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EU SMART CITIES Weekly Telegram - 11 April 2016

# DUTCH EU PRESIDENCYDutch EU Presidency: EU action plan for Open ScienceDutch EU Presidency: Truck platooning: transport with a futureDutch EU Urban Agenda: Integrating migrants in European cities: the Commission engages in direct dialogue with mayors# URBACTURBACT: Two webinars to learn more about new Implementation Networks Call: 19 and 26 April 2016# EU COMMISSION - DG REGIOSMART REGIONS ConferenceRegioStars Awards 2016INFORMATION DAY: S3 Platform on Industrial Modernisation and Investment# EU COMMISSION - DG RESEARCHAmsterdam is the European Capital of Innovation 2016Innovation capitals of Europe – Speech by Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation# EU COMMISSION - DG MOVEEU Commission – DG Move: A Master Plan for the deployment of Interoperable Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in the EU# EU COMMISSION - DG ENVIRONMENTThe LIFE Programme: European Commission visits LIFE project on urban congestion# EU PARLIAMENTHearings on Modernisation of Copyr…

EU AGENDA Telegram with Links - 9 April 2016


EU CLIMATE Telegram - 8 April 2016

# POST COP21UN: Ban welcomes G20 support for Paris climate accord signingFirst ever UNFCCC training on the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for developing country parties – NAMALa France et l'Allemagne s'engagent pour que l'Europe reste à l'offensive de l'action climatique - Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Energie et de la MerBundesumweltministerium: Unterzeichnungszeremonie zum Pariser Klimaabkommen# ETSPublication : Les émissions de CO2 liées à la combustion d'énergie et aux procédés industriels dans le monde - Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Energie et de la MerRomania, Estonia cleared to hand out free 2015 EUAs to utilities - Carbon PulseCities and regions claim financial gains from EU's Emission Trading SystemBundesumweltministerium: Gespräche mit der Weltbank zur Carbon Pricing Coalition# CAR EMISSIONSEU Parliament: Presentations: 2016 - Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive SectorEU Parliament: Next EMIS Committe…

EU ENERGY Telegram - 8 April 2016

# ENERGY UNIONDG Energy Study: Economic analysis of costs and benefits of approaches to enhancing the bargaining power of EU buyers in the wholesale markets of natural gasEuropacable speaks at 6th SuedLink Round Table hosted by Dr. Anja Weisgerber, German MP# ENERGY MERGERMergers: Commission clears acquisition of ENI Hungaria and ENI Slovenija by MOL# ENERGY REGULATIONDG Energy: Meetings of the Energy and Managing Authorities NetworkInnoGrid2020+ ‘Digital energy’ conference – Registration openENTSOG: Updated Workshop on Interoperability Network Code regarding Gas QualityRegional integration: a hub of opportunities - ENTSO-E Baltic Power Conference 2016 - SAVE THE DATEENTSO-E upcoming Events# ENERGY EFFICIENCYEASME: Making energy retrofits a standardised product for the finance industryIMF Working Paper No. 16/85: Power It Up : Strengthening the Electricity Sector to Improve Efficiency and Support Economic# RENEWABLESSégolène Royal présente en Conseil des ministres une ordonnance pour …

EU LEGAL Telegram - 8 April 2016

# DATA PROTECTIONEU Council adopts position on Data protection reform at first readingData protection reform: Press conference ahead of the final vote# PANAMA LEAKSOECD: Tax administrations ready to act on “Panama Papers”After ‘Panama Papers’ leak, UN expert calls for end of financial secrecy to halt illicit fund flowsEPP on Panama Papers and tax evasionPanama Papers - Greens call for an inquiry committee and present a draft mandateEU gears up to attack whistleblowers with new trade secret laws – MEP Julia Reda (Greens/EFA / Pirates)Entretien avec le président de la République du Panama – Elysée# TAXATIONOECD to release Taxing Wages 2016 on Tuesday 12 AprilIW Cologne: Country-by-Country Reporting - The pros and cons of more tax transparencyAt a Glance - The Anti-Tax Avoidance Package and Other EU and International Developments: Scrutiny and Democratic Control by National Parliaments - EP THINKTANK# ANTITRUSTEU Commission - Antitrust: successful market opening allows early termination …

EU EURO Telegram - 8 April 2016

# EMUEU Parliament Financial Assistance Working Group: meeting with Commissioners on Greek programme# ECBECB: Occasional paper no. 170: Strengthening the role of local currencies in EU candidate and potential candidate countriesECB: Statistics paper no. 13: Modelling metadata in central banks# EBAEBA: Latest Q&A# ESMAESMA publishes responses to the Discussion Paper Benchmarks Regulation ESMA publishes new Q&A on CFDs and other speculative products# IMFIMF Working Paper No. 16/84: Do Subnational Fiscal Rules Foster Fiscal Discipline? New Empirical Evidence from EuropeIMF Policy Paper: List of IMF Member Countries with Delays in Completion of Article IV Consultations or Mandatory Financial Stability Assessments over 18 Months# EU REGISTERS# EU COUNCILSt 6095 2016 Rev 1 Cash movements (action 8.3) – draft mandateSt 13607 2000 Dcl 1 Recommendation for a Council opinion on the updated stability programme of Germany, 2000-2004St 7688 2016 Init JOINT COMMUNICATION TO THE EUROPEAN PAR…

EU TRADE Telegram - 8 April 2016

# MERCOSURDG Trade: EU and Mercosur agree to advance trade talks# TTIPThe Release of the Transatlantic Economy 2016CER: Shaping 21st century trade: TTIP, global standards and multilateralismU.S. Commerce Department Appoints New Members to Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness# TISATrade in Service Agreement (TiSA) Finanzmarktdienstleistungen - Analysen und Gutachten der Wissenschaftlichen Dienste# UKRAINECEPS Commentary: The Dutch Referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: Legal options for navigating a tricky and awkward situationCarnegie Europe: Fine-Tuning EU Support for Ukrainian DemocratizationSWP: Zivilgesellschaft in Russland und der Ukraine - Divergierende Kontexte und ihre Implikationen# RUSSIAMüncher Sicherheits-Konferenz: MSC-Vorsitzender Wolfgang Ischinger begrüßt Widerbelebung des NATO-Russland-RatesRussian Government on Russia-Azerbaijan talks# TURKEYNew cooperation agreement with the EU covering the Western Balkans and TurkeyEPP on EU-Turkey deal# …


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