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EU ENERGY Telegram - published 5 February 2016

# ENERGY UNIONNew EU Commission Roadmap: Energy Union Integrated Strategy on Research, Innovation and CompetitivenessDG Energy: Study on comparative review of investment conditions for electricity and gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in the EU InfrastructureThe state of the Energy Union – governance and implications for civil society – Public Hearing at the European Economic and Social CommitteeThe Russian Presence in the European Energy Market - Policy solutions public conference - The Greens | European Free AllianceMeeting with Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy - Energy CharterNorwegian gas and renewables: part of Europe's energy solution – Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy# ENERGY EFFICIENCYDG Energy: Modelling concrete energy efficiency measures in energy intensive industries for the review of the Energy Efficiency DirectiveEU Parliament: Draft opinion – version 2: Implementation report on the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) - PE 576.724v02-0…

EU CLIMATE Telegram - published 5 February 2016

# CLIMATE TARGETSCarbon Pulse: ANALYSIS: EU won’t budge on 2030 GHG goal, but plans to beat it massively# CAR EMISSIONSEU Commission: Answer - Diesel vehicles and pollution - E-013598/2015AK Europa: Neue Entwicklungen im Automobilbereich# POST COP21PubAffairs Bruxelles : Résumée d’un débat «La COP21 et les habitudes de consommation alimentaire dans l'Union européenne »Climate Strategies Workshop: Evaluating peace and reconciliation in international climate negotiationsScience et climat : Ségolène Royal salue le 70ème lancement réussi de la fusée Ariane 5 - Ministère du Développement durable# POLLUTIONThe European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR), Member States reporting under Article 7 of Regulation (EC) No 166/2006UNECE: Greening the economy and improving air quality will top agenda of Eighth Environment for Europe Ministerial ConferenceUNECE: Parliament of Ukraine paves the way for ratification of the Kyiv Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers# EU …

EU DIGITAL Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# DSMSpeech by Vice-President Ansip at the European launch of the World Development Report 2016EU Parliament Retail Market Roundtable on DSMETNO Think Digital Interview with MEP Barbara Kappel (ENF/FPÖ, Austria) on DSM: "The review should be about a real, free framework for competition"Digital Regulation Forum: “Policies for the Digital Single Market: an evolution or a revolution?”Huawei joins EIT Digital# DATA SCIENCEDIGITALEUROPE Position on Text and Data MiningEDSA launches self-study coursesInternet Research Fair - Geneva Internet Platform# WEEECECED, DIGITALEUROPE, EERA and the WEEE Forum call on the European Commission to take appropriate measures to make compliance with the EN 50625 Series mandatory# TSMETNO on Telecom reform: Report proposes new focus on consumer welfare and innovation# AVMS-DAVMS-D: Conference about strengthening the position of the European audiovisual content# EBUEBU: 100 days to go until Eurovision Song Contest Grand FinalEBU takes listeners on a…

EU TRADE Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# CHINAJudgment of the Court of Justice in Joined Cases C-659/13, C-34/14 - C & J Clark International# TTIPDeutscher Richterbund: Stellungnahme zur Errichtung eines Investitionsgerichts für TTIP – Vorschlag der Europäischen Kommission vom 16.09.2015 und 12.11.2015Statement by President Obama on the Signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership# TISAMEP Bernd Lange (S&D/SPD) on TTIP: "If there is no ambitious deal on the table, there is no deal"EDRi on TiSA negotiations: the European Parliament strong positionver.di zu TiSA: Geplantes Dienstleistungsabkommen gefährdet Sozialstandards, Arbeitnehmer- und Gewerkschaftsrechte# SERBIA & KOSOVOMEPs call on Serbia and Kosovo to pursue their reform agendaS&D MEPs fully support Serbia's European integrationSerbia and Kosovo progress reports: ALDE welcomes the steps forward, but fight against corruption and media freedom need to be improvedEU Parliament: Text adopted - European integration process of Kosovo - P8_TA-PROV(…

EU INNOVATION Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# THE JUNCKER PLANWinter 2016 Economic Forecast: Weathering new challengesEU Commissioner Moscovici presents the 2016 Winter Economic Forecast (including slides)WKÖ-Präsident Leitl: Österreich muss durch Reformen auf robusten Wachstumspfad zurückfindenInvestment Plan for Europe: first deal in Hungary worth €97 million to support over 1500 small businessesIfo Economic Climate in the Euro Area Continues to Cloud Over# SINGLE MARKETRevised draft EU Council Conclusions on the Single Market StrategyDG Grow: EU general risk assessment methodology (Action 5 of Multi-Annual Action Plan for the surveillance of products in the EU (COM(2013)76))# INNOVATIONBriefing - Understanding innovation - EP THINKTANK# SERVICES DIRECTIVEEU Commission Study: Simplification and mutual recognition in the construction sector under the Services Directive# EMPLOYMENTMany qualifications frameworks in Europe now operational – CEDEFOP# EU REGISTERS# EU COUNCILSt 1202 2016 Init ERAC Opinion on Open Research DataSt 54…

EU EURO Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# EMUSpeech by ECB President Mario Draghi: How central banks meet the challenge of low inflationSpeech by Yves Mersch: Policy needs, knowns and unknowns in the aftermath of the crisisMacroprudential policies to contain systemic risks - Keynote speech by Ignazio Angeloni, Member of the Supervisory Board of the ECBBriefing - 2016 Country Specific Recommendations for the Euro Area - EP THINKTANKThe Deepening EMU Package: What's next? European Economic and Social Committee# PORTUGALStatement by the European Commission and the European Central Bank following the third post-programme surveillance mission to PortugalIMF: Portugal—Concluding Statement of the Third Post-Program Monitoring Discussions# FINANCIAL SERVICESECB: Publication: Eurosystem contribution to the European Commission's call for evidence on the EU regulatory framework for financial servicesUK Policy paper: HM Treasury response to EU Commission’s call for evidence on EU regulatory framework for financial servicesDeuts…

EU LEGAL Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# POLITICAL FINANCEPolitical finance needs tighter regulation and enforcement, says OECD# TAXATIONAt a Glance - Tax Rulings and Other Measures Similar in Nature or Effect - EP THINKTANKIMF: Introducing a General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) : Ensuring That a GAAR Achieves Its PurposeEP Draft report - Common system of value added tax, with regard to the duration of the obligation to respect a minimum standard rate - PE 575.288v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs  - MEP Peter SimonOECD: Senegal takes key steps towards improving tax transparency# UK SETTLEMENTEU Council: St 4 2016 Init Draft Decision of the Heads of State or Government, meeting within the European Council, concerning a New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European UnionSt 5 2016 Init Draft Statement on Section A of the Decision of the Heads of State or Government, meeting within the European Council, concerning a New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European UnionSt 9 2016 Init Draft …

EU ENERGY Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# ENERGY UNIONEurostat: The EU was dependent on energy imports for slightly over half of its consumption in 2014DG Energy: EU 53% dependent on energy imports in 2014DG Energy: EU and Norway to boost energy cooperationCEER publishes its report on the role of LNG to improve security of supply# SMART ENERGYEURELECTRIC Annual Convention and Conference - E-lectricity: The Power Sector Goes Digital# ENERGY EFFICIENCYEP: Draft opinion - Implementation report on the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) - PE 576.724v01-00 - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety – MEP Peter Liese# RENEWABLESWorld’s largest concentrated solar plant opened in Morocco – AfDB# WASTE TO ENERGYNew EU Commission Roadmap: Waste to Energy Communication# ENERGY REGULATIONENTSOG Update: 4th Stakeholder Joint Working Session (SJWS#4) on TYNDP 2017ENTSO-E: Take part in the consultation on the Common Grid ModelLast Call to take the ENTSO-E Stakeholder Survey - Closes Friday# GAZPROMGazprom: Board of…

EU CLIMATE Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# CAR EMISSIONSDieselgate and the car lobby - A contribution from a transparency and democracy perspective - GREENS-EFACLEPA position on Real Driving Emissions# POST COP21UNFCCC: Nepal Submits its Climate Action PlanParis Climate Deal Brings Investment Opportunity of $12.1 Trillion Over 25 Years – CERES# EU REGISTERS# EU PARLIAMENTDraft agenda - Wednesday, 17 February 2016 - Thursday, 18 February 2016 - PE 576.835v01-00 - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food SafetyDraft report - Implementation of the 2010 recommendations of Parliament on social and environmental standards, human rights and corporate responsibility - PE 575.363v02-00 - Committee on International Trade  MEP Eleonora Forenza# EU COUNCILCM 1393 2016 INIT - Working Party on International Environment IssuesCm 1376 2016 Init Working Party on Forestry

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EU FUNDING Telegram - published 4 February 2016

# EFSIInvestment Plan for Europe: first deal in Hungary worth €97 million to support over 1500 small businesses# ESIFStatement in the European Parliament plenary session on the railways and public services in Danube and Adriatic-Ionian regions – EU Commissioner Corina CrețuSpeech in the European Parliament plenary session on the role of local and regional authorities in ESIF – EU Commissioner Corina CrețuEU Parliament: Text adopted - The role of local and regional authorities in the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) - P8_TA-PROV(2016)0050 - Thursday, 4 February 2016 - Strasbourg - Provisional editionBriefing - Research for REGI Committee: Implementation of Cohesion Policy in the 2014-2020 Programming Period - February 2016 Update - EP THINKTANKEU islands: call for action to overcome permanent handicapsIntervention in the European Parliament plenary session on the insularity condition - EU Commissioner Corina CrețuEU Parliament: Text adopted - Special situation of islands…

EU DIGITAL Telegram - published 3 February 2016

# SAFE HARBORStatement of the Article 29 Working party on the consequences of the Schrems JudgementU.S. Department of Commerce: EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Fact SheetDigitaleurope welcomes Article 29 Working Party statement on EU-US data transfer toolsEuroISPA: Privacy Shield political agreement is a step in the right directionBVDW zu EU-US Privacy Shield: „Transparenz und Rechtssicherheit dringend erforderlich“BDI zu neuen Regeln für den Datenaustausch zwischen EU und USA# SPECTRUMSpeech by Commissioner Oettinger at EU High Level Dialogue On Spectrum-Related IssuesEURLEX: 2016/0027/COD - Proposal for a DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the use of the 470-790 MHz frequency band in the UnionJoint BEREC/RSPG News Release on Spectrum and the Framework ReviewBig questions remain over EU-US Safe Harbour data transfer agreement, say S&D MEPsEin neuer Name macht keinen besseren Rechtsschutz  - SPD-Europaabgeordnete Sippel kritisiert Ersatz für gekippte Safe-Harbor-Rege…


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