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EU CLIMATE Telegram - 4 April 2016

# POST COP21UNFCCC: The Paris Climate Change Agreement - A New Guide to its Purpose and Structure# MONTREAL PROTOCOLEU Commission seeks progress on HFC amendment to Montreal Protocol at Geneva talksCountries Discuss Reduction of Climate Change-Inducing HFCs - UNEP # CARBON MARKETSUmwweltbundesamt zum Emissionshandel: Emissionen der Industrie auch 2015 fast unverändert - Energieversorger mindern um 1,7 ProzentUK steel crisis solution may hinge on carbon pricing - Carbon PulseSwedish firms launch initiative to decarbonise steelmaking - Carbon PulseFrance’s Royal forms high-level taskforce to push EU carbon price proposal- Carbon Pulse# DIESEL EMISSIONSEuroparlTV Video - Car emissions testing post VW scandalEP Background on  Car emissionsEU Parliament: Publications - Presentations : The regulatory framework of the EP’s right of inquiry - Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector Deutsche Bank Research: Diesel-Anteil in der EU sinkt 2015, aber nur leicht# GE…

EU ENERGY Telegram - 4 April 2016

# ENERGY INTENSIVE INDUSTRIESOpen consultation: Implementing an exemption for energy intensive industries from the indirect costs of the RO and the FITs – UK Department of Energy & Climate Change# ENERGY UNIONDG Energy Calls: Building the investment community for innovative energy technology projectsUpdated: ALDE WORKSHOP: ENERGY UNION AND THE NEED FOR INTEGRATED ENERGY SOLUTIONS. THE ENERGY AGENDA 2016# ENERGY SECURITYUCL: Prof Michael Grubb responds to concerns over the UK's energy supply after the recent coal-fired power plant closures # ENERGY MARKET DESIGNEU Parliament: Amendments 1 - 299 - Towards a New Energy Market Design - PE 578.777v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and EnergyJoint Declaration: Time to deliver flexible power markets - ECOS European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation# ENERGY EFFICIENCYEU Parliament: Amendments 1 - 328 - Implementation report on the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) - PE 578.778v01-00 - Committee on In…

EU LEGAL Telegram - 4 April 2016

# PANAMA LEAKSSueddeutsche Zeitung & ICIJ: Giant leak of offshore financial records exposes crime, corruptionStatement from OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría on the “Panama Papers”Transparency International: Panama Papers reveal need for EU action on secrecy jurisdictionsEC Midday press briefing of 04/04/2016 TAX EVASION - Panama papers: Q&AEC Midday press briefing of 04/04/2016 TAX EVASION - Panama papers (follow up): Q&A“After the Panama leaks the Commission must deliver in its fight against tax havens”, say S&D Euro MPsPES: Panama Papers reveal fraud on industrial scaleEU-Abgeordneter Theurer (ALDE/FDP) zu den „Panama Papers“Panama Papers: It’s time to protect whistleblowers, not corporate secrecy– MEP Julia Reda (Pirates/Greens/EFA)Die Grünen: Panama Papers: EU muss Aktionsplan gegen Geldwäsche vorlegenThe Panama Papers: Implicated politicians must step down and wealth must be taxed appropriately - GUE/NGLEU-Abgeordneter Fabio De Masi (DIE LINKE.) zu Offshore Lea…

EU EURO Telegram - 4 April 2016

# GREECEIMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Letter to Greece Prime Minister Alexis TsiprasS&D Leader Pittella: IMF must not pursue political goals. Discussions on Greek debt relief to be openedCritical evaluation of austerity programmes & the EP scrutiny role in the Greek case and beyond – GUE/NGL# CZECH REPUBLICIMF: The Czech Republic Adheres to the International Monetary Fund’s Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus# ESMAMiFID II – ESMA: no need to temporarily exclude ETDs from open access to trading venues and CCPsESMA updates its EMIR Q&AESMA updates Terms of Reference (ToR)ESMA Library document - ToR IFRS PGESMA Library document - ToR Audit Working GroupESMA Library document - ToR CRA TC ESMA Library document - ToR FISC ESMA Library document - ToR MDSC ESMA Library document - ToR MISCESMA Library document - ToR IMSC ESMA Library document - ToR OWG IMSCESMA Library document - ToR IPISC ESMA Library document - ToR ITMGESMA Library document - ToR SMSCESMA Library d…

EU TRADE Telegram - 4 April 2016

# TTIPEU Commission: Answer - TTIP and its impact on Member States - E-000854/2016 U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews Delivers Remarks at 2016 Hannover Messe Kick-Off Event# EU FTADG Trade: Services and investment in EU trade deals: Using 'positive' and 'negative' lists# CHINAEU Commission: Answer - Protection of the CE European trademark and excessive similarity to the "China Export" trademark - E-015206/2015EU Commission: Answer - Repercussions in the raw materials sector should China be granted market economy status - E-015221/2015Update: Granting market economy status to China - EESC Public Hearing, Brussels# AFRICAEuropean Union relations with Africa - European Parliamentary Research Service# WTOWTO: Trade Policy Review: Saudi ArabiaWTO: South Africa launches safeguard investigation on certain flat-rolled products of iron, non-alloy steel or other alloy steel# UNCITRALUNCITRAL: 33rd International Financial Law Conference# EU REGISTERS# EURLE…

EU DIGITAL Telegram - 4 April 2016

# DSMEU Parliament: Subject files - Working Group on Labour market impacts of digitalisation and robotics - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs CEPS: The Digital Market for Local Services: A one-night stand for workers? An example from the on-demand economySave the Date: FT-ETNO Summit 2016, Tuesday 27 September 2016# E-PRIVACYThe Greens / EFA host a Hearing on the Reform of the e-Privacy Directive: How to get it right?cep kritisiert in Studie die „Safe Harbour“-Nachfolgeregelung der EU Kommission: Mangelnder Datenschutz durch EU „Privacy Shield“ORG: EU mobile consumers not being protected by e-privacy laws: They Know Where You Are  -Is location-data tracking the next big target for cyber criminals?# IT PROCUREMENTDigitale Souveränität durch Vertragsklauseln? – Die neuen EVB-IT des IT-Planungsrates – EAID# COPYRIGHTEU Commission: Answer - Review of Directive 2012/28/EU on certain permitted uses of orphan works - E-016083/2015# CYBERSECURITY“Experience is a good school. But the …

EU INNOVATION Telegram - 4 April 2016

# THE JUNCKER COMMISSIONRede von Jean-Claude Juncker, Präsident der Europäischen Kommission, bei der Gedenkfeier für Guido Westerwelle# SMEEIF and Societe Generale sign agreement to bring €250 million to over 14,000 small businesses in France# INNOVATIONSpeech by EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas in Amsterdam: "Open science: share and succeed"FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces New Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles Manufacturing Innovation Hub in Cambridge, MA and New Report on $2 Billion in Manufacturing R&D Investments# INDUSTRYDG Grow: The European construction sector - a global partner# EMPLOYMENTEESC: The crisis and the evolution of labour relations in the United KingdomEUROSTAT: February 2016 - Euro area unemployment rate at 10.3%, EU28 at 8.9%# EU REGISTERS# EU COMMISSION Décision de la Commission de formuler des observations à l'encontre d'un projet de spécification, notifié par le Royaume Uni sous le n°2016/002/UK dans le cadre de la directive (UE) 20…

EU FUNDING Telegram - 4 April 2016

# BUDGET CONTROLEP votes on Budget Discharge 2014A EU budget management: ARTEMIS, ENIAC and ITER projects fail 2014 discharge testEPP Group: EU spending: quality of audit needs to improve# ESIFDG Regio: European cohesion policy, a key factor for Spain's development and integration in EuropeDG Regio: Latest data on achievements under the 2007-2013 programmes and 7th European Evaluation Conference# DG RESEARCHSpeech by EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas in Amsterdam: "Open science: share and succeed" Research Headlines - Democratising and enhancing research with citizen scientists (via Research & Innovation) # HORIZON 2020FAQs related to Horizon 2020 Photonics callHorizon 2020. EU-China Week on Aviation Research Horizon 2020:  Save the date! Info Day, Horizon 2020 - 'Health, demographic change and wellbeing'Horizon 2020: Sharing knowledge for next generation thermal aircraft designHorizon 2020: Big HIV data opens new avenues to fight the disease # EUREKAMetrion Bios…