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IEU SMART CITIES Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # URBACT Turin: A European success story with URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions # SCIS Smart Cities Information System: Save the date for the SCIS conference 'Empowering smart solutions for better cities'! # SMART SPECIALISATION Hearing on the proposed Smart Specialisation Communication May 2017 and Public Consultation # SMART GOVERNANCE Smart Island World Congress Smart City Governance: building new solutions, exploiting the potentials UCLG: International Conference on Urban Planning and Management # SMART FINANCE Covenant of Mayors cities: Help your peers replicate your cost-effective good practices! # SMART ENERGY Just released ! Two new guidebooks on financing the energy renovation of public and residential buildings Energy Cities Creating a Smart City? Do this First - Microgrid Knowledge # SMART ENVIRONMENT EEA: Cities taking action, learning from each other to adapt to climate change EEA: Financin

IEU FUNDING & INNOVATION Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # ESIF How competitive is your region? EU Commission publishes the 2016 Regional Competitiveness Index EP Draft report - Building blocks for a post-2020 EU cohesion policy - PE 599.838v01-00 - Committee on Regional Development # EU BUDGET EU Parliament ITRE Committee: Financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union - Consideration of draft opinion # EFSI EU Commission Answer - EFSI and its further development in Member States - a follow-up question - P-009407/2016 EU Parliament ITRE Committee - Joint debate on EFSI: The implementation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments - Consideration of draft opinion AER: What can the Investment Plan for Europe do for health? # EIB Poland: EIB provides loans in 2016 worth EUR 4.44 billion, including EUR 603 million under the Juncker Plan # HORIZON 2020 EU Commission ensures a fair deal for researchers taking part in Horizon 2020 EU Commission improves funding co

IEU GROWTH & JOBS Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # COMPETITIVENESS Industrial competitiveness at the core of First European Industry Day SPD: Ein Industrietag macht noch keine Industriestrategie Donald TUSK, President of the European Council, receives Emma MARCEGAGLIA, President of BusinessEurope, Markus J. BEYER, Director General of BusinessEurope, and Thérèse DE LIEDEKERKE, Deputy Director General of BusinessEurope How competitive is your region? EU Commission publishes the 2016 Regional Competitiveness Index # EMPLOYMENT What effect will Brexit have on the UK’s job market? - UK Parliament # NEW SKILLS EU Commission Answer - Shortage of qualified ICT workers - E-009571/2016 # EU COMMISSION REGISTER Décision de la Commission de formuler des observations à l'encontre d'un projet de décret, notifié par la Hongrie sous le n°2016/613/HU dans le cadre de la directive (UE) 2015/1535 Décision de la Commission de formuler des observations à l'encontre d'un projet de


Our telegram headlines today*: # DATA PROTECTION EU borders: Civil Liberties MEPs vote to step up checks and data protection EPP on Smart borders: EP backs safer borders without long queues Règlement européen : une nouvelle consultation sur le profilage, le consentement et la notification de violations - CNIL # CONNECTIVITY EU Parliament ITRE Committee: Promotion of Internet connectivity in local communities - Consideration of draft report # ROAMING EU Parliament ITRE Committee: Rules for wholesale roaming markets - Adoption of text agreed during interinstitutional negotiations # E-GOVERNMENT EU Parliament ITRE Committee: EU eGovernment action plan 2016-2020 - Adoption of draft opinion # AVMS-D Joint statement by ACT, CRTV, COBA, EGTA, andVPRT on the review of the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive Bundeswirtschaftsministerium: Drittes Gesetz zur Änderung des Telemediengesetzes (neues WLAN-Gesetz – 3. TMGÄndG) # AUTOMATED DRIVING Connected and a

IEU TRADE & COMMERCE Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # INVESTMENT COURTS EU Commissioner Malmström to address stakeholder conference on Multilateral Investment Court initiative EU Trade Commissioner Malmström welcomes stakeholder input on ways to protect investment Reforming investment dispute settlement - Speech by Cecilia Malmström European Commissioner for Trade Stakeholder event Brussels WKÖ: Stakeholdermeeting informiert über Errichtung eines Multilateralen Investitionsgerichtshofs # TRADE AGREEMENTS EU Commission: Trade agreements boost EU agri-food sector # CETA EU Commission Answer - Composition of the CETA Joint Committee and Committee on Geographical Designations - P-009059/2016 Explaining the real benefits of CETA: an important role for business - European Economic and Social Committee SPD: Energiecharta muss neu verhandelt werden # SOUTH KOREA EU Commission Answer - Lack of awareness of the EU-South Korea free trade agreement - E-007514/2016 # FAIR TRADE EU Com

IEU EURO & FINANCE Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # CAPITAL MARKETS UNION Capital Markets Union: European Commission issues report on tackling national barriers to spur cross-border investment REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Accelerating the capital markets union: addressing national barriers to capital flows # BANKING UNION EBA updates on the 2018 EU-wide stress test timeline La France: Séparation des activités bancaires : la commission des affaires européennes du Sénat met en garde contre le risque de fragmentation du marché financier européen # ECB ECB Monetary developments in the euro area ECB Working paper no. 2028: A stochastic forward-looking model to assess the profitability and solvency of European insurers ECB Working paper no. 2029: Macro stress testing euro area banks' fees and commissions MEP Question to the ECB - Quantitative easing by the ECB involving the purchase of Greek government bonds issued to small bondholders in 20

IEU LEGAL & CORPORATE Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # TAXATION Documentation: ECON/PANA Exchange of views with National Parliaments and Professor Mark Pieth - 31-01-2017 - Committee of Inquiry to investigate alleged contraventions and maladministration in the application of Union law in relation to money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion # BREXIT EP Workshop on the consequences of Brexit - 28-02-2017 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection # MERGERS Mergers: EU Commission clears acquisition of ABB's High Voltage Cable and Cable Accessories Businesses by NKT Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of the Technology Solutions business of Avnet by Tech Data # MONEY LAUNDERING EP Background material on money laundering and financing terrorism # GENDER PAY GAP EU Commission Answer - Gender gap - E-008868/2016 # RACIAL PROFILING Germany racial profiling: UN experts highlight situation of people of African descent # TRANSPARENCY EU Commission

IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # ECHA ECHA: Important safety information on chemicals still missing EU Commission Answer - Measures to prevent animal testing of ingredients used in cosmetics / REACH - E-008614/2016 # ROTTERDAM CONVENTION New online tool assists Rotterdam Convention Parties’ decision-making on hazardous chemicals - Rotterdam Convention # CARCINOGENS & MUTAGENS EU Commission Answer - Aluminium salts and breast cancer - E-009067/2016 Protection of workers from carcinogenic chemical agents: committee vote CEFIC: Carcinogens & Mutagens Directive: Industry and social partners’ unite for greater worker health & safety # EU COMMISSION REGISTER DG ENV REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, THE COUNCIL, THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE AND THE COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF DIRECTIVE 2000/53/EC ON END-OF-LIFE VEHICLES FOR THE PERIODS 2008-2011 AND 2011-2014 REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE E

IEU CLIMATE Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # EU ETS Environment Council (28/02/2017): - edited package on "Emission Trading System" - EU Video Feed SPD: Mitgliedstaaten müssen beim Klimaschutz liefern EURELECTRIC Letter to Environment Council on Strengthening the EU ETS February 2017 - 27/02/2017 WV Stahl zum Emissionsrechtehandel im EU-Umweltrat: Deutsche Bundesregierung muss für den Erhalt der industriellen Wettbewerbsfähigkeit einstehen Energieintensive Industrien in Deutschland (EID): Bundesregierung ist im EU-Umweltministerrat gefordert - Verbesserungen im Emissionshandel nötig EU nations push ETS reform ideas ahead of crunch meet - Carbon Pulse # CLIMATE TARGETS New report shows coal plant closures needed by 2030 to meet Paris targets - Health & Environment Alliance EU JRC: Key role of forests in meeting climate targets # CAR EMISSIONS Emissions inquiry report and recommendation to Parliament: committee votes EP Background material on car emissions in

IEU ENERGY Telegram 27 Feb 2017

Our telegram headlines today*: # ENERGY UNION Main results of the Energy Council on 27 Feb 2017 Energy Council - Press conference by the Maltese Presidency and the European Commission - EU Video Feed Energy Council - Press briefing: Krzysztof TCHÓRZEWSKI, Minister of Energy of Poland, and Michał KURTYKA, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Energy DG Energy: EU Energy Council debates Clean Energy package and State of the Energy Union Study on "European Energy Industry Investments", presentation by Luc Van Nuffel and Jessica Yearwood Staatssekretär Baake beim Energieministerrat in Brüssel – Energieminister beraten Vorschlagspaket „Saubere Energie für alle Europäer“ # ENERGY REGULATION ENTSO-E: Workshop - MIGRATE: Power electronics into the grid EURELECTRIC Conference: Smart Regulation for European Energy Consumers # ENERGY EFFICIENCY EU Parliament ITRE Committee: Energy performance of buildings - Exchange of views Improving energy performance o


Our telegram headlines today*: # EU BUDGET Infographic - EU budget explained: expenditure and contribution by member state # EFSI European Fund for Strategic Investments: committee debate Spain: EIB signs a EUR 50m “Juncker Plan” loan with the municipality of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and Guaguas for new bus rapid transit infrastructure # ESIF  EU Commission Answer - Consequences of delays in the implementation of the EU structural and investment funds - E-009174/2016 EU Commission Answer - RIS 3 strategies and the mid-term review of cohesion policy - E-009404/2016 EU Commission Answer - Distinction between ERDF and EAFRD - E-009444/2016 EU Commission Answer - Accredited system for the uptake of EU funding - E-009258/2016 # EASME EASME: Over 200 companies at international trade fair Genera 2017 EASME: Smart molded structures are changing the way products are built # DG RTD Success Stories - Finding a common purpose: EU researchers harness waste heat in


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