IEU INNOVATION Telegram 15 July 2016


  • The EU and innovation: What Think Tanks are thinking - European Parliamentary Research Service
    • From distraction to action: Towards a bold Energy Union innovation strategy
    • How mobile is tech talent? A case study of IT professionals based on data from LinkedIn
    • Rewriting Europe: Five priorities for lasting digital economy
    • New estimate of the size of Dutch ‘Gig Economy’
    • From startup to scale-up: Growing Europe’s digital economy
    • A deepened Single Market for labour and digital innovation: Proposals for higher factor mobility in the Single Market
    • The European Union’s Digital Single Market Strategy: A conflict between government’s desire for certainty and rapid marketplace innovation?
    • Policies for innovation in times of digitalization: A comparative report on innovation policies in Finland, Sweden and Germany
    • E-commerce in Europe: Parcel delivery prices in a Digital Single Market
    • Text and data mining for research and innovation
    • Competition, growth and regulatory heterogeneity in Europe’s digital economy
    • The European Union’s growing innovation divide
    • Mapping the regional embeddedness of the NMP programme
    • EU transition towards green and smart mobility: Action toolbox to unleash innovation potentials
    • Competition challenges in the consumer Internet industry: How to ensure fair competition in the EU
    • Getting the most from public R&D spending in times of budgetary austerity
    • The Israeli lobby for research and innovation in the European Union: An example of efficient cooperation in the European neighbourhood?
    • Europe’s digital future: Focus on key priorities
    • Innovation in green energy technologies and the economic performance of firms
    • Can mass migration boost innovation and productivity?
    • Seeing the forest for the trees: Why the Digital Single Market matters for transatlantic relations
    • Digital media and society. Implications in a hyperconnected era
    • Mixing and matching research and innovation policies in EU countries
    • Digital skills for the future
    • Innovation capabilities and financing constraints of family firms
    • The importance of complementary policy for ICT in the EU
    • Die EU auf dem Weg zu einer Datenschutz-Union. Bleibt die Innovation auf der Strecke?
    • Government of the future: How digital technology will change the way we live, work and govern
    • Integration of products and services: Taking the Single Market into the 21st century
    • Environmental policies, innovation and productivity in EU
    • Why is Europe lagging on next generation access networks?
    • R&D networks and regional knowledge production in Europe: Evidence from a space-time model


  • EP Draft opinion - The implementation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments - PE 587.416v01-00 - Committee on Regional Development


  • EESC: Steel: Preserving jobs and growth


  • Timetables - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection


  • EP Study Posting of Workers Directive - current situation and challenges - Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
  • EESC & CoR: Employers and regions coming together



  • Décision de la Commission de formuler un avis circonstancié à l'encontre d'un projet d'homologation, notifié par la France sous le n°2016/180/F dans le cadre de la directive (UE) 2015/1535
  • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION amending Implementing Decision C(2014) 809 on entrusting budget implementation tasks to the European GNSS Agency and the European Space Agency linked to the deployment and exploitation of the European GNSS Systems (EGNOS and Galileo)


  • Answer - Contracts with unacceptable terms of employment - E-003554/2016
  • Answer - Observance of the single market regulations in the case of availability of content from Apple - E-003618/2016

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