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EU SMART CITIES Weekly Telegram - published 14 August 2015

EU SMART CITIES Weekly Telegram

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  • EU invests €40 million to exchange experiences and good practices among regional cooperation programmes
  • DG Regio: EU invests more than €1.6 billion in Canarias and Extremadura to create jobs and boost SMEs' competitiveness
  • Regional policy: Commission adopts €7 billion programme for the Italian region of Puglia
  • More than € 460.3 million of Regional Policy funds invested in Portuguese projects


  • Jobs in 'smart' cities - Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the Commission
  • Security of Smart Cities - Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the Commission


  • Call for solutions: Promote Your Innovative Solutions In The Smart City Expo World Congress
  • ‘Smart Destinations’ For People With Functional Diversity in the ONCE's Congresses
  • Munich’s Cycle Highway Work Starts


  • EU Council on EU Alpine Strategy - organisation of work in the Council - Information note


  • EU JRC: PREDICT Conference - The transformation of European ICT industries and their R&D activity
  • Graphene Flagship scientists are narrowing the gap between synthetic and natural graphene
  • Smart Cities Council: Architecting an Industrial Sensor Data Platform for Big Data Analytics: Continued
  • Smart Cities Council: Partner spotlight: GE, Alstom Grid, ABB, Elster, Veolia
  • GE technology will save Nevada wastewater plant $100,000 annually
  • Alstom Grid wins Crossrail contract
  • ABB helps turn on the lights at Costa Rica’s first solar-powered football stadium
  • 3 municipal utilities and a co-op sign on for Elster managed services
  • Métropole Européenne de Lille selects Veolia for innovative new water service


  • EU Commission - Horizon 2020: Tracking innovation in intelligent transportation systems
  • EU TRIP: European Mobility Week Thematic Guidelines explore ways to promote multimodality
  • EU TRIP: City transport needs saving from itself – here’s how to do it
  • Innovate UK: £10m funding competition- "Enhancing the end-to-end journey"
  • Smart Cities Council: How cities can put the brakes on traffic fatalities


  • UNFCCC: Transformative Urban Climate Action at COP21 - Cities and Regions Apply Now
  • BMBF: Städtische Lebensqualität geht ins Ohr
  • Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung - Dossier: Nah am Wasser gebaut. Zukunftsaussichten der Megacity Lagos


  • Smart Cities Council: Vehicle-to-grid energy storage: One step closer to reality in Europe


  • Union for the Mediterranean promotes €5 billion urban investment in 27 projects
  • Smart Cities Council: Voting enters the 21st century (thank you technology!)
  • UKAuthority.com: Government claims big digital savings
  • Deutscher Städtetag: Bertelsmann-Finanzreport bestätigt Position des Städtetages: Wachsende Unterschiede zwischen Kommunen


  • Smart Cities Council: Underground parks and floating cities: Bad ideas or brilliant?
  • Smart Cities Council: 4 great reads: digital citizenship, robots vs. jobs, data in healthcare, IoE goes public
  • FRACTALS Smart Urban Farming Challenge - Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications
  • UKAuthority.com: Digital Inclusion event will provide ‘platform to speak and be heard’
  • Smart Cities Council: 5 cities, 5 smart ideas: LA, Bristol, Cape Town, Tacoma, Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • A whale of an idea to raise awareness of plastic pollution in Bristol
  • LA's electric car-sharing pilot will serve low-income residents
  • Cloud analytics improve graduation rates in Tacoma schools
  • Cape Town builds citizen engagement via gaming
  • Spanish city of Vitoria-Gasteiz curbs its car addiction


  • EU Commission: 50 groundbreaking scientists who are changing the way we see the world
  • EP Thinktank Study - Innovative Schools: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Era - PE 563.389 - Committee on Culture and Education
  • EP Thintank Study - Youth Education & Entrepreneurship


  • How do you build a smart city? – Wamda
  • The Road to Smart Cities: Big Data - iamWire
  • Check out: 500 towns on the way to become smart cities - Zee News
  • Middle School Students Put Minecraft to Shame by Designing Smart Cities - Education World


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