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IEU FUNDING Telegram 29 July 2015

# EGFCommission proposes €5.3 million from Globalisation Fund for former Microsoft workers in Finland# ISFEU Commission: Answer - Funding for refugee support projects - E-000780/2016EU Commission awards €11 million in emergency funding to Greece and Italy# EIBEIB supports projects promoted by SMEs in agriculture with EUR 15 million loan – the first EIB transaction under EFSI in Romania# ESIFEU Commission Answer - Italy's management of European structural funds 2014-2020 and the Juncker Plan - E-004934/2016EU Commission Answer - Transparent use of EU funding - E-004348/2016EU Commission Answer - ITI and CLLD initiatives - E-004431/2016# EFSIEU Commission Answer - Investment plan for Europe one year on - E-004590/2016EU Commission Answer - Lack of implementation of EFSI projects in small, peripheral and southern Member States - E-003161/2016# DG RTDResearch Headlines - Updates on the ageing brainUpcoming events announced by DG ResearchEvents - 6th EASN International Conference on In…

IEU INNOVATION Telegram 29 July 2015

# THE JUNCKER COMMISSIONSpring 2016 Standard Eurobarometer: Strong public support for Commission's political prioritiesEU Commission Answer - Investment plan for Europe one year on - E-004590/2016# INNOVATIONEU Commission Answer - Allowing innovative companies to flourish - E-004270/2016EU Commission Answer - EU open science initiative - E-004476/2016# SINGLE MARKETEU Public consultation:  On the implementation of an EU system for traceability and security features pursuant to Articles 15 and 16 of the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EUMarket surveillance of motor vehicles and consumer sales on 5th September - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer ProtectionTechnical secretariat and follow-up services/actions on the Communication on sustainable competitiveness of the Construction Sector# INDUSTRYEU Commission Answer - Support for offshore mining - E-004267/2016# SMEEU Commission Answer - Financing of small businesses - E-004567/2016# EMPLOYMENTEU Commission Answer - Imp…

IEU DIGITAL Telegram 29 July 2015

# ROAMINGSynopsis report of the EU public consultation on roaming fair use and sustainability mechanism# TELECOMS REGULATIONEuropean Commission opens in-depth investigation into regulatory forbearance proposed by Portuguese regulator on broadband marketsAnalysis of Broadband Speed - December 2015UK Ofcom: Amendment to VULA Margin Control# CYBER SECURITYEU Commission Answer - Special loopholes in mobile phone security systems - E-003098/2016COINS Research School visit to ENISA# DATA PROTECTIONEU Commission Answer - TTIP - data protection - E-003404/2016Motion for a resolution Proposition de résolution sur la protection des données en Europe dans le cadre des négociations du TTIP - B8-2016-0921Déclaration du G29 relative à la décision de la Commission européenne concernant le Privacy Shield (bouclier de protection des données UE-États-Unis)# E-COMMERCEEU Commission Answer - Fulfillment by Amazon - E-003205/2016# COPYRIGHTEDRi: Save the date: 8 September 2016, discussion on the copyright…

IEU TRADE Telegram 29 July 2015

# CHINATrade: EU Commission imposes definitive anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel product*CELEX:32016R1247: Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1247 of 28 July 2016 Imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty and collecting definitively the provisional duty imposed on imports of aspartame originating in the People's Republic of China  CELEX:32016R1246: Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1246 of 28 July 2016 imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of high fatigue performance steel concrete reinforcement bars originating in the People's Republic of China# TTIPEcorys: Publication of the TSIA / TTIP final Interim Technical ReportU.S. Commerce Department establishes new Trade Finance Advisory CouncilEU Commission Answer - EU-US free trade deal - E-003983/2016EU Commission Answer - Imports of chlorinated chicken under the TTIP agreement - E-004726/2016EU Commission Answer - Lack of transparency in financial transactions in Europe and the US - E-003870/2…

IEU EURO Telegram 29 July 2015

# BANKING STRESS TESTEBA publishes 2016 EU-wide stress test results2016-EU-wide-stress-test-Results.pdf2016-EU-wide-stress-test-FAQ.pdfStress test results page 2016The chronology of the EU-wide stress testingEBA publishes 2016 EU-wide stress test resultsEBA discloses example of templates for stress test resultsEBA announces timing for publication of 2016 EU-wide stress test resultsEBA launches 2016 EU-wide stress test exerciseEBA to launch the 2016 EU wide stress test on 24 February 2016EBA announces details of 2016 EU-wide stress testEBA updates on upcoming transparency exercise and on key features of 2016 EU-wide stress testECB: Stress test shows improved resilience of euro area banking systemECB: Understanding the 2016 stress testBank of England:Statement on EBA stress test publicationBAFIN: Stresstest: ZEW on EU Stress Test: EU Banking Sector Requires Comprehensive RecapitalisationDie Grünen: Banken-Stresstest: Keine Freigabe für Bankenrettung mit StaatsgeldJoachim Starbatty (ALFA…

IEU LEGAL Telegram 29 July 2015

# BREXITUK Government Research and analysis: Why people move: understanding the drivers and trends of migration to EuropeSWP: Brexiting into Uncharted Waters - British Referendum Initiates Complex Exit Negotiations – and Perhaps Renewal of the European Union# STATE AIDState aid: EU Commission authorises alternative income tax regime for wholesale diamond sector in BelgiumState aid: Commission finds Italy provided incompatible aid to airlines in Sardinia# TAXATIONEU Parliament:  Tax fraud--75% of Europeans want EU to do more to fight it# VAT ACTION PLANCEEP on State of play on the proposed VAT Action PlanEU Commission Answer - VAT exemption - P-004920/2016EU Commission Answer - VAT accounting periods - E-004627/2016# MERGERSConcentrations : la Commission Europeénne autorise l'acquisition de Foncia par Partners GroupUK CMA to review BAE Systems undertakingsUK CMO: Pharmacy merger gets conditional go-ahead# SUBSIDIARITYEU: Parlamentarische Beteiligungsrechte im Rahmen der Gemeinsamen…

IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 29 July 2015

# EDCEU Commission Answer - Hormone disruptors and neonicotinoids - E-004879/2016EU Commission: Answer - Perfluorinated alkylated substances and the endocrine system - E-004855/2016BEUC: Hormone-disrupting chemicals: time for the EU to act against these everyday toxicants# GMOEU Commission Answer - Reading room for new genetic modification techniques - E-004770/2016EFSA: Info session on applications – GMO – technical meeting with stakeholders on Allergenicity Guidance Document# WFDCEEP Opinion for a strategic approach to water pollution# MERCURYCELEX:52016PC0042R(01): Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION on the conclusion of the Minamata Convention on Mercury# WASTE SHIPMENTSEU Commission adopts implementing act setting out a preliminary correlation table between customs and waste codes# EU REGISTERS# EU COMMISSIONCOMMISSION DECISION establishing the ecological criteria for the award of the EU Ecolabel for furniture# ECHAPublic Consultations-Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP), Dibutyl phthalate (…

IEU CLIMATE Telegram 29 July 2015

# CARBON MARKETSEU Commission Answer - Transitional free allocations for the modernisation of electricity generation under the EU Emissions Trading System - E-004342/2016Neues Positionspapier erläutert Beschlüsse des Europäischen Gerichtshofs zum sektorübergreifenden Korrekturfaktor - DEHStPeriodischer Bericht: Zweites Quartal 2016 - DEHSt# TRANSPORT EMISSIONSEU Commission Answer - Vehicles emission test mechanism - E-002552/2016T&E: NGO demands illegal dirty diesel be taken off the road after French probeECOS: Standardisation work begins on On-Board Metering for electric vehiclesSteuerbefreiung für Käufer von E-Autos - Anhörung im Bundestag# COP22Updated: ADVANCE final conference "Deep decarbonisation for staying well below 2°C" - 24 Oct 2016# CLIMATE FINANCE€94.5 million available to applicants in three topics of Horizon 2020 Low-Carbon Energy callNote 

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IEU ENERGY Telegram 29 July 2015

# ENERGY UNIONAmendments 28 - 231 - Establishing an information exchange mechanism with regard to intergovernmental agreements and non-binding instruments between Member States and third countries in the field of energy and repealing Decision No 994/2012/EU - PE 585.613v02-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy# ENERGY SECURITYEU Commission Answer - Commission forecast on gas demand - P-005070/2016EU Commission (I) Answer - Nord Stream 2 - E-004646/2016EU Commission (II) Answer - Nord Stream 2 - E-004644/2016EC Midday press briefing of 29/07/2016 - ENERGY - Russia-Ukraine: Q&ANaftogaz asked European Commission for a transit monitoring mission because of unexplained pressure drops on Russian sideEnergy Charter:  Naftogaz proposed to use Model Energy Charter Early Warning Mechanism# ENERGY EFFICIENCYREPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL Progress by Member States in reaching cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements# ENERG…

IEU FUNDING Telegram 28 July 2016

# EU AIDFacility for Refugees in Turkey: over €1.4 billion in support of education and health for Syrian refugeesSouth Sudan: EU releases €40 million as humanitarian situation worsens# EIBInvestment Plan for Europe: EIB participates in SUSI Renewable Energy Fund IIEIB and Castilla y León Regional Government sign a EUR 130m loan to drive economic growth, competitiveness and jobs in the regionEIB: Financing SMEs to drive economic growthEIB: JASPERS Annual Report 2015# HORIZON 2020Latest SME Instrument results: European Commission to invest €90 million in 65 innovative businesses# DG RTDPublic should be at heart of 21st-century science – Commissioner MoedasResearch Headlines - A user-centred approach to balancing renewable energy supply and demandEvents - 1st International Conference on ESIHISE 2016 - 11-12 October 2016, Venice, Italy# DG GROWUpdated - Service Contract: Galileo emergency warning serviceService Contract: EGNOS maritime safety service analysis# ERCERC: Information for Appl…

IEU INNOVATION Telegram 28 July 2016

# SMELatest SME Instrument results: European Commission to invest €90 million in 65 innovative businessesEIB: Financing SMEs to drive economic growth# INNOVATIONPublic should be at heart of 21st-century science – Commissioner MoedasDG Research Events - International Conference on Sustainable Smart Manufacturing - 20-22 October 2016, Lisbon, PortugalZypries eröffnet die erste Mittelstand 4.0-RegionalkonferenzUK: Research and analysis: Research Excellence Framework review: summary of views# SINGLE MARKETFibre labelling Polyacrylate - Toyobo - Final Report# INDICATORSFirst quarter of 2016-Household real income per capita up in the euro area and in the EU28-Real consumption per capita also up in both zones# EFSIInvestment Plan for Europe: EIB participates in SUSI Renewable Energy Fund II# EU REGISTERS# EU COMMISSIONDécision de la Commission de formuler des observations à l'encontre d'un projet de règlement notifié par la Slovénie sous le n°2016/199/SI dans le cadre de la directive…

IEU DIGITAL Telegram 28 July 2016

# DATA PROTECTIONCNIL: Jeux sur votre smartphone : quand c’est gratuit …# E-COMMERCEUrteil des Gerichtshofs der EU in der Rechtssache C-191/15 Verein für Konsumenteninformation / Amazon   zur Prüfung der Missbräuchlichkeit von AGB-Klauseln in Online-Kaufverträgen# ROBOTICSDeutsche Telekom: Video-interview with Ken Goldberg, Professor of Robotics at the University of California, Berkeley# FETAnalysis of the FET Proactive consultation for the preparation of FET work programme 2018-2020# E-HEALTHEU and US strengthen their collaboration on eHealth ITContributions on the public stakeholder consultation on next phase of EU-US cooperation in eHealth/Health ITSynopsis report on the public stakeholder consultation on next phase of EU-US cooperation in eHealth/Health IT# MEDIA FREEDOMFREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: UN AND OSCE EXPERTS DEPLORE CRACKDOWN ON JOURNALISTS AND MEDIA OUTLETS IN TURKEY# SPECTRUMRD436 - ETNO Response to the RSPG consultation on “spectrum related aspects for next-generation wirel…

IEU TRADE Telegram 28 July 2016

# VIETNAMEU Roadmap: Commission proposal for Council Decision on Signature of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement# TTIPTABC Briefs Members on the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC)# RUSSIAEP General documents - Statements: Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee# UKRAINENext meeting - Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee# TURKEYUN and OSCE experts condemn Turkey’s crackdown on media# TRADE LIBERALIZATIONCGE-Based Methods to Measure the Impact of Trade Liberalization on Poverty - DIW# WTOWTO launches new Accessions Intelligence PortalWTO: Peru, Saudi Arabia ratify Trade Facilitation Agreement# EU REGISTERS# EU COMMISSIONProposition conjointe de décision du Conseil relative à la conclusion, au nom de l’Union européenne, de l’accord-cadre de partenariat et de coopération entre l’Union européenne et le gouvernement de la MalaisieProposition conjointe de décision du Conseil relative à la signature, au nom de l’Union européenne, de l’acc…

IEU EURO Telegram 28 July 2016

# STABILITY & GROWTH PACTEP Publications - European Semester : Stability and Growth Pact - Committee on Economic and Monetary AffairsInvolvement of independent fiscal bodies in the 2014-16 Stability and Convergence Programmes – July 2016Thematic overview: Member States whose 2016 Draft Budgetary Plans were assessed to be "at risk of non-compliance" with the Stability and Growth Pact - 3 June 2016Comparison of key figures in the 2016 Stability Programmes and European Commission spring 2016 forecast - 31 May 2016Implementation of the Stability and Growth Pact (July 2016)Overview on European Commission opinions on 2016 Draft Budgetary Plans - 27 November 2015Comparison of key figures in the 2015 Stability Programmes and European Commission Spring 2015 forecast - 9 June 2015Key features of 2016 Draft Budgetary Plans (DBP) - 6 November 2015An Overview of the Stability and Growth Pact - 18 December 2015Coordination and Surveillance of Budgetary Policies of Euro Area Member Sta…


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