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EU AGENDA - published 11 July 2015


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EU Commission Calendar 13 - 19 July 2015

Monday 13 JulyTuesday 14 JulyWednesday 15 JulyThursday 16 JulyFriday 17 JulySaturday 18 JulySunday 19 July
EU Commission at Parliament and Council sessions 

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Calendar of plenary sessions in 2016 approved by Conference of Presidents
The Week Ahead 13 – 19 July 2015  

EU PNRRelocating asylum seekersTaxationAir qualityEmission limits for non-road mobile machineryGMOsLuxembourg PresidencyPresident's agendaPress briefing
Detailed EP schedule by day

Monday 13-07-2015Tuesday 14-07-2015Wednesday 15-07-2015Thursday 16-07-2015

Indicative calendar of meetings - Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union (1 July - 31 December 2015)EU Council: Main topics and media events 13 - 26 July 2015Luxembourg EU Presidency ca…

EU FUNDING TRENDS Telegram - published 10 July 2015


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European Structural and Investment Funds: Commission establishes a High Level Group on simplificationEU will invest nearly €9.5 billion in Romania for transport, environment and energyIvan Žagar: European funds need good partnership between all levels of governanceOLAF investigations in Cohesion Policy: committee debateCAP performance-based controls: vote. EU funds' use with foreign companies: hearing

Beating the clock in diabetes preventionSMEs in Belgium to benefit from €100 million in EU-guaranteed loans (via Research & Innovation)

Interested in EU funding? Did you know that you have to comply with article 32?Think young people aren’t interested in politics? You’ll be surprised

New ERC Scientific Council members appointed

New thermoelectric materials based on thin films of chromium nitride (CrN) (via CORDIS)Neutrons show that 260 million years ago the Pristerodon could…

EU TRADE & TTIP Telegram - published 10 July 2015

EU TRADE & TTIP Telegram

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Tenth round of TTIP negotiations to start next weekTrans-Atlantic Business Council Response to European Parliament’s Vote on TTIPEU-Abgeordneter Lucke (EKR) kritisiert Gauland-Äußerung als "kopflos"Commission du commerce international : Échange de vues avec Renaud Sorieul, Secrétaire de la CNUDCI

World Trade Organisation - Trade Facilitation Agreement: Trade committee vote

EU Council: Suspension of EU sanctions against Iran extendedEU ISS: Sanctions against Iran: the role of pivotal rising powersEU ISS: Sanctions against North Korea: a tricky dilemmaDeclaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the alignment of certain third countries concerning restrictive measures against Myanmar/BurmaDeclaration by the High Representative on behalf of the EU on the alignment of certain third countries concerning restrictive measures against Syria


EU DIGITAL AGENDA Telegram - published 10 July 2015


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In this edition:


German Monopolkommission dares to address challenges of digital markets! (II – Data and online advertising)

EP Thinktank Briefing - Digitisation of Europe's film heritage

Deutscher Bundesrat will Verschlechterung des Datenschutzniveaus für Verbraucher verhindernIRI Blog: CCIA Awaiting Upcoming Email Privacy Act Markup in the US

UNCTAD: Online consumers to be better protected by new UN Guidelines monitored by UNCTAD

UK Ofcom own-initiative monitoring and enforcement programme into GC10 – Transparency and Publication of Information

Norway: Auction in the 900 MHz band ? extended deadline for consultation responses

University of Parma: VisLab, spin-off of the University of Parma, acquired by American company Ambarella

Summary and video of the 2nd GIPO webinar on key findings from Sofia workshop

EU GROWTH Telegram - published 10 July 2015

EU GROWTH Telegram

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Committee of the Regions and Luxembourg Presidency call for social cohesion and investment for growth to be top of the European agendaEIB signs first EFSI loan in Spain in support of Abengoa's RDI

Commission's record €13.1 billion investment plan for transport endorsed by Member StatesWhite Paper on transport: Transport committee vote in Parliament

Eurofound: “Upgrading or polarisation? Long-term and global shifts in the employment structure: European Jobs Monitor 2015”


First population estimates - EU population up to 508.2 million at 1 January 2015 - Over 1 million more people living in the EU than in 2014

Rapport de la Commission au Parlement européen, au Conseil et au Comité économique et social européen - Le fonctionnement de la directive 98/34/CE de 2011 à 2013COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION setting out the n…

EURO & EMU Telegram - published 10 July 2015

EURO & EMU Telegram

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Agenda of the Eurogroup on 11 July 2015IMF Blog on Greece: Past Critiques and the Path ForwardEkathimerini: Overwhelming majority of Greeks want to keep euroEU-Abgeordneter Giegold (Die Grünen) zu Griechenland: Umschuldung braucht Programm gegen Steuerbetrug“All parties must show responsibility and solidarity to solve the Greek crisis” says MEP Gianni Pittella (S&D)EU-Abgeordneter Jo Leinen (S&D/SPD) zu Griechenland:  Am Sonntag den Knoten zerschlagen"Time for unity, time for a deal" says PES President StanishevEU-Abgeordneter Lucke (EKR): Der Wille des griechischen Volks wird ignoriertSinn und Fuest gegen Verlängerung der Notkredite an griechische BankenIW Cologne on Greece: Finally a compromise?

Updated background of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council 14 July 2015Presidency work programmeEconomic and monetary union - "five presidents'" repor…

EU LEGAL TRENDS Telegram - published 10 July 2015


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Building the REFIT Platform: Commission launches call for better regulation experts

EU Commission has just published a number of roadmaps

Hessen: „Der Steuertourismus der Großkonzerne muss endlich beendet werden! Steuermehreinnahmen sollen Mittelstand zu Gute kommen.“

Bundesrat: Bundesländer fordern Änderung des europäischen Patentschutzes für biotechnologische Erfindungen

Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of Schmolz Bickenbach steel distribution business by Jacquet Metal ServiceMergers: Commission clears acquisition of WFS Global Holding by Platinum Equity GroupMergers: Commission clears acquisition of Ursa by KKRMergers: Commission clears acquisition of Maxeda by Ardian and Goldentree Asset Management

Women's careers on science and university, glass ceilings encountered: voteEP Thinktank In-Depth Analysis - The Policy on Gender Equali…

EU ENERGY Telegram - published 10 July 2015

EU ENERGY Telegram

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EU Commission: Central Eastern and South Eastern European countries join forces to create an integrated gas marketEURELECTRIC fears regression in the electricity market integration due to the splitting of price zones

UK DECC: Energy Bill to support energy securityUK DECC Regulation: The Energy Bill 2015/16

Gazprom: Alexey Miller and Janos Balla consider development of gas transmission infrastructure in Europe

IEA releases Oil Market Report for July

Documentation of ECOS Annual Workshop 2015 – Standards for energy efficient, circular economy

Energy Community: Electricity tariff in Moldova affected by currency depreciation

VKU zum jetzt bekannt gewordenen Entwurf für die Novelle des Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetzes (KWKG)BMWi: Moderne Kraftwerkstechnologien - Flexibilität und Effizienzsteigerung als Maßstab
# EU…

EU CLIMATE Telegram - published 10 July 2015


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UN'S Top Climate Official Welcomes Scientists' Affirmation of Need for Long Term Emissions GoalProgressives for climate: Health must be addressed by the International climate conference COP21

Progressives for climate: Aligning Policies for a Low-Carbon Economy

International Financial Institutions Announce $400 Billion to Achieve Sustainable Development GoalsThe World Bank: Development Banks Agree Common Approach to Measure Climate FinanceGCF expands network of Accredited Entities, raising total to 20 - Board accredits 13 new partnering institutionsGCF Board to assess first project proposals at its 11th meeting in ZambiaUnited Nations Foundation: Financing for Development, Explained

EU Joint Research Centre Cooperation with UCAR on atmospheric and climate change researchBMBF: Westafrika investiert in Forschung zum KlimawandelBritish Science Media Centre: Expert rea…