EU FUNDING Telegram - 25 April 2016


  • EU Parliament: Opinion - Improving the connection and accessibility of the transport infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe - PE 576.884v02-00 - Committee on Regional Development
  • Open and Forthcoming CEF calls


  • El Niño - EU plans to step up funding in new approach to address global food crises
  • EU Commission Memo on El Niño


  • EPP Group: Unused EU money must be put to use
  • Publications - Agencies/JU's : Final reports on 2014 Discharge - Decentralized Agencies - Committee on Budgetary Control
  • Publications - Agencies/JU's : Opinions on 2014 Discharge - Decentralized Agencies - Committee on Budgetary Control


  • Enhancing digital transformation in European SMEs
  • A disc-shaped diagnostic tool for global health
  • Europe bets on robots to help care for seniors (via Digital Single Market)
  • MEMSWAVE 2016 - International Symposium on RF-MEMS and RF-Microsystems (via Digital Single Market)
  • The Alfred project, part of a new generation of games that is changing minds
  • Informing the creation of a European Reference Framework for Age-Friendly Housing


  • Success Stories - Fish-inspired innovation to help track movement in water (via Research & Innovation)
  • Research Headlines - Sharing knowledge for next generation thermal aircraft design (via Research & Innovation)
  • Success Stories - In touch with food: could chemicals used in packaging be harmful? (via Research & Innovation)

# HORIZON 2020

  • Societal Grand Challenges from a technological perspective – Methods and identification of classes of the International Patent Classification IPC
  • Horizon 2020: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Forum 2016 – Where business and research talent meet


  • ITER IO Calls: “Hot Cell Complex Building Engineering Contract”


  • Youth part of the Erasmus+ programme reopens in Greece
  • Call for Proposal: Distribution – Support to sales agents 2016  


  • 20 years of the European Voluntary Service – what are the effects?


  • Evaluation studies   - Framework contract for the evaluation studies of CAP measures contributing to the general objectives of balanced territorial development


  • Latest Calls by EuropeAid
    • 151561 - Complementary support to the development of waste management schemes
    • 136542 - Supply of Equipment for ''Increasing Adaptability of Employees and Employers with a Social Dialogue Approach.
    • 136969 - Strengthening the technical capabilities of Tanzanian Atomic Energy Commission (TZ3.01/14 B)
    • 137644 - Technical Assistance to the Sector Reform Contract: Social Protection Kyrgyzstan
    • 137864 - Alliance Mondiale contre le Changement Climatique (AMCC) - Fournitures pour l'aménagement d'un périmètre irrigué
    • 137890 - Supply of Electricity Distribution Materials/ Equipment for the Areza Maidma Solar PV Mini-Grid Project
    • 137935 - Enhancing the capabilities of the Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority and its Technical Support Organisation in reviewing documents demonstrating the long-term safety of Unit 2
    • 151819 - Support to Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities in Jamaica
    • 151866 - "European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)-Country based support schemes (CBSS) Kazakhstan"
    • 136352 - Asistencia Técnica para la Implementación de la TV Digital en Colombia
    • 137037 - Etude sur la stratégie nationale et plan d’actions de la gestion intégrée et de la valorisation des déchets à l’horizon 2030
    • 137922 - Technical Assistance to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme in Jordan REEE II
    • 137936 - Technical Assistance in Support of Human Resource Development and Education in the Republic of Botswana
    • 138018 - Support to Implementation of Strategies to Foster MSME development in Egypt


  • St 8056 2016 Cor 1 COMMISSION DELEGATED DECISION (EU) …/…of 15.4.2016 amending Annex III to Decision No 466/2014/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council granting an EU guarantee to the European Investment Bank against losses under financing operations supporting investment projects outside the Union, as regards Belarus
  • GBP 1 billion EIB backing for UK social housing



  • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the award of 3 grants under H2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and the call H2020-BES-2015
  • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the award of 1 grant under H2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and the call H2020-DRS-2015
  • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the award of 1 grant under H2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) and the call H2020-FCT-2015
  • COMMISSION DECISION on the Union financial contribution to the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking for 2016


  • Post-electoral revision of the MFF 2014-2020 - Committee on Constitutional AffairsDocumentation
  • Answer - Contributions from the 2016 and 2017 EU budgets for the Facility for Refugees in Turkey - E-001688/2016 
  • Answer - EU-funded School Fruit Scheme - E-001759/2016 
  • Answer - Funding for Israeli military and homeland security companies - E-013871/2015 
  • Answer - Return of EU funding granted to Sardinian hoteliers - E-000773/2016
  • Answer - Allocation of ESF funding to Austria and Germany for refugee integration - E-001485/2016
  • Answer - Irregularities in management of EU funds in the Autonomous Community of Valencia between 2007 and 2013 - E-000860/2016
  • Answer - Monitoring and evaluation of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in relation to the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) - E-001355/2016

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