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IEU.MΩNITΩRING The Smarter View on Europe.

IEU . M Ω NIT Ω RING The Smarter View on Europe .

Content table of IEU COMPETITION & STATE AID Monitoring 29/9/2014

COMPETITION & STATE AID STATE AID INVESTIGATIONS -> Medien: EU-Kommission nimmt Steuern von Apple und Fiat ins Visier -> Statement von MdEP Markus Ferber (EVP/CSU) zu EU-Ermittlungen wegen irischen Steuerdeals mit Großkonzernen COMPANY TRANSPARENCY -> New transparency rules on social responsibility for big companies -> Disclosure of non-financial information: Europe’s largest companies to be more transparent on social and environmental issues MERGERS -> EU Consultation on cross-border mergers and divisions EU FINANCIAL AID TO SMES -> EU Consultation: A strong European policy to support SMEs and entrepreneurs 2015-2020 - Public consultation on the Small Business Act (SBA) EU REGULATION -> The Council adopts new rules on European political parties -> Bundesregierung: EU - erfolgreich gegen Bürokratie PRELEX, EUR-LEX & COUNCIL REGISTER -> Latest decisions by DG Competition and DG Move 

Content table of IEU ENERGY Monitoring 29/9/2014

ENERGY CLEAN FUELS -> Clean fuel infrastructure rules adopted by the Council -> Clean fuels for transport: Member States now obliged to ensure minimum coverage of refuelling points for EU-wide mobility RENEWABLES -> IEA: How solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century - To achieve that vision, IEA reports call for clear, credible consistent signals from policy makers OIL & GAS -> Die europäische Schiefergasgelegenheit:  ‘Es ist fair zu teilen’ -> EPRS thinktank analyses on shale gas exploration in Europe -> UK Guidance Oil and gas update: environmental data REGULATION -> Study on comparative review of investment conditions for electricity and gas transmission system operators (TSOs) in the European Union -> New image brochure by ENTSO-E -> Roundup - ACER's Closed Public Consultations NUCLEAR FUELS -> Launch of a joint report by the JRC and EASAC PRELEX, EUR-LEX & EU REGISTERS -> Latest docum

Content table of IEU TRADE & TTIP Monitoring 29/9/2014

TRADE & TTIP TRADE COMMISSIONER-DESIGNATE -> Opening Remarks - Hearing of Cecilia Malmström: European Commissioner-designate for Trade -> Profil: Schwedin Malmström soll die Großbaustelle Handelsabkommen übernehmen -> Trade Commissioner: EPP Group expects Malmström to deliver on trade agreements, not just commit -> S&D: Malmström must prove that she never undermined EU's position on data protection -> MdEP LAMBSDORFF zu Kommissions-Anhörung: Überzeugender Auftritt von Malmström -> MdEP Joachim Starbatty (ECR/AfD): "Frau Malmström: angelernt ist nicht gelernt!" TTIP & ISDS -> Neue EU-Kommission stellt erstmals Sonderklagerechte ISDS in Frage -> EU Commission on 7th TTIP round -> NGOs zu TTIP: Zivilgesellschaft warnt vor regulatorischer Kooperation im Freihandelsabkommen zwischen USA und EU -> Grüne im Bundestag zu TTIP Verhandlungen: Chaos in Berlin und Brüssel UKRAINE & RUSSIA -> Barnett: OSZE deeskalie

Content table of IEU CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENT Monitoring 29/9/2014

CLIMATE & ENVIRONMENT COMMISSIONERS-DESIGNATE HEARINGS -> Buzek fordert von Cañete «Flexibilität» bei Europas Klimakurs 2030 -> Neuer Umweltkommissar will EU-Regeln auch im Heimatland umsetzen -> Commissioner-designate hearing: Vella must commit to enforcing EU environmental standards -> S&D Group welcomes Vella's promising performance on environment and fisheries CLIMATE CHANGE -> Use of powerful fluorinated gases continues to decline in EU, says EEA report -> Updated: Adapting to a changing climate in Europe: Strategies for reducing risk and building resilience CLIMATE INVESTMENTS -> Demand led approach helps bring new climate change innovations to market -> EIB finances EUR 119 million to support ITP’s RDI ENVIRONMENT -> Environment Council adopts rules on invasive alien species -> Commission welcomes the Council's adoption of the Invasive Alien Species Regulation RISK ASSESSMENT -> Commission consults the publi

Our IEU AGENDA for Europe this week

EU AGENDA EU COMMISSION -> Top Events -> Commission Calendar EU PARLIAMENT -> The Week Ahead (incl. Commissioners' hearings) EU COUNCIL -> Main topics for the coming fortnight -> EU Council Working Groups -> Forthcoming Council meetings EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE -> Deutsche Agenda -> English Agenda DPA INSIGHT EU -> Termine der dpa Agenda EU COMMISSION   -> Top Events European Commission - AGENDA/14/31   26/09/2014 Other available languages:  FR DOC PDF European Commission Top News Top News from the European Commission - 27 September – 24 October 2014 The European Commission reserves the right to make changes Tuesday 30 September-Wednesday 1 October: Commission holds Third Forum of Europe's Outermost Regions 2 Tuesday 14 October: "Smart Regulation in the EU – Building on a Strong Foundation"– conference and Final Report on Administrative Burden Reduction 4 Thursday 16 Oc


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