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IEU FUNDING Telegram 30 August 2016

# CULTURAL HERITAGEEU Commission proposes 2018 as the European Year of Cultural HeritageProposal for a DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on a European Year of Cultural Heritage# EFSIEU Commission Answer - European Fund for Strategic Investments - E-004859/2016# ESIFEU Commission Answer - Irish funding from the European Social Fund - E-005401/2016# DG RESEARCHERA-Can+ Webinar with Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council - 7 September 2016, Online eventERA-Can+ Webinar with Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) - 12 September 2016, Online eventINREP at E-MRS 2016 Fall Meeting - 19-21 September 2016, Warsaw, PolandERA-Can+ Information Sessions in Munich, September 23 - 23 September 2016, Munich, GermanyThe Food Factor I Barcelona Conference - 2-4 November 2016, Barcelona, Spain17th EMBL|EMBO Science and Society Conference: The Past in the Present - 3-4 November 2016, Heidelberg, Germany2016 National Cancer Research Instit…

IEU INNOVATION Telegram 30 August 2016

# THE JUNCKER PLANEU Commission Answer - European Fund for Strategic Investments - E-004859/2016# EMPLOYMENTExchange of views with Ján Richter (Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family) - Committee on Employment and Social AffairsEP Study - Employee Financial Participation: Spain's Sociedades Laborales - PE 587.300 - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs  # EU REGISTERS-> EU COMMISSIONProposal for a DECISION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund following an application from Finland – EGF/2016/001 FI/MicrosoftDécision de la Commission de formuler un avis circonstancié à l'encontre d'un projet de règlement, notifié par l'Italie sous le n°2016/252/I dans le cadre de la directive (UE) 2015/1535COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No …/.. amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 901/2014 with regard to the administrative requirements for the approval and market surveillance of two- or…

IEU DIGITAL Telegram 30 August 2016

# NET NEUTRALITYBEREC publishes guidelines on net neutralityStatement by Vice-President Ansip and Commissioner Oettinger welcoming guidelines on EU net neutrality rules by BERECNet neutrality: A single rulebook for a single digital market - Blog post by Günther Oettinger# NET NEUTRALITY - PARTIESSPD: Netzneutralität steht nicht zum Verkauf -EU Abgeordnete Petra KAMMEREVERT Victory for Net Neutrality in Europe - MEP Julia Reda (Greens/Pirates)Die Grünen: Regulierungsbehörden sorgen für hohe Standards bei NetzneutralitätCDU im Bundestag: Freiheit des Internet wird gesichert# NET NEUTRALITY - REGULATORSNorwegian Communications Authority: BEREC publishes guidelines on net neutralityBEREC veröffentlicht finale Leitlinien zur Netzneutralität - Bundesnetzagentur# NET NEUTRALITY - STAKEHOLDERSETNO note on BEREC Net Neutrality GuidelinesEDRi: Net neutrality wins in Europe!BEUC: Internet users better off as EU moves to protect net neutralityDigitale Gesellschaft: REGELN FÜR NETZNEUTRALITÄT STEH…

IEU TRADE Telegram 30 August 2016

# G20The EU at the G20 summit in Hangzhou: Joint letter of Presidents Juncker and Tusk# EU "GYMNICH" MEETINGInformal meeting of EU foreign ministers (Gymnich) in Bratislava# TTIP & CETACompilation of the EC Midday press briefing Q&A on TTIP - TRADE - TTIP: Q&AEP Exchange of views on Conclusion of Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)EP background material on CETADie Grünen zu TTIP: Wenn Frankreich TTIP ablehnt, muss es erst CETA stoppenGUE/NGL - SAVE THE DATE "CETA, TTIP: two sides of the same coin?"Trans-Atlantic Business Council: TTIP Negotiations Have Not Failed and Are Not DeadBusinesseurope: TTIP negotiations must go on TTIP ist eine Riesenchance - DIHKTTIP: Qualität vor Geschwindigkeit - DIHKBEUC Infographic: No trade agreement should make us doubt our foodFoodwatch: 125.047 Menschen gegen CETA: Campact, foodwatch und Mehr Demokratie reichen größte Verfassungsbeschwerde der Geschichte ein# TURKEYEU Parliament on Turkey: handling of aft…

IEU EURO Telegram 30 August 2016

# EMUEU Commission Answer - European Stability Mechanism - E-004984/2016Amendments 1 - 328 - European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2016 priorities - PE 587.444v02-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs# BASEL IIIBasel III implementation: Basel Committee reports to G20 Leaders# ECBECB Working paper no. 1952: The great moderation in international capital flows: a global phenomenon?ECB Working paper no. 1953: Animal spirits, fundamental factors and business cycle fluctuationsECB Working paper no. 1954: Credit constraints and the international propagation of US financial shocks# CAPITAL MARKETS UNIONEU SAVERS BACK THE REJECTION OF THE DRAFT IMPLEMENTATION RULES FOR THE KEY INFORMATION DOCUMENT (KID) FOR INVESTMENT PRODUCTS, BUT FOR DIFFERENT REASONS# ESMAESMA sees risk outlook deteriorate for EU securities marketsNote 

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IEU LEGAL Telegram 30 August 2016

# TAXATION STATE AIDEU Commission: Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple worth up to €13 billionEC Press conference - State aid: Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple worth up to €13 billion - Press conference opening remarks by Margrethe VESTAGER, Member of the EC in charge of CompetitionEPP: Apple in Ireland: we need rigorous and bold enforcement of competition rulesEU-Abgeordneter Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU) zu AppleS&Ds on Apple illegal state aid decision: "A decisive milestone for the honest taxpayer"EU-Abgeordneter Theurer (ALDE/FDP) zu AppleDie Grünen: So geht Europa - Wettbewerbskommissarin Margrethe Vestager bleibt hart und erklärt Apples Steuerabsprachen mit Irland für unzulässigGUE-NGL: EC ruling on Apple’s unpaid taxes sets good precedent but much more needed to tackle tax avoidanceEU-Abgeordneter Fabio De Masi (DIE LINKE) zu Apple: Think different heißt Steuergerechtigkeit# ENERGY STATE AIDEU-Kommission: Vestager und Gabriel verständigen sich über Ener…

IEU ENVIRONMENT Telegram 30 August 2016

# GREEN GROWTHUN: Development Needs to be Green and it Needs to be Inclusive# TRANS FATSEU Parliament Question for oral answer by the Commission - Trans fats (TFAs) - O-2016-000106# WATER POLLUTIONHundreds of Millions Face Health Risk as Water Pollution Rises Across Three Continents - UNEP# PROTECTED SITESNatura 2000 data - the European network of protected sites - European Union Open Data Portal# EU REGISTERS-> EU COMMISSIONRapport de la Commission au Parlement européen, au Conseil, au Comité économique et social européen et au Comité des régions sur la mise en œuvre de la directive 2006/21/CE concernant la gestion des déchets de l’industrie extractive et modifiant la directive 2004/35/CE-> EFSA80th plenary meeting of the Scientific Committee Parma, Italy 14 September 2016Peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance carfentrazone-ethylPeer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substance flazasulfuronNote 

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IEU CLIMATE Telegram 30 August 2016

# EMISEP background material on car emissionsEPP - Car emissions: we are not done with Verheugen yetS&Ds grill Verheugen on discrepancies in laws for emissions of trucks/buses and carsSPD zum Abgasskandal - Ex-Kommissare vor UntersuchungsausschussThe Greens/EFA on Hearings of former EU-Commissioners Günter Verheugen and Antonio Tajani (30 August/5 September) - EMIS hearingsGUE/NGL: Former Commissioner caves to pressure, appears before EMIS hearing# CARBON MARKETSDebate on a Global Market-Based Measure Scheme prior to the ICAO Assembly - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safetycep: Carbon Leakage - zwingt das Emissionshandelssystem energieintensive Produktion ins Ausland?DEHSt: Erfahrungsaustausch zum Emissionshandel für Anlagenbetreiber und Sachverständige# COP22United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Paris Agreement - Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety2016 UN Climate Change Conference - COP22 - Marrakesh, Morocco (7 - 18 …

IEU ENERGY Telegram 30 August 2016

# ENERGY UNIONENTSO-E: Completing the European Power Market - A Central East European Perspective3rd UNI-SET Energy Clustering Event - 21-23 November 2016, Bucharest, RomaniaCEDEC Congress (18/10/2016) - NEW TOP SPEAKERS CONFIRMED !# ENERGY STATE AIDEU-Kommission: Vestager und Gabriel verständigen sich über Energie-BeihilfenGabriel: Wichtige Verständigung mit EU-Kommission zum Energiepaket erzieltVKU zu Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung: Berlin und Brüssel haben sich geeinigt - endlich Planungssicherheit für StadtwerkeBDEW zur beihilferechtlichen Einigung beim KWK-Gesetz# SMART GRIDSEU Commission Call: "Study on ensuring interoperability for enabling Demand Side flexibility"How will robotic applications in the energy grid change our lives? - European Parliamentary Research Service# ENERGY EFFICIENCYSETPLAN: 9th Conference of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan# RENEWABLESFuture Energy Visions, Part 2: Hydrocarbon Bridge - The Energy Collective# ENERGY SECURITYStatoil: Barents –…

IEU SMART CITIES Telegram 29 August 2016

# EU COMMISSIONEU Commission: Data in Smart Cities and Smart Mobility - Analysis of the current situationEC Smart Cities Info Days# EIP-SCCEIP-SCC: JASPERS Programme Offers SUMP Training for CitiesEIP-SCC: ‘Smart Urban Mobility: Opportunities for Cooperation and Finance’ ConferenceEIP–SCC: Apply to Win the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation AwardsEIP – SCC: How to Build a Business Model? Share your Experience with us!# EU SCISDouble experience: ZenN and BERTIM projectsCheap-GSHPs project: a valuable experience in shallow geothermal systems for heating and cooling in buildingsTop Smart Cities in the world todayWe have economic growth, even as the use of electricity is declining!EC recommendations on promotion of Nearly Zero Energy BuildingsSmart City 2.0: Transforming Cities Into Self-Learning, Self-Modulating OrganismsWe are accepting submissions for guest blog posts!Budapest Energy SummitSmart Mobility 2020Local Renewables Conference 2016# SMART GOVERNANCEeGovernment at Regional…

IEU FUNDING Telegram 29 August 2016

# DG RESEARCHResearch Headlines - The secrets of the Earth's deep interiorSuccess Stories - In-wheel innovation boosts electric vehicle potentialEvents - Green Catalysis by Design Scientific Meeting and Student Winter SchoolEvents - Marine Energy Event 2016FOODSECURE final project conference - 12 October 2016, Brussels, BelgiumFOOD2030: FOOD 2030: Research & Innovation for Tomorrow’s Nutrition & Food Systems - 12-13 October 2016, SQUARE, Brussels# DG CONNECTEU Commission call: Organisation of a conference to launch the Digital Skills and Jobs CoalitioneHealth Week 2017: Save the DateEmpattics workshops on chronic disease care and innovation# HORIZON 2020H2020 BIOTECH CONSORTIUM BUILDING WORKSHOP - 28 September 2016, Brussels, BelgiumCollaborative, cost-effective approach to fuel cell manufacturing - Horizon 2020Harnessing the full power of renewable energy with hydrogen - Horizon 2020Cleaner urban transport with hydrogen buses - Horizon 2020Hydrogen drives Europe towards e…

IEU INNOVATION Telegram 29 August 2016

# INNOVATIONEU Commission Public Consultation: Interim evaluation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Open Consultations# SMEBundeswirtschaftsministerium: Neue Ausschreibung für weitere Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentren veröffentlicht# INDUSTRYDeutsche Bank Research: The industrial sector's share in the EU economy is stabilising# SINGLE MARKETDG Grow: EUROPEAN SINGLE PROCUREMENT DOCUMENT# EU REGISTERS-> EU PARLIAMENTMotion for a resolution on labour market reforms - B8-2016-0881Motion for a resolution on the negative impact of the Posted Workers Directive - B8-2016-0859Motion for a resolution on promoting the craft professions - B8-2016-0889-> EU COUNCILCM 3716 2016 INIT - WORKING PARTY ON COMPETITIVENESS AND GROWTH (Internal Market)Cm 3717 2016 Init - Working Party on Consumer Protection and InformationNote 

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IEU DIGITAL Telegram 29 August 2016

# COPYRIGHTEU Commissioner Oettinger is about to turn EU copyright reform into another ACTA - MEP Julia Reda (Greens / Pirates)# DSMEU Commission call: Organisation of a conference to launch the Digital Skills and Jobs CoalitionBundeswirtschaftsministerium: Neue Ausschreibung für weitere Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentren veröffentlicht# E-HEALTHeHealth Week 2017: Save the DateEmpattics workshops on chronic disease care and innovation# CYBER SECURITYDeutscher Bundestag: 18/9445 (PDF) - Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage - Drucksache 18/9334 - Pläne der Bundesregierung für eine neue CybersicherheitsstrategieBSI: Top 10-Bedrohungen für Industriesteuerungsanlagen# INTERNET GOVERNANCEGlobal Internet And Jurisdiction Conference 2016 - GIPO-Net# JAPANEU-JAPAN Workshop on Computational Materials Design and Realization for Spintronics, Moltronics, Quantronics, Superconductivity and Topotronics# MEDIA FREEDOMPetition for freedom of expression: #FreeWordsTurkey - German government…


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