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IEU AGENDA Telegram 3 Sept 2016


IEU FUNDING Telegram 2 Sept 2016

# ESIFEU Commissioner Hogan in Ireland for the Cork 2.0 Rural Development ConferenceEU Commissioner Creţu in Poland: "Let's fully seize the opportunities offered by combining the ESI Funds and the EFSI"Keynote speech by Commissioner Corina Creţu at the ESIF-ESFI conference for Polish regions"Summit of the Regions for the prolongation of EU regional funding post 2020"Sparsely populated and under–populated areas -European Parliamentary Research Service # EFSIEU Commission Answer - Investment platforms - E-005365/2016EU Commission Answer - European Fund for Strategic Investments - E-004983/2016# HORIZON 2020Registration opens for the H2020 Energy Virtual Info Day# DG RESEARCHEvents - The World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes (WCTD2016) - 30 November - 1 December 2016, Berlin, GermanyResearch Headlines - Medical robots the size of bacteriaSynthetic biology and biodiversity# DG CONNECT1st International Workshop on Open Platforms in the Field of Independent L…

IEU INNOVATION Telegram 2 Sept 2016

# SINGLE MARKETConsumer Sales and Guarantees Directive: committee debate on REFIT resultsBEUC: Fitness check of EU consumer law: consumer rights need strengthening# INVESTMENT PLANEU Commission Answer - Investment platforms - E-005365/2016EU Commission Answer - European Fund for Strategic Investments - E-004983/2016# ENTREPRENEURSHIPEU Commission Answer - Entrepreneurship education - E-005363/2016DG Grow: Bringing entrepreneurial skills to migrants (updated)# EU REGISTERS-> EU COMMISSIONProposition de directive du Conseil modifiant, pour l’adapter au progrès technique, l’annexe II de la directive 2009/48/CE du Parlement européen et du Conseil relative à la sécurité des jouets, en ce qui concerne le plombProposal for a COUNCIL DIRECTIVE amending, for the purpose of adapting to technical progress, Annex II to Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the safety of toys, as regards leadCOMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on entrusting budget implementation tas…

IEU DIGITAL Telegram 2 Sept 2016

# ROAMINGEP ITRE Committee: Rules for wholesale roaming markets - Exchange of views# SPECTRUMEP ITRE Committee: Use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the Union - Consideration of amendments# ROBOTICSEP ITRE Committee: Civil Law Rules on Robotics  - Consideration of draft opinionEU Commission Answer - Impact of the development of new robotic technologies on the EU labour market - E-005286/2016# E-COMMERCEApplication of EU law: committee vote. Online sales contracts: debateChris Sherwood, head of public policy at Allegro Group - Andrus Ansip - Blog# COPYRIGHTCopyright reform: Could EU Comission do worse? - La Quadrature du Net # HPCEurope towards Exascale# EUROPEANAGoteo and the case for match funding - Europeana Professional# AER EUROPELatest publications by AERAER EU Bulletin 2016 post-summerAER EU Bulletin 2015Q4AER EU Bulletin 2015Q3# EBUCologne gets ready for Eurovision Young Musicians 2016# GERMAN DSMParlamentarische Staatssekretärin Zypries besucht die IFA 2016CDU/CSU: Breitba…

IEU TRADE Telegram 2 Sept 2016

# G20EU Council: G20 summit in China to discuss migration and economy# CETASt 7623 2016 Init - RELATIONS WITH CANADA - Draft Council Decision on the signing, on behalf of the European Union, and provisional application of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and Canada, of the other partProgressive Caucus: Pressekonferenz von Sozialdemokraten, Linken und Grünen gegen CETAEPP Group: CETA: Österreichischer Bundeskanzler beweist fehlendes VerantwortungsbewusstseinEU Commission: Answer - EU visa reciprocity with the USA and Canada - P-005721/2016# TTIPEU Commission: Answer - Reconfirmation of the mandate for TTIP negotiations - E-004598/2016EU Commission Answer - Next steps to eliminate discrimination against five Member States in US visa arrangements - P-005735/2016# CHINAEU Commission Answer - Market economy status (MES) for China - creation of support fund - E-004081/2016# TURKEYEU-Turkey: time for more dialogue and coop…

IEU EURO Telegram 2 Sept 2016

# EUROGROUPAgenda of the Eurogroup in Bratislava, November 9, 2016# SWEDENIMF Staff Completes 2016 Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) Mission to Sweden# SERBIAIMF Country Report No. 16/287: Republic of Serbia : Fourth and Fifth Reviews Under the Stand-By Arrangement and Rephasing of the Arrangement-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Republic of Serbia# ANACREDITEU Commission Answer - AnaCredit: Effects on access to bank-related finance for SMEs - E-005010/2016# BANKINGECB: Introduction to the list of significant supervised entities and the list of less significant institutionsSt 11492 2016 Init COUNCIL DECISION amending Decision 1999/70/EC concerning the external auditors of the national central banks, as regards the external auditors of Eesti Pank# RTS & PRIIPGrüne zur Finanzmarktpolitik: Premiere - Europaparlament blockiert Umsetzungsregeln für komplexe Anlageprodukte (PRIIPs)# EIOPAEIOPA:  Public Hearing Insurance Distribution Direc…

IEU LEGAL Telegram 2 Sept 2016

# STATE AIDState aid: EU Commission finds settlement between Austria and Heta creditors involves no new aid# MERGERSMergers: EU Commission clears car-sharing joint venture by Citroën and EYSAMergers: EU Commission clears acquisition of GE MONEY BANK, SOREFI, SOMAFI-SOGUAFI and GE FINANCEMENT PACIFIQUE by CERBERUS# BREXITParliament to assess UK candidate for Security Union Commissioner# TAXATIONWorking together for fairer taxation - EU Commissioner Margrethe VestagerEU Commission Answer - Tax competition and tax dumping - E-005392/2016EU Commission Answer - Trade secrets and tax rulings - E-004795/2016EU Commission Answer - Tax ruling practices in contradiction with the ALP - E-005241/2016EU-Abgeordneter Jo Leinen (SPD) G20 soll Steueroasen bekämpfen# VATEU Commission Answer - VAT simplification for SMEs - E-005324/2016# TRANSPARENCYEU Transparency register: latest statistics# EU LAWApplication of EU law: committee vote. Online sales contracts: debate# EU OMBUDSMANDecision of the Europ…


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