IEU FUNDING Telegram 6 May 2016


  • Cohesion Policy support for migrants and refugees - European Parliamentary Research Service


  • Mid-term review/revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020 [Policy podcast]  - European Parliamentary Research Service


  • Inspiring findings to expand the RRI scene (via EuroScientist)


  • Invasive alien species — development of risk assessments to tackle priority species and enhance prevention


  • Documentation of ECSEL Call Forum 2016


  • UfM MedNC Project – First annual meeting of the Second Chance Schools of Spain (Escuelas de Segunda Oportunidad, E2O)


  • Latest Calls by EuropeAid
    • 137712 - Appui institutionnel et renforcement des capacités des acteurs du secteur de l'énergie au Bénin (RECASEB)
    • 137840 - Assistante technique soutien aux réformes du Projet de production d'eau potable par dessalement et énergie renouvelable (PEPER)
    • 137875 - Communication and Visibility Activities on EU Cooperation in the Philippines
    • 137881 - Support to Civil Code – Phase 2
    • 138056 - Management of EU Info Centre and EU Info Points 2017-2018 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • 138058 - Appui au renforcement du secteur de l'énergie
    • 138059 - Evaluation and monitoring of the Sector reform contract for Public administration reform and public finance management
    • 138060 - Supply of equipment for the Alignment and Implementation of the EU Internal Market acquis to specialized institutions of Montenegro (ME)
    • 151836 - Complementary Rehabilitation and Re-socialisation Support in the Criminal Justice sector
    • 138021 - Supply of Galvanized Iron tubes for Energy Saving Stove Chimney
    • 138039 - Supply contract for general ICT network
    • 138040 - Support to Participation in EU Programmes
    • 138041 - Technical Assistance to the Ministry in Charge for Energy and Relevant Public Entities for the Implementation of the New Energy Law, NEEAP and RES Directive
    • 138042 - Integration of navigation monitoring system on the Danube River Location
    • 138043 - Development of Integrated National Qualification System
    • 137965 - Supply of equipment for the Institute of Standardisation (ISRM).
    • 138072 - Extension and upgrading the Customs clearance and inspection facilities of the road Border Crossing Tananovce
    • 151886 - Support to Pilot Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives for CSOs


  • Annual Report 2015 on EIB activity in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific, and the overseas territories



  • St 1206 2016 Init Mandate of the Standing Working Group on Open Science and Innovation of the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC)
  • St 8422 2016 Init The European Court of Auditors (ECA) - three special reports (12/2015, 20/2015,25/2015) - Exchange of views

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