IEU ENERGY Telegram 28 March 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: 


  • EU Energy Policy Summit takes place in Brussels +++ 
  • 3rd EU Energy Summit - An EU Energy Policy Benefiting Citizens, Consumers and Businesses - Carlos Moedas +++ 
  • WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson gives speech at 3rd EU Energy Summit in Brussels +++ 
  • Update on EURELECTRIC Conference: Power to the People - Electrification of the European Economy +++ 


  • DG Energy: Conference on European Network Codes


  • Wind and ocean energy status reports: the EU makes considerable progress in the renewable energy market
  • JRC Wind Energy Status Report: 2016 Edition
  • Ministers: ‘IRENA/ADFD Plays Key Role Advancing Renewables in Developing Countries’


  • Scrutiny of Radioactive Waste Management: annual report 2015 to 2016


  • Upcoming IEA events and reports
  • Publication: Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Hungary 2017 Review
  • Publication: Oil Market Report
  • Publication: Oil Market Report
  • Publication: Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2017
  • Publication: Sustainable Energy for All Global Tracking Framework report 2017
  • Publication: Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Hungary 2016 Review
  • Publication: Oil Market Report
  • Publicaton: Energy Technology Perspectives 2017
  • Publication: Oil Market Report
  • Workshop: Digitalisation and Energy


  • Politics and Economics Clash Over Nord Stream 2 - The Energy Collective
  • Energy Post Debate: Nord Stream 2 and the Future of the European Gas Market [VIDEO]
  • Gazprom saves 15.2 million tons of fuel equivalent on fuel and energy resources in 2011–2016
  • Overdue gas debt of Russian consumers shows slower growth - Gazprom


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