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IEU LEGAL Telegram: BREXIT 24 June 2016 (incl. links)


IEU INNOVATION Telegram 23 June 2016

# SMEDG Grow: Successful business transfers: Essential for creating opportunities and preserving employment# INNOVATIONNetherlands EU Presidency: ‘Make Europe the innovation hub of the world’Forschungsstandort ist auf einem guten Weg - Bericht über die Bundestagsdebatte zu Forschung und Innovation 2016 am 23. Juni 2016# SINGLE MARKETEP Workshop - Relations between franchisors & franchisees: regulatory framework & current challenge - 12-07-2016 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection  Panel discussion: "Export of services within the internal market - Eliminating barriers, increasing transparency for companies"# EMPLOYMENTFirst Employment and Social Innovation microfinance deal in Albania to benefit 5,000 micro-enterprises# EU REGISTERS# EU COMMISSIONCOMMISSION DECISION on the approval and the signing of a statement by the European Social Partners, the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on 'A new start for…

IEU DIGITAL Telegram 23 June 2016

# DSMNEW STUDY: What Are the Issues Relating to Digitalisation in Company Law? - Committee on Legal AffairsETNO ThinkDigital blog: Messaging Apps, SMS, Voice or Internet calls? - Telenor releases Digital Frontrunners studyStandards for digital transformation workshop - CENELEC, 29 June 2016, Brussels# EIDASCEF Telecom - A big leap in the eIDAS journey: new trust services for a Digital Single Market# TSMEU Commission Answer - EU telecom markets and limiting the speed of data roaming - E-002933/2016EU Commission: Answer - Limited connectivity between telecom service lines within Member States - a barrier to the telecom single market (TSM) harming consumers - E-002968/2016# SPECTRUMviEUws: Spectrum Policy: 2020 essential goal for Europe's economy# 5GETNO: Kamila Kloc: ThinkDigital Video# GLOBAL COPYRIGHTCCIA Weighs In On Copyright Office’s DMCA Proposal# CLOUDDeutsche Telekom: The cloud makes the IoT possible# CYBER SECURITYCybersecurity with Jakub Boratynski, Head of Unit Trust &…

IEU TRADE Telegram 23 June 2016

# CHINAEU Council: ST 10594 2016 INIT - JOINT COMMUNICATION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL Elements for a new EU strategy on ChinaBUSINESSEUROPE and CCIEE sign memorandum of understanding# JAPANU.S. Government: Japan- Your Next Export Market# TTIPEU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström visits Washington D.C. on 28 June 2016  -- Meets Michael Froman, U.S. Trade RepresentativeAmended proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on additional customs duties on imports of certain products originating in the United States of America (codification)IMF Video: Press Conference for the U.S. Article IV Concluding StatementU.S. Secretary of State: Remarks at the Opening of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit # TRADE DEFENCEEU Commission: Answer - Trade defence instruments - lesser duty - P-004078/2016# RUSSIAEU-Russia interaction: dense but tense - European Union Institute for Security Studies The Eurasian Union: rising or shooting star? - European Unio…

IEU EURO Telegram 23 June 2016

# PENSIONS FUNDSSpeech by EU Commissioner Jonathan Hill at the Pensions Europe Conference 2016ifo Institut - Diskussion: Altersarmut statt Altersvorsorge: Was läuft falsch, und welche Reformen sind für ein zukunftsfähiges Rentensystem nötig?# FINANCIAL SERVICESRetail financial services - Workshop on the implementation of the PRIIPs framework# GREECEEBRD adopts strategy for Greece# ECBBruegel: The effectiveness of the European Central Bank’s Asset Purchase ProgrammeDeutsche Bank Research: EZB-Kaufprogramm für Unternehmensanleihen - weitere Verzerrungen# EFSF & ESMUpdate des Bundesfinanzministeriums zu Europäischen Finanzhilfen: EFSF und EFSM# EBAEBA appoints Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of its Banking Stakeholder Group# ESMAESMA publishes responses to the Discussion Paper on UCITS share classes# EU REGISTERS# EU PARLIAMENT Answer - Recapitalisation of Greek banks - E-015551/2015Answer - Suspicious transactions connected with Russian clients at Deutsche Bank - E-001091/2016Answe…

IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 23 June 2016

# NANO & MICROPLASTICSEFSA: Presence of microplastics and nanoplastics in food, with particular focus on seafood# WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVEEU Commission Answer - Directive 2000/60/EC of 22 December 2000 (Water Framework Directive) - Masterplan Ems 2050 - P-003926/2016 # CIRCULAR ECONOMYItalian Senate: Resolution on Circular Economy Package adopted by Environment Standing Committee# EFSALatest publications by EFSARevision of review of the existing MRLs for thiabendazole# CHEMICAL RISKSEU Commission: Answer - Revision of the Directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work - E-003847/2016Chemicals risk assessment: evidence-evaluation methods analysed for nine EU regulations - Science for Environment Policy: Latest Alert# ROTTERDAM CONVENTIONProduits chimiques en cours d’examen par le Comité d’étude des POP et le Comité d’étude des produits chimiques - Rotterdam Convention# ECHAPublic Consultations-2-benzyl-2-dimethylamino-4…

IEU CLIMATE Telegram 23 June 2016

# CARBON MARKETSDG Climate: EU Commission to modify cross-sectoral correction factor for 2018 to 2020DG Climate: Procurement of second common auction platform for carbon allowance auctions in final stages# COP 21 / 22Uneinig über den richtigen Weg im Klimaschutz - Bericht über die Bundestagsdebatte zum Klimaschutz am 23. Juni 2016Bures: Klimaziele von Paris sind eine Vision für die Zukunft -  Enquete zur Umsetzung des Klimavertrages von Paris im Österreichischen NationalratSwedish Government: Proposals for new goals and measures for climate and air policyCall for Applications for Cleantech Solutions Exhibition - Focus on Africa in MoroccoPIK: Implosion der fossilen Industrien und explosive Entwicklung der Erneuerbaren kann Paris zum Erfolg machen# CLIMATE FINANCEGreen Climate Fund Strengthening Partnerships as GCF Pipeline Grows# TRANSPORT EMISSIONSEU Commission: Answer - Volkswagen emissions scandal - E-013600/2015 T&E: Carmakers’ hands tied as EU agrees CO2 targets will be based…

IEU ENERGY Telegram 23 June 2016

# ENERGY UNIONEU Commission Answer - Electricity markets in the EU: more efforts needed - E-002897/2016EU Commission: Answer - Delivering a New Deal for Energy Consumers (2015/2323(INI)) - E-003467/2016  MEPs call for more ambitious and consumer-focused energy targets beyond 2020EESC Hearing: Rising stars of the Energy Union? Energy Prosumers in EuropeDG Energy: Innovative and sustainable grid projects awarded “Good Practice of the Year”Eurelectric: The power sector goes digital - Next generation data management for energy consumers - LeafletEurelectric: Capacity mechanisms - InfographicCDU/CSU im Bundestag: Stromversorgung langfristig sichern - Stromimportabhängigkeit im Auge behalten# ENERGY EFFICIENCYEP Text adopted - Implementation report on the Energy Efficiency Directive - P8_TA-PROV(2016)0293 - Thursday, 23 June 2016 - Brussels - Provisional editionEPP Group warns against energy price increase for consumersMarkus Pieper (EVP/CDU): Energieeinsparung darf keine Fortschrittsbremse…

IEU LEGAL Telegram 23 June 2016

# UK REFERENDUMEU Commission: Answer - Assessment of the consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (Brexit) - P-004355/2016  S&D press conference on outcome of #UKRefAfter the British EU vote – what next for European integration? # TAXATIONEU Commission Answer - Role of banks in the Panama Papers scandal - E-002850/2016 EU Commission: Answer - Tackling corporate tax avoidance - E-003491/2016  EU Parliament appoints members to inquiry committee - PANA Committee of Inquiry to investigate alleged contraventions and maladministration in the application of Union law in relation to money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasionPanama Papers: Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU) wird Mitglied im UntersuchungsausschussMdEP Theurer (ALDE/FDP) zu Panama Papers-Untersuchungsausschuss: EP nimmt Vorreiterrolle im Kampf gegen Geldwäsche und Steuerflucht ein GUE/NGL group unveils nominations for ‘Panama Papers’ CommitteeEnding EU citizens' bank secrecy in MonacoEP Text adopted - EU-M…

IEU EU FUNDING Telegram 23 June 2016

# ESIFRelease on the letter of EU Commissioner Corina Crețu  to the Minister of Transport in Romania (Romanian only)# CEFCEF Telecom - A big leap in the eIDAS journey: new trust services for a Digital Single Market# DG CONNECTHuman Brain Project Summit 2016Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology summer school 2016Telemedicine holds out hope for better disease managementeHealth Week 2016: Trust and StandardsResults of the expert consultation workshop on directions for ICT-enabled public sector innovation at European Union level in Horizon 2020# DG ENVNijmegen and Galway win EU Urban Green Awards# EASIFirst Employment and Social Innovation microfinance deal in Albania to benefit 5,000 micro-enterprises# EACEADoes good evidence make good education policy?# EUROPEAIDLatest calls by EuropeAid152475 - European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) for Sri Lanka - 2016-2017# BUDGETHearing on budgetary implications of the current refugee and migration…


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