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EU EURO Telegram - published 19 February 2016

# ECBDecisions taken by the Governing Council of the ECB (in addition to decisions setting interest rates)CEPS Commentary: The Negative Rates ClubECB: ECB/2015/39 Guideline (EU) 2016/231 of the ECB of 26 November 2015 amending Guideline ECB/2011/23 on the statistical reporting requirements of the ECB in the field of external statisticsECB: Publication: Revised oversight framework for retail payment systemsECB: Working paper no. 1886: Lending-of-last-resort is as lending-of-last-resort does: central bank liquidity provision and interbank market functioning in the euro areaECB: SSM SREP Methodology Booklet# INSURANCESThe Insurance Distribution Directive has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union# BISBIS: 19Feb/Luigi Federico Signorini: Policy and regulatory issues confronting the current global economic and financial environment Keynote address by Mr Luigi Federico Signorini, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy, at the International Finance Corporation, 7th Annual…

EU ENERGY Telegram - published 19 February 2016

# ENERGY UNIONDraft agenda - Monday, 22 February 2016 - Tuesday, 23 February 2016 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy# ENERGY COSTSHearings - Public Hearing on "Energy Costs and EU Industry Competitiveness" - 23-02-2016 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy# ENERGY SECURITYEU Council:St 6278 2016 Init Opinion of the CSC (IA) on protection of EUCI at the level RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED handled in a contractor's CIS (Appendix E to Annex II of the draft Guidelines on Industrial Security)# ENERGY REGULATIONENTSO-E: Join us to improve the pan-European cost-benefit analysis methodologyACER confirms Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) as Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) under REMITUpdate on ENTSO-E events coming up this February and March# ELECTRICITY STORAGEBMWi: PV-Batteriespeicherförderung startet am 1. März# FUEL CELLSFCH: Customers like the idea of ene.field home energy solutionsESA: Brennstoffzellen für urbane Fahrzeuge# GAZPROMGazprom and Bolivia advanci…

EU CLIMATE Telegram - published 19 February 2016

# POST COP21Follow-up to CoP 21 (Climate change) Policy debate The role of sequestration in the context of the Paris Agreement and EU climate policy up to 2030 = Information from the Polish delegationConcrétiser les engagements européens pour le climat - Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Energie et de la MerUNFCCC Chief to Step Down in July - Christiana Figueres Thanks Governments and ObserversApply for the 2016 Momentum for Change Awards! Submit Your Climate Solution and be Celebrated at the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, MoroccoJoin us for a review of COP21 and an outlook into the near future after the agreement - ICLEI Global# CLIMATE FINANCEHéla Cheikhrouhou to leave GCF after her three years as Executive DirectorEIB: Green gold - How the EIB and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange raise the money that keeps climate change at bayIrish energy efficiency market welcomes Investor Confidence Project Europe# CAR EMISSIONSEPP: Shaping new EU rules for Real Driving Emissi…

EU LEGAL Telegram - published 19 February 2016

# EUROPEAN COUNCILEuropean Council conclusions, 18-19 February 2016Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the European Council meeting on 19 February 2016EPP: We support the deal with the UK, we have to tackle the migration crisis togetherEU-Abgeordneter Jo LEINEN (S&D/SPD): Jetzt muss Cameron liefern! Europa-SPD verteidigt Grundprinzipien der EU# BREXITEuropean Council Conclusions: THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THE EUROPEAN UNIONHighlights - UK Referendum - Committee on Constitutional AffairsThe United Kingdom and the European Union [What Think Tanks are Thinking] - European Parliamentary Research ServiceBriefing - The United Kingdom and the European Union - EP THINKTANKBriefing - The UK rebate on the EU budget: An explanation of the abatement and other correction mechanisms - EP THINKTANKBriefing - Article 50 TEU: Withdrawal of a Member State from the EU - EP THINKTANK# REFUGEE CRISISEuropean Council Conclusions on migrationPresident Juncker welcomes renewed commitment to European appr…

EU ENERGY Telegram - published 18 February 2016

# MARKET DESIGNIEA on market design: How to reinvent electricity markets after COP 21DG Energy on the IEA report on European electricity market design# ENERGY SECURITYDG Energy: New rules to boost gas supply security and solidarityImplementing the Energy Union: Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič discusses Energy Security package in BerlinEP on Gas package: structured dialogue with EU Commissioners Arias Cañete and NavracsicsEPC Policy Dialogue: The Energy Security Package - What implications for gas in Europe?SWP: Offshore Hydrocarbon Resources in the Arctic - From Cooperation to Confrontation in an Era of Geopolitical and Economic Turbulence?# ENERGY INTENSIVE INDUSTRIESEU Council: St 5998 2016 Rev 1 Preparation of the Council ("Competitiveness") of 29 February 2016 Steel industry: Follow-up to the extraordinary Competitiveness Council on 9 November 2015 and the Conference on Energy-Intensive Industries on 15 February 2016 - Presentation by the Commission and the Presidency - Ex…

EU LEGAL Telegram - published 18 February 2016

# EUROPEAN COUNCILSchulz: “If we Europeans part ways we should make no mistake about the consequences”PES:  Social Europe is where the UK should stay; Schengen area is vital# BREXITEESC Workers' Group Declaration on the 'New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union'# REFUGEE CRISISEU-Turkey Cooperation: First meeting of the Steering Committee of the Facility for Refugees in TurkeyPresident Juncker co-hosted Western Balkans Route Leaders' Meeting and participates in EPP Summit today# TAXATIONThe Anti-Tax Avoidance Package - European Economic and Social Committee„Runter von der Bremse!“ - Kampf gegen Steuervemrmeidung Multis - MdEP Peter SIMON (S&D/SPD)EESC: VAT/ Minimum standard rate - extension# POLITICAL FINANCINGCouncil of Europe: Regional conference on money in politics# CJEUJudgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-176/13 P - Council v Bank Mellat: The Court of Justice confirms the annulment of the fund-freezing measures in place against Ban…

EU INNOVATION Telegram - published 18 February 2016

# EMPLOYMENTEP: How to make the integration of refugees into the labour market workBriefing - Labour Market Integration of Refugee: EU Funding Instruments - EP THINKTANKEU-Abgeordneter Mann (EVP/CDU) zu Flüchtlingen und Beschäftigung: EP will heißes Eisen schmieden# INDUSTRYGabriel: "Europa braucht wieder mehr Industrie" - Bündnis "Zukunft der Industrie" legt Handlungsempfehlungen für europäische Industriepolitik vorEU Study: The competitive position of the European food and drink industry# SMEBriefing - Enhancing the Competitiveness of SMEs - EP THINKTANKEESC supports an effective Capital Markets Union but raises concerns about relevance for SMEs# BLUE GROWTHAt a Glance - The Atlantic Action Plan - EP THINKTANK# CIRCULAR ECONOMYCircular economy: the second round - European Parliamentary Research Service# INNOVATIONDG Growth: Programme for the launch event of the 2016 European Social Innovation Competition# INDICATORSElusive global growth outlook requires urgent po…

EU EURO Telegram - published 18 February 2016

# ECBFinancial statements of the ECB for 2015Monetary policy accounts Account of the monetary policy meetingECB Euro area monthly balance of payments (December 2015)ECB Publication: Consolidated balance sheet of the Eurosystem as at 31 December 2015Latest MEP questions to the ECBQuestion to the ECB - ECB employment policy on temporary agency staff - PE 576.915v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary AffairsQuestion to the ECB - Monetary policy tools: large scale acquisition programme of governments bonds - PE 576.799v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary AffairsQuestion to the ECB - Monetary policy tools: official interest rate - PE 576.800v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary AffairsQuestion to the ECB - Monetary policy tools: other instruments - PE 576.801v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary AffairsLetters from the ECB to MEPsPublication: Letter from the ECB President to ENF members, EP, on the financing situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the eur…

EU DIGITAL Telegram - published 18 February 2016

# DSMBriefing - Contracts for the supply of digital content and for the online and other distance sales of goods: Initial Appraisal of a European Commission Impact Assessment - EP THINKTANKDIGITALEUROPE urges swift progress on cross-border portability of online content services regulationETNO ThinkDigital Interview - Speed, latency, content, ubiquitous coverage: Pleasing today’s Digital consumer# DATA PROTECTIONEAID: Leaky Umbrella (Updated 18 February 2016) - Peter Schaar# CYBERSECURITYStudy reports - Preparatory activities in the context of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) cybersecurity component# E-HEALTHWebinar on Supporting EU-US eHealth Innovation Ecosystems# EBUEurovision Song Contest voting set for massive change# PAY TVFCC Votes To Begin Process Of Opening Cable Set Top Boxes To Competition – CCIA# FUTURE MEDIAMeeting debate on the future of journalism# GERMAN DIGITAL AGENDAZweiter Workshop "Mensch-Roboter-Zusammenarbeit" in der BAuA# EU REGISTERS# EU COUNCILCm 1559…

EU TRADE Telegram - published 18 February 2016

# TRADE SUSTAINABILITYExchange of views with ILO on the future of trade and investment - Committee on International Trade# TTIPÖsterreich: EU-Handelskommissarin Malmström im Parlament - TTIP auf der Gesprächsagenda mit Nationalratspräsidentin Bures# PERU & COLOMBIADraft report - Trade Agreement between the EU and its Member States, of the one part, and Colombia and Peru, of the other part, to take account of the accession of Croatia to the EU -  Committee on International Trade# CHINAGabriel: "Europa braucht wieder mehr Industrie" - Bündnis "Zukunft der Industrie" legt Handlungsempfehlungen für europäische Industriepolitik vor (u.a. zu China)# UKRAINEJoint statement on the Situation in Ukraine by the Swedish and Lithuanian Ministers of DefenceDeutsche Unterstützung für die Ost-Ukraine - Auswärtiges Amt# RUSSIARussian Government: Action plan to ensure stable socioeconomic development in 2016SWP: Offshore Hydrocarbon Resources in the Arctic - From Cooperation to …


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