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IEU SMART CITIES Weekly Telegram - 2 May 2016

# DUTCH EU PRESIDENCYDiplohack Bratislava: uncovering European Open DataDutch EU Presidency: Digital platforms: an analytical framework for identifying and evaluating policy options (TNO-abstract)EU Urban Agenda: 5th Capital Mayors conferenceEU Urban Agenda: The challenge of “affordable housing” in Europe# JPI URBAN EUROPEUrban Europe: RURI: Keynote speach by Margit Noll# CORCOR: Forum zur urbanen Agenda der EU am 30. Mai 2016 in Amsterdam# EU COMMISSION - DG REGIOEuropean Week of Regions and Cities 2016 edition: Partners unveiled# EU COMMISSION - DG CONNECTAn innovation agenda for Europe's urban policyFinding the golden nuggets in the era of digital entrepreneurshipSmart Anything Everywhere Workshop: Enhancing digital transformation in European SMEs# EU PARLIAMENTDie "Urban Agenda" der EU wird nur funktionieren, wenn sie auf sozial smarte Städtpolitik setzt - Martina Michels, Linksfraktion GUE/NGL# EIP-SCCEIP-SCC Stands in London, Bilbao and AmsterdamSave the date for t…

IEU FUNDING Telegram - 2 May 2016

# SMEDocumentation of a public hearing on SMEs: new financial instruments and national promotional banks - 26-04-2016 - Committee on Budgets# ESIFEU Commission: Answer - Late payments under the Cohesion Policy - E-010874/2014Opinion - An EU strategy for the Alpine region - PE 577.050v02-00 - Committee on Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentEuropean Week of Regions and Cities 2016 edition: Partners unveiled# MFFAmendments to the Preparation of the post-electoral revision of the MFF 2014-2020: Parliament's input ahead of the Commission's proposal# DG RESEARCHThe Netherlands’ contribution to the European Research AreaResearch Headlines - Driving up the appeal of hybrid vehicles# HORIZON 2020ICT4Life: ICT services for Life Improvement for the Elderly - Horizon 2020Horizon 2020: Spotting pancreatic cancer earlyHorizon 2020: Octopus points to the future for keyhole surgery# ERCAddressing the crises of an ‘overheated’ world (via ERC)The past and present of slavery: a history in the maki…

IEU INNOVATION Telegram - 2 May 2016

# INNOVATIONThe Netherlands’ contribution to the European Research Area# SMEDocumentation of a public hearing on SMEs: new financial instruments and national promotional banks - 26-04-2016 - Committee on Budgets# INDUSTRYCall for applications for membership in the Commission expert group on recovery rules for fertilising productsEU Commission: Study on the impacts of REACH authorisationChemicals - Call for applications for members and observers to the Technical Working Group for the development of possible process and product criteria for struvite, biochar and ash-based products for use in fertilising products (STRUBIAS TWG)ESA: Second ExoMars mission moves to next launch opportunity in 2020# SINGLE MARKETcep-Analyse: Europäisches Handeln für Barrierefreiheit# EU REGISTERS# EU PARLIAMENTPublications - Coordinators results : EMPL Coordinators results - Committee on Employment and Social AffairsAnswer - Long-term unemployment - E-001539/2016Answer - Female entrepreneurship in Greece - E…

IEU DIGITAL Telegram - 2 May 2016

# TSMDocumentation: Electronic Communications Regulations at a Cross-roadDeutsche Telekom: Wie wird ein Mobilfunknetz geplant?# NET NEUTRALITYEDRi and 72 other NGOs send letter to EU regulators on net neutrality# DSMCommissioner Oettinger at major conference on internet and society re:publica in Berlin, GermanyETNO ThinkDigital Blog: Aiming for the highest innovative standards in EuropeEDRi: BREAKING: TTIP leaks confirm dangers for digital rightsLatest positions of Digitaleurope (summary)Digitaleurope: Europa Forum Lech 2016: Digitally transforming Economy and SocietyDigitaleurope: First edition of G7 ICT Stakeholders Meeting paved the way for global cooperation on digital economy# E-COMMERCEThe EESC urges the Commission to safeguard consumers' rights against any erosion when it comes to digital contractsDigitaleurope: Digital contracts: will new rules deliver trust online? Findings from our last DiPP on 29 AprilBundestag: Öffentliche Anhörung des Rechtsausschusses zum "Onlin…

IEU TRADE Telegram - 2 May 2016

# TTIPGreenpeace Netherlands releases TTIP documentsDOWNLOAD ALL (zip)FAQPressNational Treatment and Market Access for GoodsAgricultureCross-Border Trade in ServicesElectronic CommunicationsGovernment ProcurementAnnex Government ProcurementCustoms and Trade and FacilitationEU – US revised tariff offersRegulatory CooperationTechnical Barriers to TradeSanitary and Phytosanitary MeasuresCompetitionSmall and Medium-sized EnterpriseState-owned EnterpriseDispute SettlementTactical State of PlayNegotiating TTIP: Comment by EU Trade Commissioner MalmströmTTIP - the State of Play - Blog popst by EU Commissioner Malmström (27/4)EU-Abgeordnete  Caspary und Quisthoudt-Rowohl (EVP/CDU) zum Verhandlungsstand des Freihandelsabkommens EU-USA ("TTIP")EU-Abgeordneter Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU) zu TTIP: Europäische Verbraucherschutzstandards sind nicht verhandelbar!TTIP transparenter als Greenpeace - CDU-Fraktion im Bundestag“TTIP must comply with European values and standards or it will fail”, s…

IEU EURO Telegram - 2 May 2016

# ECBECB: Speech Mario Draghi: Addressing the causes of low interest ratesECB: Speech Sabine Lautenschläger: The euro – idea and realityECB: Opinion piece Benoît Cœuré: People are not only saversLatest papers by the ECBWorking paper no. 1901: Price drift before U.S. macroeconomic news: private information about public announcements?Working paper no. 1900: Toward robust early-warning models: a horse race, ensembles and model uncertaintyFocus: Rebalancing in euro area portfolio investment flows (Economic Bulletin 3/2016)Latest opinions and decisions by the ECBECB/2016/9 Decision of the ECB of 26 April 2016 amending Decision ECB/2007/7 concerning the terms and conditions of TARGET2-ECBCON/2016/27 Opinion on a proposal for a regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 600/2014 on markets in financial instruments, Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 on market abuse and Regulation (EU) No 909/2014 on improving securities settlement in the European union and on central securities depositories as regards …

IEU LEGAL Telegram - 2 May 2016

# TRANSPARENCY REGISTERFirst Vice-President Timmermans hosts Joint Conference with European Parliament on the Transparency Register Public ConsultationLobbying at EU level: EU Parliament hosts conference on mandatory transparency registerEU Parliament: Background on transparency register and lobbyistsLobbyControl zur Anhörung zum EU-Lobbyregister: Fehlerhafte Daten bleiben maßgebliches Problem# STATE AIDState aid: EU Commission gives final approval to existing guarantee ceiling for German HSH Nordbank# MERGERSMergers: Statement by Commissioner Vestager on announcement by Halliburton and Baker Hughes to withdraw from proposed mergerMergers: Commission approves acquisition of sole control over Royal Reesink by private equity group GildeMergers: Commission clears acquisition of EconGas by OMVBMWi: Neuer M&A-Guide bringt Transparenz für ausländische Investoren in Deutschland# TAX TRANSPARENCYNext meeting of the Special Committee on Tax Rulings and Other Measures Similar in Nature or E…