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EU GROWTH AND INNOVATION Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# ENTREPRENEURSHIPTransferwise, Nextome and Clue rewarded as European Web Entrepreneurs of The Year# INDUSTRYEUROSTAT: Industrial production down by 0.3% in euro area# INNOVATIONCommissioner Moedas travels to Mexico to strengthen EU-Mexico research cooperation# SOCIAL INNOVATIONSocial innovation investor's fair  # TRAINING & EDUCATIONEducation and Training Monitor: More investment needed to spread benefits of education across societyEurydice has published two  new reports on training and educationStructural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe – 2015 National Information Sheets on Early Childhood Education and Care Systems in Europe – 2014/15.# EU REGISTERS# EU COMMISSIONDécision de la Commission de formuler un avis circonstancié et des observations à l'encontre d'un projet d'arrêté ministériel, notifié par la Grèce sous le n°2015/482/GR dans le cadre de la directive 98/34/CE# EU COUNCILSt 13999 2015 Init COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) …/……

EU TRADE AND TTIP Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# TTIPEU finalises proposal for investment protection and Court System for TTIPDG Trade: TTIP textual proposal on investment protection and investment court systemEU Commission Memo: Why the new EU proposal for an Investment Court System in TTIP is beneficial to both States and investorsHighlights - Presentation of a study on ISDS - Committee on International TradeEU-Abgeordneter Bernd LANGE (S&D/SPD): Kein Weg zurück zu privaten Schiedsstellen in TTIP und CETATTIP: Commission must kill off ISDS once and for all, say Labour MEPsEU Commission brings ISDS back to TTIP negotiations - GUE/NGLT&E: Same old, same old for ‘new’ Investment Court System to rule on EU-US trade deal# TISAEP Amendments redarding the Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) - Committee on International TradeEU-Abgeordnete Martina Michels (DIE LINKE): TiSA darf öffentliche Daseinsvorsorge nicht gefährden!# EGANegotiations on the agreement libe…

EU DIGITAL AGENDA Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# DSMTransferwise, Nextome and Clue rewarded as European Web Entrepreneurs of The Year EU Parliament Opinion - Towards a Digital Single Market Act - PE 565.151v02-00 - Committee on Transport and Tourism – MEP Merja Kyllönen EU-Abgeordnete Martina Michels (DIE LINKE.): Kultur und Digitaler Binnenmarkt - Spannungsfeld mit vielen offenen FragenDG Connect: Upcoming events next weekCEPS – Upcoming Events regarding DSMUpdated Debate: Economic growth, legal liability and freedom of expression: which role for intermediaries in the Digital Single Market?Europaministerkonferenz der Bundesländer: Hohe Verbraucherschutzstandards sind Grundvoraussetzung für die Fortentwicklung der Digitalen Agenda # DATA PROTECTIONCEPS publication: Safe Harbour or into the storm? EU-US data transfers after the Schrems judgmentBundestagsabgeordnete Eckhardt Rehberg, Carsten Körber (CDU/CSU): Haushaltsauschuss stärkt Datenschutz auf dem Weg in die Unabhängigkeit - Die Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte wird 2016 oberste B…

EU FUNDING TRENDS Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# EMERGENCY TRUST FUNDEU Commission President Juncker launches the EU Emergency Trust Fund to tackle root causes of irregular migration in Africa # BUDGETAgenda of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council on 13 November 2015 (Budget)# ESIFPrès de 10 millions d'euros de fonds européens pour l'espace de restitution de la Grotte Chauvet en Rhône-AlpesDG REGIO: Interview on Euronews: Partnering to grow EuropeSimplification: Priorities and expectations of Member States with respect to European Structural and Investment Funds = Exchange of views - Draft Council conclusions = AdoptionThe shift towards a low-carbon economy: the contribution of Cohesion Policy and more generally of the European Structural and Investment Funds = Exchange of views - draft Council conclusions = Adoption# CEFELTIS: EC launches second €7.6bn CEF transport funding call# EUREKAFrance and Finland launch bilateral technology and innovation EUREKA call (via EUREKA)  Eurostars on the road…in Denmark! (via EUREK…

EURO AND EMU Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# EMUECB ready to do more if inflation outlook weakens, Draghi tells MEPsEuroParlTV: Tough issues for Mario Draghi to address in public hearingHearing at the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee - Introductory statement by Mario Draghi, President of the ECBEU-Abgeordneter Werner Langen (EVP/CDU): Erklärungen des EZB-Präsidenten Draghi zur AnaCredit-Datenbank völlig unzureichend - Starre Geldpolitik der EZB schadet SparernEU Parliament: Amendments 1 - 144 - Completing Europe's Economic and Monetary Union - PE 571.642v01-00 - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs# BENCHMARK INDICATORSReport - Harmonised indices of consumer prices (repeal of Regulation (EC) No 2494/95) - Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs# EUROPEAN SEMESTEREP Thinktank EU Fact Sheets - Economic governanceEU Council: St 13677 2015 Init European semester 2016 - Roadmap # PENSION SYSTEMEP Thinktank Briefing - European Union pension systems: Adequate and sustainable?GDV-Rentenstudie …

EU LEGAL TRENDS Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# TAX TRANSPARENCYLe Commissaire Moscovici est à Genève aujourd'huiDiscours du Commissaire Pierre Moscovici à la Conférence AGEFI à GenèveEU-Abgeordneter Theurer (ALDE/FDP): Begrüße Mandatsverlängerung des LuxLeaks-Steuer-Sonderausschusses - Werden Qualitätsarbeit mit Hochdruck fortsetzen!"Contact ban for multinationals is proving effective", say S&D Euro MPs# LABOUR MARKET REFORMSEEPO catalogue of measures# E-JUSTICEST 13667 2015 INIT  - Draft report of the Working Party on e-Law (e-Justice) to Coreper/Council # LEGAL DOCUMENTSEP Interview: Easy as ABC - Filing public documents in another EU country to be simplified# COMPETITION ENFORCEMENTOpinion - Annual report on EU Competition Policy - PE 567.474v02-00 - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer ProtectionTough but fair – the CMA’s approach to tackling cartels and anti-competitive practices – Speech by Michael Grenfell, Competition and Markets Authority# UK V EULabour MEPs: Leaving the EU would destroy our u…

EU ENERGY Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# ENERGY REGULATIONENTSO-E Annual Conference – 20 November, Brussels – 2 days left to register and participate to a Tesla test-drive!  # RENEWABLE ENERGYEU project holds conference on elaboration of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in IsraelIRENA: Whatever Happens in Paris: Four Reasons Why the Future Will Be Fueled by Renewable EnergyIRENA - Upcoming eventsInnovating Liquid Biofuels for the Transport SectorThe Programme and Strategy Committee (PSC)The Administration and Finance Committee (AFC)IRENA 10th meeting of the Council10th Meeting of the Council – Thematic Events: Renewable Energy Benefits10th Meeting of the Council – Thematic Events: IRENA/ADFD Project Facility's Opening of the Fourth Funding Cycle10th Meeting of the Council – Thematic Events: REmap - Transport and Bioenergy10th Meeting of the Council – Thematic Events: Sustainable Energy MarketplaceNational REmap Expert Workshop# ENERGY MARKET DESIGNBDEW-Gasdialog 2015: Gasbranche legt Reservemodell zur Stärkung der Verso…

EU CLIMATE Telegram - published 12 November 2015

# EU ETSKurzinfo zu Schlussanträgen zur Zuteilung kostenloser Emissionszertifikate CAN Europe: Gigantic surplus of pollution permits is undermining EU's leadership on climate# COP21 - EUEvents - COP 21 - 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)EU Commission Midday press briefing of 12/11/2015 - vodcast: CLIMATE ACTION - EU position for upcoming COP21 Summit in Paris: Q&A Public concern about climate change in the run up to the UN Conference on Climate Change - European Parliamentary Research ServiceCorporate Europe Observatory and Observatoire des Multinationales: Workshop for journalists: corporate lobbying and COP21# COP21 - GERMANYHendricks hofft auf neues Klimaabkommen in Paris - Bundestagsdebatte "UN-Klimakonferenz in Paris" am 12. November 2015CDU/CSU: Ehrgeiziges Abkommen bei Klimakonferenz in Paris beschließenSPD: Ehrgeiziges Klimaabkommen beschließenKlimaschutz: Die Welt hat Fieber - …

EU TRADE AND TTIP Telegram - published 11 November 2015

# TISATrade in Services Agreement, EIB Annual Report, fight against fraud: REGI committee votesVote on Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) - Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer ProtectionImpact of TiSA on the ability to regulate and bring sensitive service sectors back under public control - Answer given by Ms Malmström on behalf of the CommissionEU Commission: Answer - Legitimacy of TiSA negotiations - E-012694/2015EU Parliament: Amendments 422 - 599 - Recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) - PE 571.498v01-00 - Committee on International Trade  EP Thinktank In-Depth Analysis - The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA):An end to negotiations in sight?# TRADE STRATEGYThe EU's future trade and investment strategy: public hearing at the INTA Committee# G20EP Thinktank Briefing - The G20 summit in Antalya: Seeking global growth through collective action# FOREIGN POLICY European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) ho…


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