IEU AGENDA Telegram 18 Feb 2017

Our IEU AGENDA events this week*:

# E U   C O M M I S S I O N

## EU Commission - Upcoming Events

  • Visit of Vice President of the United States Mike Pence to the EU
  • March 2017: EU Commission White Paper on the Future of Europe and Rome Summit to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome
  • March 2017 : 3rd Report on the Partnership Framework on Migration
  • March 2017: The Commission will publish its 2nd report on the progress in making the new European Border and Coast Guard fully operational
  • March 2017: The Commission will publish the 5th Report on the progress made in the implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement
  • March 2017: The Commission will publish the 10th Report on Relocation and Resettlement
  • March: The Commission will publish the 5th Progress Report towards an effective and genuine Security Union

## EU Commission Calendar

  • Monday 20 Feb 2017
  • Tuesday 21 Feb 2017
  • Wednesday 22 Feb 2017
  • Thursday 23 Feb 2017
  • Friday 24 Feb 2017
  • Saturday 25 Feb 2017
  • Outlook February 2017

# E U    P A R L I A M E N T

## EP Week Ahead

  • Trade agreements / Mexico
  • Panama papers inquiry / Malta
  • Asylum / Canada
  • Border controls / Frontex (Poland).
  • Peace process / Palestine
  • EU relations with India
  • President's diary

## EP Schedule by Day

  • Monday 20 Feb 2017
  • Tuesday 21 Feb 2017
  • Wednesday 22 Feb 2017
  • Thursday 23 Feb 2017
  • Friday 24 Feb 2017

## EP Plenary in March 2017

  • Draft agenda - Wednesday, 1 March 2017 - Brussels
  • Draft agenda - Thursday, 2 March 2017 - Brussels

## EP Annual Calendar 2017

# E U    C O U N C I L

## Main Council topics 20 Feb - 3 March 2017

  • 20 Feb 2017: Competitiveness Council (Internal market and industry)
  • 20 Feb 2017 - Eurogroup
  • 21 Feb 2017: Economic and Financial Affairs Council
  • 27 Feb 2017: Energy Council
  • 28 Feb 2017: Environment Council
  • 2-3 March 2017: Informal meeting of foreign affairs ministers
  • 3 March 2017: Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council
  • Weekly schedule of EU Council President Donald Tusk

## Coreper, Committees and Working Parties

  • 20 Feb 2017
  • 21 Feb 2017
  • 22 Feb 2017
  • 23 Feb 2017
  • 24 Feb 2017

# M A L T E S E   E U   P R E S I D E N C Y

## Maltese EU Presidency - Events

# O T H E R   EU   E V E N T S

  • Fact-finding mission of the European Parliament PANA committee to Malta
  • Soil erosion modelling workshop
  • 5th meeting of the EU-Korea civil society forum under the EU-Korea free trade agreement
  • CEPOL training: Online smuggling – Trafficking from customs perspective
  • European public opinion survey on vocational education and training
  • Stakeholder meeting on a multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution including the possible establishment of a multilateral investment court
  • The state and development of the biomass of fish stocks managed by the Common Fisheries Policy
  • CEPOL training: Follow the money – Financial investigations
  • Stakeholders Meeting on Maritime and Road Safety
  • Anti-corruption conference: The role of local and regional authorities in preventing corruption and promoting good governance
  • 10th anniversary of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
  • Building a European data economy
  • 3rd reform of the common European asylum system: up for the challenge
  • The role of local and regional authorities in preventing corruption and promoting good governance
  • European Industry Day
  • 2017 European social innovation competition – Launch event
  • Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations
  • Towards a more sustainable Europe
  • OLAF conference on the evaluation of regulation 883/2013
  • Workshop on investment vehicles and financial instruments supporting technology transfer and innovation
  • Conference on competitiveness of the European rail supply industry
  • Research and innovation staff exchange (RISE) 2016 – Coordinators’ day
  • 3rd European Migration Forum
  • Supporting innovation in Bulgaria
  • Supporting innovation in Romania
  • EFSA info session on novel foods applications
  • European information day and brokerage event – Horizon 2020 Secure Societies
  • Workshop: Towards principles and guidance on eID interoperability for online platforms
  • The future of European steel industry
  • 2d scientific seminar of the Knowledge Centre for Disaster Risk Management : Science for policy and operations
  • Intellectual property rights, technology transfer & open science: Challenges and opportunities
  • REACH 2018 SME workshop – Road to successful registration
  • Cultural Diplomacy: Fostering International Cultural Dialogue, Diversity and Sustainability
  • Circular economy: 1 year after adoption, working together for the future
  • Workshop on the state of implementation of sustainable urban development (SUD) and integrated territorial investment (ITI)
  • Maritime spatial planning
  • Protection of critical infrastructures
  • European Youth Conference
  • From advanced materials research to innovation and growth
  • Regulatory scrutiny in the EU

# E U  C O U R T   O F   J U S T I C E

## CJEU Diary 20 Feb - 24 Mar 2017

## CJEU Background (EN)

  • Judgments in Cases T-157/14 JingAo Solar, T-158/14 JingAo Solar, T-163/14 Canadian Solar Emea, T-160/14 Yingli Energy (China), T-162/14 Canadian Solar Emea - (Anti-dumping – solar panels - China)
  • Judgments in Cases T-366/13 France v Commission, T-454/13 SNCM v Commission - (State aid– Maritime transport services between Corsica and Marseille – Compensation during peak season)
  • Judgment in Case C-275/15 ITV and Others - (Copyright – Online streaming – Cable – Broadcasting)
  • Opinion in Case C-552/15 Commission v Ireland - (Vehicle registration tax – freedom to provide services – infringement action)
  • Judgment in Case C-568/15 Zentrale zur Bekämpfung unlauteren Wettbewerbs Frankfurt am Main - (Consumer protection-after-sales telephone number-tariffs)
  • Hearing in Case C-90/16 The English Bridge Union - (Duplicate contract bridge – definition of sport – VAT Directive)

## EuGH-Hintergrund (DE)

  • Antidumping- und Antisubventionszölle auf Solarpaneele aus China - Urteile des Gerichts in der Rechtssache T‑157/14 JingAo Solar u.a. / Rat, in den verbundenen Rechtssachen T‑158/14 JingAo Solar u.a. / Rat, T‑161/14 Yingli Energy (China) u.a. / Rat und T‑163 Canadian Solar Emea u.a. / Rat, sowie in den Rechtssachen T‑160/14 Yingli Energy (China) u.a. / Rat und T‑162/14 Canadian Solar Emea u.a. / Rat
  • Urteile des Gerichts in den Rechtssachen T‑366/13 Frankreich / Kommission und T‑454/13 SNCM / Kommission - Französische Beihilfen für Fährverbindungen nach Korsika
  • Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C‑568/15 Zentrale zur Bekämpfung unlauteren Wettbewerbs Frankfurt am Main - Tarif für 0180-Kundendienstnummer
  • Mündliche Verhandlung vor dem Gerichtshof in der Rechtssache C‑90/16 The British Bridge Union - Ist Bridge Sport im Sinne des Mehrwertsteuerrechts?
  • Urteil des Gerichtshofs (Große Kammer) in der Rechtssache C-390/15 RPO - Mehrwertsteuer auf Bücher, Zeitungen und Zeitschriften
  • Schlussanträge des Generalanwalts am Gerichtshof in der Rechtssache C‑621/15 W. u.a. / Sanofi Pasteur MSD SNC, Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie des Hauts-de-Seine, Caisse Carpimko -  Produkthaftung bei Arzneimitteln
  • Urteil des Gerichts in der Rechtssache T-194/13 United Parcel Service / Kommission - Geplante Übernahme von TNT Express durch UPS
  • Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C-321/15 ArcelorMittal Rodange und Schifflange SA / Großherzogtum Luxemburg - Rückforderung irrtümlich zugeteilter Emissionszertifikate
  • Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C-551/15 Pula Parking / Sven Klaus Tederahn - Grenzüberschreitende Vollstreckung einer Parkgebühr
  • Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C-615/15 P Samsung SDI u.a. / Kommission - Kathodenstrahlröhren-Kartelle
  • Urteil des Gerichtshofs in der Rechtssache C-342/15 Piringer: Beglaubigung eines Grundbuchsgesuchs durch ausländischen Anwalt
  • Schlussanträge der Generalanwältin am Gerichtshof in der Rechtssache C‑685/15 Online Games u.a. /Landespolizeidirektion Oberösterreich - Glücksspiele in Österreich

# E U  B E R L I N

## Vorschau EU-Vertretung Berlin (Auswahl)

  • Berlin: EU-Kommissar Dimitris Avramopoulos beim Europäischen Polizeikongress
  • Berlin: Vortrag und Diskussion über EU-Flüchtlingspolitik mit EU-Kommissar Avramopoulos
  • München: Pressegespräch mit EU-Kommissionsvertreter Richard Kühnel
  • Köln: EU-Koordinator zur Bekämpfung von Muslimfeindlichkeit zu Besuch (bis 22.02.)
  • Berlin: EU-Kommissionspräsident Juncker trifft Bundeskanzlerin Merkel
  • Berlin: EU-Parlamentspräsident Tajani trifft u.a. Bundeskanzlerin Merkel (bis 24.2.)
  • Berlin: EU-Koordinator zur Bekämpfung von Muslimfeindlichkeit zu Besuch
  • Hamburg: EU-Kommissionsvertreter Richard Kühnel zu Gesprächen in der Hansestadt
  • Baden-Baden: Treffen der G20-Finanzminister


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