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EU AGENDA Telegram - published 17 October 2016

# EU COMMISSIONEU Commission Calendar 19 - 25 October 2015
Monday 19 October 2015Tuesday 20 October 2015Wednesday 21 October 2015Thursday 22 October 2015Friday 23 October 2015Saturday 24 October 2015Sunday 25 October 2015Outlook for OctoberOutlook for NovemberOutlook for December# EU PARLIAMENTThe Week Ahead: 19 -25 October 2015
Political group and committee meetings, BrusselsRadicalisation and jihad recruitmentVetting EU budget spending for 2014EU banking sector stabilityUkraine/electionsPlenary preparationsPresident's agendaYouth Media DaysPre-session press briefing
Detailed EP schedule by day
Monday 19-10-2015Tuesday 20-10-2015Wednesday 21-10-2015Thursday 22-10-2015Friday 23-10-2015
Calendar of plenary sessions in 2016 approved by Conference of Presidents# EU COUNCILMain topics of the EU Council over the next two weeks
22 and 23 October 2014 Agriculture and Fisheries Council26 October Environment Council26 October 2015 - Foreign Affairs Council (Development)Other events19-20 October …