EU TRADE Telegram - 21 March 2016


  • The EU Commission publishes further TTIP documents in ongoing transparency commitment
  • Revised EU proposal on regulatory cooperation NEW
  • Introduction to the EU's proposal on Good regulatory practices NEW
  • Benefits of regulatory cooperation NEW
  • New EU proposal on Good regulatory practices NEW
  • Introduction to the EU's proposal on Good regulatory practices NEW
  • EU textual proposal for trade in goods NEW
  • Explanatory note to the EU proposal for trade in goodsNEW
  • Draft text of EU agriculture proposal NEW
  • Reader's guide to EU proposal on agriculture NEW
  • EU paper - non-tariff issues NEW
  • EU proposal on wine and spirit NEW
  • Annex - distilled spirits and spirit drinks NEW
  • EU textual proposal for Delivery services NEW
  • Overview: EU negotiating texts in TTIP (Updated 21/3/2016)
  • Customs and Trade Facilitation in TTIP - Introduction to the EU's new articles proposed in Round 12
  • EUs textual proposal for new articles on Customs and Trade Facilitation in TTIP
  • EU and US experts meet to discuss common threats to security
  • TTIP: Civil society groups denounce new EU regulatory cooperation proposal
  • T&E, EEB, EPHA, EHN, BEUC and TACD: TTIP Regulatory Cooperation analysis
  • IPEX:  Exchange of views on TTIP: EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, TTIP US chief negotiator Bryant P. Trick, and EC Director Rupert Schlegelmilch (DG Trade) visit the Austrian Parliament
  • U.S. Ambassador Garner: Remarks to American Chamber’s 2016 Transatlantic Conference


  • CEPS: Winds of Change for US and EU Relations with Cuba
  • U.S. White House FACT SHEET: United States-Cuba Relationship


  • EU Commission: Public consultation on the future of EU-Turkey trade and economic relations


  • EURONEST: MEPs to meet with counterparts from Eastern parliaments in Brussels 


  • EU Commission publishes results of the public consultation on the future EU-ACP partnership


  • EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrӧm visits Georgia
  • Full day in Tbilisi -  Blog post by Cecilia Malmström


  • India’s economy – Figures and perceptions - European Parliamentary Research Service


  • Study - ASEAN and the EU: Time to Develop the Parliamentary Dimension of the Relationship - EP THINKTANK


  • EU28 current account surplus €14.3 billion
  • Trade balance remains positive for EU agri-food products



  • Opinion - A new forward-looking and innovative future strategy on trade and investment - PE 575.219v02-00 - Committee on Development
  • Latest news - Next meeting - Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula on 28 April 2016
  • Latest news - Next meeting - Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union  on 28 april 2016
  • General documents - Joint Declarations - Delegation to the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee 19th Joint Declaration
  • General documents - Joint Declarations - Delegation to the EU-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Committee 18th Joint Declaration
  • Motion for a resolution on the unfair competition practised in respect of Chinese steel - B8-2016-0341
  • Motion for a resolution on relations between supermarkets and producers - B8-2016-0334
  • Motion for a resolution on exclusion of the agricultural sector from the Transatlantic Treaty negotiations - B8-2016-0333
  • Answer - Currency risks and investment protection in the context of TTIP and CETA - E-016078/2015
  • Answer - Progress of negotiations on the EU-Morocco Free Trade Agreement - E-016118/2015
  • Answer - Appendix letter to EU-Turkey deal - P-000175/2016


  • Cm 2005 2016 Init Africa Working Party
  • Cm 2017 2016 Init Working Party on Transport Intermodal Questions and Networks
  • Cm 2018 2016 Init ACP Working Party
  • St 6533 2016 Init Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the introduction of emergency autonomous trade measures for the Republic of Tunisia - Outcome of the European Parliament's first reading (Strasbourg, 7 to 10 March 2016)
  • St 7089 2016 Init Council Decision amending Decision 2013/798/CFSP concerning restrictive measures against the Central African Republic; Council Regulation amending Regulation (EU) No 224/2014 concerning restrictive measures in view of the situation in the Central African Republic - transposition of UNSCR 2262 (2016)
  • St 7092 2016 Init 3457th meeting of the Council of the European Union (FOREIGN AFFAIRS) held in Brussels on 14 March 2016
  • St 7265 2016 Init DRAFT REPLY TO QUESTION FOR WRITTEN ANSWER E-015561/2015 - Marietje Schaake (ALDE) Coherence of sanctions enforcement and export controls
  • Cm 1982 2016 Init Working Party on the Western Balkans region
  • Cm 2008 2016 Init Trade Policy Committee (Deputy Members) - Notice of meeting and provisional agenda
  • St 7188 2016 Init Outcome of proceedings of the EU - US Justice and Home Affairs Senior Officials Meeting, 24-25 February 2016, Amsterdam
  • St 7254 2016 Init World Customs Organization 2016 Europe Region Conference, Heads of Customs Astana, 19 – 20 May 2016 - Coordination

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