the President of the General Court of 10 March 2017.#Fertisac, SL v European Chemicals Agency.#Case T-855/16 R.


  • CELEX:C2017/079/04: Euro exchange rates
  • CELEX:52017XG0314(01): Notice for the attention of the persons and entities subject to the restrictive measures provided for in Council Decision 2014/145/CFSP, as amended by Council Decision (CFSP) 2017/445, and in Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 as implemented by Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/437 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine
  • CELEX:C2017/079/05: Prior notification of a concentration (Case M.8397 — Partners Group/Cerba Healthcare) — Candidate case for simplified procedure (Text with EEA relevance. )
  • CELEX:32016G1129(01)R(01): Corrigendum to Council Resolution concerning an updated handbook with recommendations for international police cooperation and measures to prevent and control violence and disturbances in connection with football matches with an international dimension, in which at least one Member State is involved (‘EU Football Handbook’) (OJ C 444, 29.11.2016)
  • CELEX:C2017/079/01: Non-opposition to a notified concentration (Case M.8353 — CVC/Corialis) (Text with EEA relevance. )
  • CELEX:52017XG0314(02): Notice for the attention of the data subjects to whom the restrictive measures provided for in Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014, as implemented by Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/437 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine applies


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