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IEU Monitoring: Free online consultation

At IEU Monitoring, we are used to working online. Now, many stakeholder have switched to an online mode, as well. Therefore, we are offering video consultations to those interested in our services.

Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you to set up a video call via Zoom, Meet, MS Teams, or Whereby.

EU CLIMATE Telegram - 30 March 2016

# EU ETSApplication of the EU Emissions Trading Directive — Analysis of national responses under Article 21 of the EU ETS Directive in 2015Aktuelle Drucksachen des Deutschen Bundestages: Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage - Drucksache 18/7718 - Europäische Klima- und Energiepolitik nach dem VN-Klimaabkommen von Paris 18/7967 (PDF)Arseniy Yatsenyuk commissions to negotiate about spending part of funds allocated under the Kyoto Protocol for the purchase of cars for National police# DIESEL EMISSIONSEU Parliament: Draft agenda - Thursday, 7 April 2016 - PE 580.503v01-00 - Committee of Inquiry into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector# CARBON LEAKAGEHigh Energy costs driven by EU rules behind Tata decision – EFDD# CARBON TAXESComposante carbone - Ministère de l'Environnement, de l'Energie et de la Mer# IPCCICLEI Joins Campaign for IPCC Special Report on Cities and Climate Change# UNEPLatin American Environment Ministers Meet to Fast-Track Action on Climate…

EU ENERGY Telegram - 30 March 2016

# ENERGY UNIONMeetings of the Energy and Managing Authorities NetworkClosing soon: Consultation on streamlining of planning and reporting obligations as part of the energy union governanceUpdated: E-LECTRICITY: THE POWER SECTOR GOES DIGITAL – EurelectricÖsterreichischer Bundesrat: Europäische Union will energiepolitischen Alleingängen Grenzen setzen# ENERGY EFFICIENCYMarketWatch: Final Event - ECOS European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation# RENEWABLESSégolène Royal salue les nouvelles « Tendances mondiales des investissements dans les énergies renouvelables » du Programme des Nations Unies pour l'Environnement, qui confortent l'Accord de Paris# ENERGY STORAGEdena startet Studie zur Flexibilisierung des Stromnetzes durch Speicher - Im Fokus: Kombination von Marktorientierung und Netzentlastung# GAZPROMAktuelle Drucksachen des Deutschen Bundestages: Antwort der Bundesregierung auf die Kleine Anfrage - Drucksache 18/7789 - Das Nordstream-2-Projekt vor dem H…

EU LEGAL Telegram - 30 March 2016

# EU SECURITY AGENDAFighting terror with Nordic co-operationEU-Vorschläge zu Waffenhandel bleiben weiter auf der Agenda des österreichischen Bundesrats# MERGERSMergers: EU Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed Hutchison/VimpelCom joint venture in Italy# TRADE SECRETS“Trade Secrets Protection” - Corporate Europe Observatory# OMBUDSMANProposal of the European Ombudsman for a friendly solution in his inquiry into complaint 363/2011/KM against the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)Decision in case OI/9/2015/NF on the termination of a grant contract by the European Commission - by European Ombudsman  European Ombudsman at the Human Rights Conference (26/05/2016)# FRAFRA: How is the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights used at national level# EU REGISTERS# EU CASE LAWCELEX:62014TO0561(01): Order of the Court of First instance - 16 March 2016#One of Us and Others v Commission#Case T-561/14CELEX:62014TO0840: Order of the General Court (Fourth Chamber) of 11 March 2016. # Internatio…

EU TRADE Telegram - 30 March 2016

# EU INDIAEU Commission on EU-India Summit: A new momentum for the EU-India Strategic PartnershipEU Council on EU-India summit: joint statement, agenda for action and joint declarationsJoint statement following the EU-India summit, Brussels, 30 March 2016EU-India agenda for action 2020, 30 March 2016Joint declaration on a common agenda on migration and mobility, 29 March 2016Joint declaration on an India-EU water partnership, 30 March 2016Joint declaration on a clean energy and climate partnership, 30 March 2016Joint declaration on the fight against terrorism, 30 March 2016European Investment Bank strengthens engagement in India:  signing largest loan and announcing regional office during EU – India summit with PM Narendra ModiEU-India relations - updated Fact SheetEUROSTAT: EU trade in goods with India in slight deficit in 2015 for a third consecutive year with a small surplus for trade in servicesPrime Minister’s statement prior to his departure to Belgium, USA and Saudi ArabiaTrade…

EU INNOVATION Telegram - 30 March 2016

# THE JUNCKER PLANInvestment Plan for Europe: EIF and Pohjola Bank sign EUR 150m InnovFin agreement for innovative companies in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania# SMEEU Commission: Update on progress in simplifying start-up proceduresDigital Agenda for Europe: To be or not to be an entrepreneur# INDUSTRYDG Growth: All U Need is Space web game# BLUE GROWTHSAVE THE DATE and CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Workshop on strategic cooperation on Blue Growth in the North Sea, 20-21 June 2016, The Hague, The Netherlands  # SINGLE MARKETMarketWatch: Final Event - ECOS European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation“Friends of Standardisation”: A Common Inititiative - ECOS - European Environmental Citizens Organisation for StandardisationTowards greater inclusiveness in standardisation: The start of a journey - ECOS European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation# EMPLOYMENTWorking parents the best protection against child povertyMaximum working week of 4…

EU DIGITAL Telegram - 30 March 2016

# DSMDigital Agenda for Europe: To be or not to be an entrepreneurSAVE THE DATE - Conference on Geoblocking in the Digital Single market - Consumer Expectations on Cross-border availability of Digital Content# E-COMMERCEInternethandel – Österreichischer Bundesrat schickt kritische Mitteilung nach BrüsselOECD on INTERNET: Consumer protection laws need updating to improve trust in e-commerceU.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews Delivers Keynote Remarks at the Strata + Hadoop ConferenceState Department Welcomes ‘Digital Economy Officers’ to U.S. Embassies# TELECOM MERGERSMergers: EU Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed Hutchison/VimpelCom joint venture in Italy# TSMTransparency data: UK Government response to the Ofcom Digital Communications Review# DATA PROTECTIONÖsterreichischer Bundesrat: EU will Datenaustausch aus dem Strafregister über Drittstaatsangehörige erleichtern# MEDIA REGULATIONUK Ofcom today published its 2016/17 Annual PlanUK Ofcom confirms proce…

EU EURO Telegram - 30 March 2016

# FINANCIAL MARKETSBIS: Triennial Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and OTC Derivatives MarketsBIS Working Paper: The causal effect of house prices on mortgage demand and mortgage supply: evidence from SwitzerlandEU Commission Vice-President Dombrovskis in ParisBundesfinanzministerium: Fragen und Antworten zur Finanzmarktaufsicht # BANKER BONUSESEBA reports on high earners and the effects of the bonus capBundesfinanzministerium: Fragen und Antworten zur Regulierung von Bonifikationen und Managergehältern # BANKING UNIONFirst Single Resolution Board conferenceBundesfinanzministerium: Fragen und Antworten zu Basel III# EMUCEPS: The ECB’s latest gimmick: Cash for loans# OECDOECD Economic Surveys: Poland 2016OECD Economic Surveys: Lithuania 2016# ESMAESMA consults on future MAR list of information regarding commodity and spot markets# EIOPAEIOPA issues Guidelines on the supervision of branches of third-country insurance undertakings# ECBECB: Working paper no. 1889: Cables, Sharks an…

EU FUNDING Telegram - 30 March 2016

# EFSIInvestment Plan for Europe: EIF and Pohjola Bank sign EUR 150m InnovFin agreement for innovative companies in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania# ESIFEUROPEAN WEEK OF REGIONS AND CITIES 2016: The deadline for applications is postponed to 8 April 2016! You have 10 more days to submit your proposal!Attica’s Regional Operational Programm: From infrastructure development to development infrastructure# DIGITAL SINGLE MARKETMOnarCH robot system helps children in hospitals# DG RESEARCHASEAN‐EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days - 10-12 May 2016, VietnamResearch Headlines - Innovative manufacturing for greener aircraft enginesSuccess Stories - A wider circle for European polar research# HORIZON 2020Horizon 2020: Patterns in society can reveal economic bubblesThe European Open Science Cloud in upcoming Horizon 2020 calls under the European Research Infrastructures# EUREKAEU-SPRI Forum: "Exploring New Avenues for Innovation and Research Policies"# ERCLatest publications…

EU SMART CITIES Weekly Telegram - 29 March 2016

# DUTCH EU PRESIDENCYDutch EU Presidency: Open Science conferenceDutch EU Presidency: Background paper to the informal meeting of EU environment ministers on ‘Green Mobility’Documentation: EU Urban Agenda Working Group meeting March 16 – Progress is being madeVASAB opinion on establishment of an EU Urban AgendaUrban Europe: Routes to Urban Research and Innovation – RURI# URBACTURBACT III 1st call for Implementation Networks now open!URBACT: The war for talent in cities# EU COMMISSION - DG REGIODG Regio’s Walter Deffaa addresses World Cities closing conference in Shantou, China# EU COMMISSION - DG CONNECTInternet of Things development enters the Open Innovation craze # EIBBEI: Belgique : nouvelle maison communale à bilan énergétique quasi nul à Bierbeek grâce au programme « Smart Cities »# EIP-SCCUpdated: EIP-SCC General Assembly in EindhovenSmart to Future Cities 20163rd European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans  Two Webinars on ‘Addressing Privacy in Smart Cities’ by Ci…


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